Test of Honour is a skirmish wargame played with roughly 5-20 models on each side. Players select their force before each game based around a samurai hero along with one or two loyal samurai companions and a variety of clan soldiers.

Battles are swift and bloody as players alternate acting with one of their warriors – moving and fighting to achieve the objective of the scenario, whether that be cutting down the enemy, defending an outpost or finding and protecting a spy.

As you play through the scenarios your samurai will use new skills, and perhaps even take the shameful path of deceit and trickery to gain victory – such choices are the ultimate test of honour.


Medieval Japan Campaign



  • Aaron Thompson
  • Rory Nash
  • Sean Murphy
  • Alan Hunton


  • Gareth Egan
  • Jason Lane
  • Garry Jackson
  • Martin Sweeney
  • Justin Walsh
  • Aaron Leslie


  • Ben Byrne
  • Garry Griffin
  • Killian Dempsey
  • Raymond Orr


  • Simon Kennedy
  • Kieran Waters
  • Dec Noonan
  • Jack Walsh
  • Jason O'Reagan





    • John Somers
    • Seoirse Byrne
    • Shane Doherty


    • Chris Robinson
    • Eoin McNamara
    • Finley Thomas
    • Andrew Mulcahy
    • Jim Brittan


    • Kevin Stronach
    • Ailbe Dundan
    • Dave Moore
    • Donal Sheehan
    • Garry Orr
    • Seamus O'Shay




    A Player fights another Player from any different Faction & the winner claims the NEAREST of that Faction's Territories as reward.

    If a Player wishes to fight the Ronin Faction: if they lose the NEAREST of their Territories to the Ronin - i.e. it rebels from them.

    The Scenario for the Battle is rolled randomly - D10 (initially). A Player MUST play through ALL 10 Scenarios before repeating any (if at all possible - as this may occassioanlly become impossible against certain opponents on a give gaming night/day).

    If their is a Winner or Loser to be determined pre-battle: if you lost your last Battle then you are designated the Loser; if you won your last Battle then you are designated the Winner; otherwise Roll-Off: Highest is the Winner

    If Multiples of the same Faction v Faction battle occurs - i.e. x3 Takeda vs Uesugi battles then the MEAN result is how many Territories change hands at the end of the day - i.e x2 Takeda victories vs x1 Uesugi victory results in ONLY 1 Territory changing hands. It can be assumed that multiple skirmishes took place before the fate of the Territory was realised.

    If a Faction is destroyed (no Territories left) then it's Players are subsumed into other Factions: The Player losing the FINAL Battle for their LAST Territory & LOSING it is subsumed into the Victorious Faction; the other Faction Players will be divided amongst other Factions.

    Players will be provided with a Record Sheet (which will remain in the shop) to keep track of any kept Skills; Injuries; Dishonour etc & also a Player's Individual Score.

    Player Individual Scoring: 

    • 3 Points for a Win
    • 2 Points for a Draw
    • 1 Point for a Loss

    Pre-made "Forces" for each Scenario will be used by Players who do not have their own models to use. If you own your own models then your Force composition is completely up to you (This worked well for the Bolt Action League).

    DBA or "Ronin" may also be used to fight these battles - if a Player uses one of these extra systems to play during the Campaign then they receive a Bonus Point.

    Further Bonus Points may be available for other achievements...

    Interested individuals who wish to contact The Gathering about this Campaign (or indeed others) can contact us via:

    Starting map - DEVELOPED from work done by mizu on forums.totalwar.org 

    First blood is drawn! Takeda & Oda have gone to WAR over the Terrtory of Kawachi!

    Test Of Honour a low_preview_logo.jpg

    Two sizable forces of Oda (Gareth) & Takeda (Chris) troops met at the mysterious "Battlefield" as they attempted to recover the fallen bodies of their missing Clan members who had been lost in a previously unknown skirmish... This was over quickly as the Takeda Samurai were easily able to identify their fallen relatives from their armour & dragged x3 bodies from the field under musket & arrow fire. The Oda troops were only able to get to x1 of their lost warriors. Little blood was spilt & Victory went to TAKEDA!

    In revenge the Oda Clan launched an "Undercover Raid" on a nearby Takeda settlement later that night in the dark... The smaller Oda force attempted to infiltrate the settlement guarded by the larger Takeda garrison - almost instantly chaos ensued! Oda bowmen silently killed a lone Takeda sentry as they & some spearmen crept from the East towards southern barn; but to the North a lone Takeda Wise Samurai hreo decided on a night time stroll from his house & walked straight into the rest of the Oda force! Supported by an Oda speaman, & later by a wnadering sentry back from the a wilderness hike, he held up the Oda for AGES!!! Eventually he fell to mass spearmen alongside his 2 compatriots, but not before leaving the Oda Samuria bleeding badly...

    To the South the Oda speamen crept into the barn where they were interupted by a wandering group of Takeda sentries & bloody battle ensued, only resolving when the Oda Samuria arrived to help out! Meanwhile the remaining Takeda Samurai hero returned with some troops (having been wandering around in the dark as far from the action as physically possibe for most of the battle!). With number low on both sides & the Oda Samurai hurt it was all still in the balance!

    Oda bowmen felled several enemies whist the Takeda Samurai cut down several Oda before retreating to his Dojo to guard the main objective (the other 2 having been revealed as fake). Cautiously the Oda approached the Dojo with a unit of spears; Bowmen & their Samuria... then out burst the Takeda hero! A mass fight ensued with spears, swords & arrows everywhere! Finally the injured Takeda man made a huge swing... missed!... & was cut down by the Oda hero! VICTORY to ODA!

    Blood was spilt in Kawachi but NO Territories changed hands - a Win & a Loss both for Chris & Gareth!


    Slight map change coming & the addition of the IKKO IKKI Faction by popular demand (so a PATCH really). RONIN will be removed & split between IKKO IKKI & other Factions. Hopefully this will be done Tuesday night & ready for Wednesday Night Historicals 7th March

    Map sunday 4th March

    Shimazu forces raided deep into Oda territory, however the attackers (Jack) were thrown back by the valiant defenders of the "Outpost" (Gary) & the few surviving raiders sent scurrying home. Such was the power displayed & the terror instilled by their victory in battle that immediately the Shimazu Territory of SUO to the west declares for the Oda Clan! VICTORY to ODA!

    The first Territory changes hands & a Win for Gary & a Loss to Jack!

    Brief tests of might have occurred between the IKKO IKKI (Jason) & ODA (Ben); & TAKEDA (Andrew) & UESUGI (Donal); & though blood was spilled no Territory changed hands in these brief skirmishes!

    Map wednesday 7th March

    A chance meeting of Samurai from the Oda & Hojo Clans at a small & insignificant river crossing in Mino Territory leads to bloodshed with the Hojo Samurai (Sean) cutting down almost the entire Oda party before his rage is sated! The last to fall was the Oda Clan Samurai (Killian) - this matter is far from settled though as the Hojo Samurai then seizes the now undefended Oda Territory as his own! VICTORY to HOJO!

    Whilst in Yamashiro Territory a boastful & rash Samurai officer (Jason) & his retinue loyal to the Ikko Ikki movement demands a small group of Oda monks (Ben) make way for him on a woodland back road. The monk retorts that there is plenty room for both parties to pass in peace, even with Ikko Ikki man's Budha-like belly! The Samurai charges rashly at the monk, slips on a wet leaf that Budha has seen fit to drop there from a nearby tree, falls prone & is immediately battered unconscious with one swift Bo staff-stroke by the monk! Being of a rightly religious mind the population of Yamashiro quickly through off the raiments of the Ikko Ikki cult & pledge themselves to Oda. VICTORY to ODA!

    Sensing opportunity in the now growing chaos a warband of Shimazu (Aaron L) launch an attack on the isolated Uesugi Outpost (Kev) on the northern island of Sado, however the come across the young Uesugi Daimyo inspecting the garrison... As the female leader of the Shimazu led her troops to the heart of the Outpost against the Daimyo & the lone spearman with him the alarm was raised & mounted bowmen rode to their aid from the locale. Stunned by the new arrivals' flurries of (inaccurate...) arrows the Shimazu musketmen & sergeant failed to react in time to stop the Uesugi Daimyo cutting down their leader! Flanked to the north & leaderless it is all some Shimazu Spearmen can do to skulk into the Outpost to drag away their fallen Lady & leave the Outpost under Uesugi control. In exchange for her life the Uesugi are seeded the Territory of Nagato. VICTORY to UESUGI!

    Coming across the site of recent battle near a Dojo in Kozuko Territory Ikko Ikki forces (Jason) & Hojo troops (Sean) come to blows as they search the fallen for still living relatives. Hampered by the damage to the bodies littering the site the unease of the Hojo followers stalls their progress in identifying the men they are looking for. No such worries for the Ikko Ikki; the & their depraved cult leader had seen as much & perpetrated worse earlier that day! Dragging away the bodies they required (for whatever purposes...) they drive the Hojo Clan members from the area & set up camp claiming Kozuko Territory as their own! VICTORY to IKKO IKKI!

    In search of a recently uncovered spy & knowing his route of egress the Uesugi Daimyo (Kev) & retinue await him in a small village at the edge of a wood in Awa Territory. However, he is not alone! He is escorted by an Oda monk (Ben) & Samurai, plus a host of Ashigaru carrying a variety of arms. The Oda begin to creep forward, clearly in awe of the mighty & righteous Daimyo who faces them despite their vast numerical advantage! By the time the Oda edge into the village the Uesugi Daimyo has already raced down their left flank & cut down a Bowman before racing away with his head as the nearby Spearmen give futile chase! Uesugi mounted Bowmen bring down another Oda archer whilst under return vile musket-fire. Clearly in no mood for a fight the Oda Samurai brings the spy further to their right & crosses a hedges to shelter with the monk following. Skirting the mass of Oda Spears now pouring into the village the mounted Uesugi Daiyo speeds to the other flank, leaps the hedge & readies himself. His retinue try in vain to delay the Oda Ashigaru by driving between them & his Sergeant & mounted Bowmen attempt to shoot down those they can, but there are too many... The Uesugi Daimyo manages to cut down the Oda Samurai but as he attempts to drag away the struggling spy he is struck from behind by the insidious Oda monk who then manages to avoid the attacks of the Uesugi retinue to escape with the spy to the south & to safety. The information the spy carries is vital & within hours the Territory of Awa is in Oda hands... VICTORY to ODA!

    Several Territories change hands; x2 wins for Ben; x1 win for Sean; Kev; & Jason. 

    Map saturday 10th march

    Upon hearing of a skirmish between the warriors of Shimazu & Oda in the Territory of Buzen both Clans sent out a force to reconnoitre the battle site & recover any fallen or wounded that remained. Lead by a monk (Ben) from the Territory of Suo the Oda Clan members were quick to spot fallen Oda samurai upon the field, but their path was blocked by renegade samurai Chobei (Jack), clearly in service of the honour-less Shimazu! Battle was soon joined as both sides struggled for control of the field & the fallen there. Victory went to the Oda monk as he beat down Chobei & claimed his deceased relatives to return in honour to Oda land; but this was not enough to satisfy the Oda who now lay claim to the Territory of Buzen, a lesson learned for the Shimazu... VICTORY TO ODA! 

    No other battles took place, but the forces of the Oda Clan were seen in martial practice - clearly the Clan is on a war footing...

    Map wednesday 14th march

    The Ikko Ikki (Garry) were on the move once more as they set their sights on the island Territory of Iyo which was the domain of the Takeda Samurai (Chris). Moving inland from the coast the Ikko Ikki came across the Takeda Samurai waiting at a nearby Dojo with a small retinue. After a brief exchange of arrow fire both Samurai came to blows on the very steps of the Dojo, but after a near fatal stumble the Takeda man slunk away inside for shelter.. but not safety... as the Ikko Ikki warrior stalked him within & cut him down! The Ikko Ikki claim Iyo! VICTORY TO THE IKKO IKKI! 

    Whilst further northwest in the war-torn Territory of Buzen a raiding party of Shimazu (Aaron L) come across a group of Oda Ninjas (Killian) trying to make off with a priceless Shimazu artefact from a local shrine. The combat was fast & furious: the Shimazu mounted female samurai leader drove into the Ninja host, whilst the Ninjas replied with smoke bombs, shurikens & a host of other exotic weapons! The Shimazu leader ineffectually flailed away with her naginata at anyone in her path, but failed to achieve much... whilst a lone Shimazu bowman took out one of the Ninjas with a well placed arrow! The main Ninja party tried hard to move off with the strong box holding the artefact but were constantly hassled by bow fire & Shimazu spearmen & their progress was limited. Eventually they were driven from the field & the artefact was returned to Shimazu hands! So grateful were the locals that the Territory of Buzen once more pledged itself to Shimazu! VICTORY TO SHIMAZU!

    With their spirits up the forces of Shimazu set sail for the island Territory of Sanuki & there they engaged the Ikko Ikki that were slowly capturing the whole island. The Shimazu (Aaron L) set up camp in a small village & whilst they organised they were taken unaware by a rapid Ikko Ikki attack made up of local bandits & ruffians (Garry). Initially the Ikko Ikki made good progress and advanced speedily into the village centre, but then the Shimazu Lady turned into some form of fearsome warrior demon spirit & cut down all before her! Those that could, escaped her wrath by fleeing the field! After a quick but decisive skirmish the Ikko Ikki forces were driven from Sanuki & it was claimed by the Shimazu! VICTORY TO SHIMAZU!

    As night fell on the Territory of Shinano in the mountainous centre of Japan A Takeda raiding force (Chris) snuck across the border with the intention of assassinating the Uesugi Daimyo! With the unaware Uesugi force (Kev) moving through the night with the intention of stopping at a nearby Dojo they move unsuspectingly into the Takeda ambush! The mounted men stand out clearer in the dark than the Takeda footmen, but the Uesugi horses sense something amiss & mill about randomly... The Takeda send their spearmen to the west, their bowmen to the east with a samurai & their other 2 samurai through the centre. To the west alone Uesugi retinue man comes under arrow fire, but can see nothing & remains unaware; to the east the Daimyo himself comes cross a squad of Takeda spearmen & realises the trap - only moments before the Takeda Samurai nearby are about to attack! He gallops back to his men, passing a mounted bowmen who misunderstands the hasty warning, & stumbles into the Takeda leader & his henchman who, after a brief tussle, cut him down. To the east the Uesugi man eventually realises he's under attack & flees back to the main body, though it still takes too long to warn the remaining Uesugi troops... The Uesugi Daimyo & his other Samurai retainer turn to make their stand near an ornate, tree lined bride: a fine place to make a heroic end... He cuts down the first Takeda murder with contemptuous easy & tries to warn the remaing unaware members of his retinue - the last mounted bowman comes to life, but cannot accurately find his target in the dark... The other Uesugi Samuria attempts to take on the Takeda leader & their other samurai, seeing them hesitate - he drives them back, even as the horde of Takeda Ashigaru hove into view... The Uesugi Daimyo senses his moment & sees a faint chance at victory by killing all the remaining Takeda samurai as they are stunned by his retainer's fury, but Fate stepped in & it was not to be... shorty thereafter the Uesugi Samurai is cut down, & almost as swiftly the Daimyo is knocked from his horse by a blow from the dark & battered senseless by a lowly Ashigaru sergeant! It is all that the remaining mounted retinue riders can do to drag away their fallen lord & abandon the Territory of Shinano to the underhanded Takeda... VICTORY TO TAKEDA!

    A good few Territories changing hands & x2 victories for Aaron L; x1 each for Chris & Garry!

    map wednesday 21st march

    On the island Territory of Sanuki there was trouble once more with the forces of the new installed Shimazu regime (Aaron L) coming up against the Takeda warlord's retinue (Chris). Engaging along a narrow, straight road the Takeda troops stayed compact & advanced as one with spears protecting their bowmen & their Samurai holding them all together. Their relentless advance pushed back the Shaimazu force with many falling to Takeda blades & arrows, whilst others ran! The final straw was seeing their mounted Lady knocked from her mount & whilst still tangled with her attempt to flee without honour! Enough was enough for the Shimazu forces & they turned & fled! VICTORY TO TAKEDA!

    Oda forces were spotted in some form of internal dispute - with a force of Ninjas (Killian) sent to kill the troublesome Oda monk (Ben) that has been harassing many an honest Samurai! But it was not to be; despite the heroics of the Ninja leader, his men were cut down one by one by the viscous monk, until it was his own turn to face him... & whilst engaged to the front a group of Oda spearmen attacked from the rear! The monk knocked the Ninja hero to the ground where he was set upon by the Oda hordes... VICTORY TO ODA????

    Clearly not taking his ordered murder (by his own Clan!) as a subtle hint to relent the Oda monk (Ben) continued on his rampage & launched a quick raid upon a village in Suo Territory that had asked for liberation by the Uesugi! Held by the Daimyo & his fast moving mounted retinue (& a small band of local resistance fighters!) the defenders awaited the Oda in the village centre... The Oda advanced on mass with multiple spear units & a scattering of archers & a foul musketman! Their monk swung around the east of the village whilst his force pushed straight in the front gate! The Uesugi forces had luck with them & spotted the Oda coming quickly & spread out to secure the village whilst their lord swung west & used his horse's speed to engage the western part of the Oda horde. The Oda archers were clearly drunk as their first several attempts to fire upon the defenders resulted in injuries to themselves! Return Uesugi fire was slightly more accurate but failed to fell any enemy... First blood was drawn as the Uesugi Daimyo ploughed into an Oda spear unit & despite the forest of polearms he cut down 2 of them! Knowing the Uesugi reinforcements were likely on th eway the Oda knew they had little time to secure the village, but their advance stalled; their monk drove into the centre but the Uesugi fell back before him rather than engage. The other Oda troops failed to follow their leader... The Oda musketman felled the Uesugi sergeant with a mighty long range shot (leaving the village Dojo at the rear open to be claimed by the monk) then he advanced on the east of the village - it looked good for the Oda as the Uesugi  Daimyo failed time after time to kill the last Oda spearman facing him... Then the battle turned as a Uesugi mounted archer dropped an Oda bowman & the Daimyo killed his opponent before driving east to fell the musketman with a Dishonourable blow! With the frontal assault stalled & Uesugi men & Bandits (Freedom Fighters!) holding the East & West, & the Dojo not yet theirs, the Oda withdrew! VICTORY TO THE UESUGI!

    Victories for Ben, Kev & Chris; & Territory moving to the Uesugi & Takeda!

    Also - welcome to the Campaign our international contingent from Scotland: Jim Brittan; Raymond Orr; Garry Orr & Alan Hunton! Looking forward to their first battle results & reports!

    map sunday 25th march

    With Japan descending into chaos the Mori Clan finally decided it was to stake their claim! They sent forth their mightiest warlord (Kieran) but alas he was humbled by the Hojo samurai (Aaron T) & the result was the loss of the northern Mori Territory of Tajima to the Hojo! VICTORY TO HOJO!

    To make matters worse the the self same Mori Warlord (Kieran), whilst skulking home south to Harima after his defeat to the Hojo, was set upon by Oda Ninjas (Killian)! These Ninjas had just been put through some rigorous training at the hands of Oda's most militant monk (Ben) & had been thoroughly beaten around the monastery! They were not in the mood to mess around wit the Mori Clan & took little time to dispatch them... Further defeat here led to the loss of the Harima Territory from the Mori to the Oda Clan! Not as auspicious beginning for the Mori Clan... VICTORY TO ODA!

    The victorious Hojo samurai leader (Aaron T) then sought to expand his holdings by invading the the Shimazu Territory of Hyuga, defended by the mercenary Chobie (Jack), from their nearby island Territory of Tosa. With their spirits up the Hojo forces crushed all before them & claimed the southwestern Territory of Hyuga for the Hojo Clan & nearly neatly sliced the Shimazu holding in twain! VICTORY TO HOJO!

    Buoyed by their success against the Mori the Oda Ninjas (Killian) ambushed a group of Imagawa Samurai (Seoirse) crossing the border from Ise to Kii in the far south. Hoping to go unnoticed & seize this far flung Territory before the Oda noticed they were unprepared for the Ninja onslaught! However, their overconfidence was to be their downfall & this was to be no Mori massacre as the Imagawa forces cut their way free of the ambush & slaughtered their attackers! VICTORY TO IMAGAWA!

    Victories for Ben, Killian, Seoirse & x2 for Aaron T - & Terrotorial gains by the Hojo, Imagawa & Oda!

    map wednesday 28th march

    War swept across central Japan this week with veteran & new Samurai commanders entering the fray! 

    On the island of Shikoku the Takeda (Chris) were attacked by more Oda Ninjas (Killian) as they advanced into the Territory of Awa- but as the Shimazu found out previously, the Takeda are an implacable foe, & though victim to Ninja treachery & underhandedness, they stood their ground & drove off their attackers! VICTORY TO TAKEDA!

    Reeling from their defeats last week the Mori Clan sent a different commander into the field against the Hojo in an attempt to regain the northern Territory of Tajima. With the traits of bitterness, arrogance & the desire to hurt others being the foremost markers of the personality in the Mori Samurai (Simon) he immediately challenged his opposing number from Hojo (Rory) to a duel! He quickly defeated the Hojo leader & in frnot of the Hojo retinue took their commander's head as a trophy! The remaining Hojo fled in terror leaving the Territory of Awa to the Mori! VICTORY TO MORI!

    Further East another Hojo commander (Rory) in the isolated (& recently captured) Territory of Mino was attacked by troops from the Clan of Imagawa (John) advancing north. The Gods of war were not with that Hojo leader either as the Imagawa forces rolled over his & seized Mino. VICTORY TO IMAGAWA!

    In the south of mainland Honshu the recently established Imagawa forces broke out of their foothold in Kii Territory & marched on the Oda Territory of Yamato. This was to be the first of the "Great Battles" of the Age with mighty numbers deployed on both sides! The Oda forces marched out in columns of great hordes, lead by their now infamous warrior monk (Ben); the Imagawa (Seoirse) deployed in line to meet them! The Imagawa met with initial success as they cut down many hordes in a furious charge - but this mattered little to the heartless Oda leadership who merely through more of their followers into the fray. This worked as they turned the tide of battle back to an even footing, but it was not to be... The Imagawa troops cut down more valued Oda retainers & their force broke & ran! So Yamato: another southern Oda Territory falls to the Imagawa who expand further in central Honshu! VICTORY TO IMAGAWA!

    Victories for: Seoirse; Simon; John & Chris - with Territory taken by Mori; Takeda; & Imagawa. Also Ben & Seoirse have played the first DBA battle of the Campaign!

    map Saturday 31st march

    There was carnage this weekend as almost all corners of Honshu & Kyushu were scenes of battle as Samurai Lords clashed!

    An impressive x4 VICTORIES went to Clan Imagawa as they defeated almost all comers! First to fall were the Takeda Clan (Eoin) defeated in Izu by the new Imagawa Samurai (Shane); then Chobie & his renegade Shimazu (Jack) in Higo in western Kyushu were defeated by an Imagawa veteran (Seoirse); then the Oda monks (Ben) in Iga even tasted defeat as the Imagawa (Shane) marched North; next the new Uesugi Commander (Dave) fell to the blade of the Imagawa (Seoirse) in the Hida Mountains. X4 VICTORY TO IMAGAWA!

    The only set back for the Imagawa came as they overstretched them selves North from their Kii bridgehead & allowed the previously ill-fated Mori Commander (Kieran) to defeat their rearguard garrison (Shane) & capture Ki from them. VICTORY TO MORI!

    Having lost Hida Territory to the Imagawa, & rather than return home in shame, the Uesugi garrison Commander (Dave) instead invaded the previously Uesugi owned Shimano Territory, now held by the Takeda Clan (Eoin). Honour was to be his once more as he defeated the interlopers! VICTORY TO UESUGI!

    Buoyed by their victory over the Takeda the Uesugi launched a raid on the western Kyushu Territory of Buzen where it turned out the renegade Chobie & a Shimazu force (Jack) were skulking after fleeing from the Imagawa forces. These honour-less fools were barely worth the effort & time given to them by the Uesugi Samurai (Dave), but they were justly put to the sword, no matter the distaste in doing so & sullying their fine Uesugi blades... VICTORY TO UESUGI!

    However with the Uesugi attention focused to the mainland of Honshu the filthy Oda Ninjas (Killian) launched an attack on the Uesugi garrison (Ailbe) on the small northern island of Sado. Before they knew what hit them the Uesugi forces were overrun & wiped out & the island belonged to the invaders! VICTORY TO ODA!

    Multiple victories for Dave, Seoirse & Shane; & victories for Kieran & Killian! Territory gained by Imagawa, Mori, Oda & Uesugi!

    map wednesday 4th April

    Plenty more battles this week as the tables turn on previous victors & the end may be nigh for one Clan...

    In Western Kyushu in the Territory of Higo Shimazu forces (Aaron L) met with those of Imagawa (John) on the field of a recent battle with the aim of retrieving their fallen & wounded comrades. Not a bow was fired, nor a blade drawn as both sides quickly identified & collected their wounded family members; Shimazu finding the majority - before both retinues withdrew from the field & Shimazu gave up the previously hard won Territory... VICTORY TO SHIMAZU!

    In north-eastern Kyushu a similar scene played out as Takeda forces (Jim) met on a desolate battlefield in Bungo Territory with the same Shimazu forces (Alan). Both retinues collected their dead & wounded before withdrawing - Takeda recovering the majority before the Shimazu Clan men then abandoned Bungo... VICTORY TO TAKEDA!

    Further West in southern Honshu Takeda's veteran Samurai trouble maker (Chris) met with defeat after a run of victories - finally laid low by an up & coming Hojo commander (Rory) - & the Territory of Sagami went to Hojo. VICTORY TO HOJO!

    In northern Honshu the Uesugi Daimyo (Kev) set out to recapture the lost island of Sado form the Oda Clan. Securing a family member as hostage he prepared in the Territory of Echigo, but was caught napping by a Bandit & Ninja raid (Killian)! Having gained entry into the Uesugi held village by subterfuge & betrayal the Oda Bandit leader quickly identified the correct building  that housed the prisoner & released him. As the Uesugi forces struggled to react in time he used his lack of armour & nimbleness to dodge & duck his way to safety before the Uesugi Daimyo could land even a single blow! As more & more Oda minions crowded round the pursuing Daimyo the Oda Bandit chief slipped quietly away with his relative. Disgusted by the lack of loyalty from the locals the Uesugi forces abandoned the Territory of Echigo to the privations no doubt soon inflicted on them by their erstwhile Oda allies... VICTORY TO ODA!

    In the southern reaches of Kyushi Oda raiders (Raymond) set up camp in a small Osumi village & attracted the attention of the local Shimazu garrison (Alan). The Oda led by Senzo and his renegade archers secured several vital locations in the village & awaited the Shimazu assault.... AS the Shimazu charge in the defending archers panic at sight of enemy and injure themselves while trying to get their shots off! Out numbered 3-1 the Oda forces hold their ground under a hail of Shimazu arrows. The Shimazu forces led by Cheobi charged across the threshold and cut down one of the Oda Ashigaru,then Senzo offered up a prayer, closed his eyes and let loose with his Yumi... killing Cheobi! The Shimazu break & the Oda still hold all objectives. VICTORY TO ODA! 

    Things look bleak for the Shimazu: only x2 Territories remain - if it had not been for the bloodless meeting in Higo they would have been left holding only Satsuma...

    Victories for Raymond; Rory; Killian; Jim & Aaron L! Territories taken by Hojo; Takeda & Shimazu - Multiple Territories taken by the once again ascending Oda!

    map Saturday 7th April

    An impressive x9 battles took place over the weekend featuring with x8 different Samurai Lords fighting for their x7 Clans!

    Imagawa continue their march eastward across Honshu with Clan Lords (Seoirse & Shane) gaining victory over Takeda (Eoin) & Hojo (Rory) to take the Territories of Kai & Sagami! VICTORY TO IMAGAWA!

    Unbroken the Hojo forces (Rory) raided into Uesugi land & defeated the only recently established garrison there (Ailbe) & took the Territory of Shimano off them! VICTORY TO HOJO!

    Disgraced, the Samurai was sent as far away as possible - to the far west of Honshu where, without orders he gathered forces & attacked the Takeda Territory of Aki (Eoin) & secured it for Uesugi - & possibly secured his own head remaining on his shoulders... VICTORY TO UESUGI!

    Whilst in the far south of Kyushu the troublesome Oda Monk (Ben) carved out more of his personal fiefdom with a successful attack on the weakened Shimazu Territory of  Satsuma. With their forces committed further North the Shimazu garrison (Jack) were easily overrun by the foul monk. VICTORY TO ODA!

    To make matters worse the opportunistic Takeda (Eoin) launched a Ninja  raid behind the Shimazu lines (Jack) into the Territory of Higo! So well carried out was this insurgency that they managed to infiltrate; located; snatch & ex-filtrate the target victim from the Shimazu camp without being spotted or otherwise warning the garrison of their presence! Much heard was the weeping & wailing as it was realised with dawn that one of the few Shimazu heirs was missing... VICTORY TO TAKEDA!  - BONUS POINT TO EOIN! 

    Running from defeat after defeat the Shimazu commander (Jack) headed North to his main force attacking the Imagawa (Shane) in Chikugo, & against the better judgement of the retinue who followed him, he took command! The Shimazu forces loyally followed him in what they expected to be one final charge... BANZAI! But what was this... The Imagawa forces, fulling expecting an easy victory were taken aback & broke before the Shimazu Clan's fury! VICTORY TO SHIMAZU!

    Back in Honshu the Oda forces (Ben) in the North & the Imagawa forces (Seoirse) in the South were too interested in their affairs further afield & lost earlier gains to the resurgent Mori Clan as their glorious Samurai Lord (Kieran) claimed victory over both to capture the Territories of Harima & Yamato! VICTORY TO MORI! (Mori are also close to doing a Blockbusters down the middle of Honshu!)

    Multiple victories for Kieran & Shane; victories for Ben; Rory; Ailbe & Jack. Territory gained for Mori; Imagawa; Oda; Hojo & Uesugi;

    & VITALLY Shimazu secured themselves a Territory to keep themselves in the running! Their survival rests upon a Katana's edge now; no room for error as they hunker down in Chikugo Territory on Kyushu... can they survive?...

    map wednesday 11th april

    Having valiantly held out last week, it was a bridge too far this time round as Ikko Ikki fanatics (Gareth) from Shikiku launched a viscous attack on the last remaining Shimazu stronghold in Chikugo (Aaron L) on Kyushu. Even the brand new uniforms of the Shimazu archer core could not hold against the on rush of peasant fanatics & their female Samurai leader Naoko was dragged down & dispatched! The new "Shimazu" Lord has pledged allegiance to the Ikko Ikki whilst the rest of the Clan's warriors disperse rapidly to seek their fortune with other Clans. VICTORY TO THE IKKO IKKI!

    • Aaron L is now IKKO IKKI
    • Alan Hunton is now HOJO
    • Jack Walsh is now MORI

    With the main IKKO IKKI forces busy on Chikugo the nearby Takeda forces (Chris) launched a raid on on the Imagawa Territory of Chikuzen from Bungo. Wave upon wave of Takeda Ashigaru armed with Yari & Yumi stormed the Imagawa lines & through back the defenders (John) encamped there! VICTORY TO TAKEDA!

    Emboldened by their success against the Imagawa the Takeda headed east on Shikoku to strengthen their growing presence there. A Takeda agent arranged to have a vast horde of gold delivered to some local bandits (Chris) on the small isle of Awaji with the understanding that they would rise up & overthrow the Ikko Ikki rabble (Gareth) ensconced there. However, the bandit group was assailed by Ikko Ikki en route & had to fight there way clear! The gold was delivered & did it's job - soon after the flag of Takeda rose over Awaji! VICTORY TO TAKEDA!

    In the far east of Honshu the Hojo (Rory) launched a raid into Uesugi controlled Mutsu Territory & there set upon a gold shipment intended for the local garrison. The small mounted Uesugi patrol (Kev) were vastly outnumbered & with the road ahead blocked by a virtual wall of spears & muskets their forlorn attempt to breakthrough was ineffectual & ill-fated; only a single Hojo spearman died to a lucky bow shot whilst the Eusugi cavalry were wiped out to a man... With their wages gone & Uesugi power in the region seriously waning the Mutsu garrison declared for Hojo! VICTORY TO HOJO! 

    With Shimazu gone one of their now Ikko Ikki warlords (Aaron L) was dispatched to the island of Shikoku & there launched an attack from Iyo Territory into the Hojo held Tosa Territory south of it. The Hojo defenders (Rory) were caught unawares & massacred by the Ikko Ikki fanatics in a most foul manner! VICTORY TO THE IKKO IKKI!

    Multiple victories for Chris; & wins for Aaron L; Gareth & Rory. Territories Gained by Hojo; Ikko Ikki & Takeda. 

    Shimazu are DEFEATED! & Uesugi are looking soon to follow them...

    map wednesday 11th april

    map wednesday 11th april

    This weeks combat saw action between the Ikko Ikki & the Hojo Clan; & the Imagawa & the Oda Clans!

    A newly recruited arch-strategist for the Ikko Ikki movement (Justin) took on an experienced Hojo commander with several victories to his name (Aaron T), but it was to be the savage religious zealot who would see victory, with his peasant & monk hordes sweeping away the Hojo forces & seizing control of the mountainous Shimano Territory to link up the Ikko Ikki holdings on Honshu! VICTORY TO THE IKKO IKKI!

    Next the Imagawa Clan forces (John) led an attack north into the Oda claimed land of  Omi on Honshu to try & restore order to their baulking forces who have withered there recently in the face of Mori & Oda advances. As they advanced the came across an Oda Ninja encampment (Killian) who's inhabitants awaited them calmly. Encouraged by what they saw as their greater martial prowess, special training & lightening reflexes they thought they could defend the outpost with ease - but they were wrong... The Imagawa troops stormed the encampment & put the Oda to the sword, one & all! No other Oda forces in Omi Territory dared stand against the Imagawa, preferring to flee before them as honour-less dogs... VICTORY TO IMAGAWA!

    Victories for Justin & John; Territories to the Ikko Ikki & Imagawa!

    map wednesday 25th april

    With the psychological & cultural shock of the death of the Shimazu Clan echoing around Japan many of the forces sat back & examined the wisdom of descending their homeland into all out war... It was also the traditional start of the local Honshu "Bloodbowl" Season with many a soldier drawn away to see his home Team's first game!

     The Ikko Ikki, however, felt no such compunction towards contemplation...

    Newly indoctrinated Samuria led the Ikki Ikki hordes (Aaron L) into massed battle against the Takeda general (Chris) holding Awa Territory on the island of Shikoku (DBA battle!). With all the confidence born of aristocratic blood & a lifetime of martial training the Takeda General led a massed Cavalry charge (led by his General & double-ranked Cavalry Bodyguard unit) straight into the heart of the Ikko Ikki Hordes opposite & surely to an easy victory! Rash? Heroic? Justified? A Gamble? Unlucky?... Historians through the ages will look back on the moment with differing views... Full of bluster & bravado the General & his men disappeared into the Ikko Ikki Hordes... never to return... only a few loose, riderless horses emerged back from the cloud of dust & combat. The Takeda army looked on in horror, then soon afterwards broke & ran as the Ikko Ikki Hordes fell upon, & then wiped out the first unit to stand it's ground... VICTORY TO THE IKKO IKKI! 

    *In DBA terms the events went as follows: The Takeda Double Ranked Cavalry General charged into the Ikko Ikki front line of a Horde unit, fluffed the combat that was weighted in their favour [Roll of 1 vs 6 oops...] & was Destroyed. DBA Victory conditions: loss of 4 Points loses the Battle:

    • Unit Lost = 1 Point
    • General Lost = 1 Point
    • Double Ranked Unit/Base = 1 Point

    So the General's Unit was worth 3 Points! In one fell swoop the Ikko Ikki were only a single Point from victory! Oh dear... DBA can be a cruel mistress...*

    The other battle of the week took place upon the border of Hizen & Chikogu Territories on Kyushu. The remaining Ikko Ikki forces (Jason) engaged with the remaining Imagawa forces on the island. Both sides cagey as defeat would mean their foothold on the island would be lost! As they battled a strange sight befell them... Wandering across the field of conflict, straight through the combatants as if they did not exist, came a bedraggled & broken figure... It turned out that this was the presumed lost Takeda General who had led his men to their doom-laded final charge! To the Ikko Ikki he appeared as if some strange Prophet - his dazed & ruined form a blessing in their twisted eyes... The Imagawa forces saw him as some strange Kami come to visit them in their last moments... As the figure continued his lonely procession across the battlefield he chatted convivially with anyone in earshot; both sides withdrew, unsure what to do, & unwilling to anger this strange being with the wrong action, so preferring in-action. Eventually both forces retreated from the field to think long & hard on what they had just witnessed... 

    The figure himself wandered off into the sunset, muttering something about possibly going to see a Kabuki show: "The Infinite War" or something of the like...

    Victory to Aaron L this week & Territory therefore going to the Ikko Ikki, seeded by the Takeda; & a Timed-out DRAW between Jason & John :)

    map Saturday 5th May

    Hostilities resume! Takeda Clan launch an all out assault against the Mori & Oda Clans; whilst the Oda came across a newly recruited Hojo hero!

    In western Honshu war erupts along the borders of Mori & Takeda land with the Mori Territory of Hoki baring the brunt of it! Several skirmishes involving multiple Mori Lords (Kieran & Jack) & multiple Takeda Lords (Finley & Eoin) have the end result of the Mori Clan being forced to give up their holdings in Hoki Territory. VICTORY TO TAKEDA!

    The victorious Takeda commander (Finley) of the bloodshed in Hoki then launched his own personal assault on the Oda Clan's possessions on Shikoku! Initial gains made against the fearsome Oda Monk General (Ben) were not enough to secure the border Territory of Satsuma as just as the Takeda forces were about to consolidate their gains an attack from the darkness by Oda Ninjas (Killian) drove them back across the border into Higo Territory! STALEMATE...

    Whilst on the borders of Echigo & Mutsu Territories in eastern Honshu there was to be an ambush on "Snake Road" - (Alan) Hojo set to defending the road from (Raymond) Oda Bandit intruders. The defenders are lying in ambush (15 PST v attacker 20 PST). (Round 1 ) Hohiro the Bandit hero stood at the crest of the hill and shared the view of the place he grew up with Toshiro, his bandit bruiser. The enemy was lying in wait along the road that was for sure. Hohiro's unit of archers and spearman led the way but soon found the road narrowing and constricting there movement even with the grizzled old gunso Hani's presence at there rear. During the slow movement of Hohiro's men Ramari ,the youngest of the spearman, turned beaming, a turtle in his hand, and announced a "lucky omen" just before an arrow pierced his hip! ( Round 2 ) Hohiro had had enough of this and with a hand sign to Toshiro to follow they skipped around the spearmen and sprinted for the enemy whilst more arrows flew. Hohiro leapt through the underbrush and faced with a startled enemy removed his head! The two remaining archers backed off but Hohiro's blood was up and he quickly dispatched the remaining two Ashigaru. (Round3 ) Hohiro and Toshiro ran along the road taking cover where possible with Hohiro dispatching 3 more hidden assailants! Moving too quick, unencumbered by armour, like Hohiro's men' Toshiro and his Lord sped along the road ( Round 4). ( Round 5 ) Coming around a bend the leader of the enemy came crashing out of the under growth like an enraged boar with Hohiro meeting him ahead of his lieutenant! The enemy lord ( Chonobi ) carried a massive No-Dachi and wielded it with power! Hohiro just managed to deflect a mighty blow, but caught the flat of the blade and heard ribs cracking in his side! Hohiro and Toshiro attacked and between them cut the giant down! (Round 6 ) The end of the road was in sight and a lone defender stepped in to the road - Justice was swift and the enemy left to join his ancestors! With the "Snake Road" now clear of defenders the Oda troops moved onward to claim their prize - the Territory of Mutsu! VICTORY TO ODA!

    Victories this week for: Finley, Killian, Raymond, Eoin & Kieran - with Territory going to Oda & Takeda (not many gains despite a lot of fighting & bloodshed...)

    map Saturday 5th May

    Uesugi, Takeda, the Ikko Ikki & Imagawa went to war this week with multiple battles taking place! 

    Firstly the Imagawa Clan (John) launched a cowardly attack on the the Uesugi holding in Honshu against a newly raised Samurai commander (Seamus). The battle swung back & forth but the Uesugi  commander's Wits let him down & allowed the Imagawa were able to secure their objectives & the Territory of Nagato. VICTORY TO IMAGAWA!

    Disgusted with his underhanded actions the Imagawa banished the commander (John) to the mountains of Honshu to face the wild savages of the Ikko Ikki (Aaron L). Fighting over a small village in Hida Territory the Ikko Ikki forces stormed into the centre of the village in search of a previously taken prisoner. The Imagawa forces were driven back from several buildings until they congregated on the last possible holding place & made their last stand against the Imagawa's mounted Lady Samurai! The drunkenness & debauchery that had followed their foul assault on the Uesugi was to be their undoing! Not a single Imagawa warrior was capable of holding his own in battle & they were cut down by the Ikko Ikki fanatics who showed no mercy! The Ikko Ikki secured the prisoner & kept the village for their own foul ceremonies! The Imagawa fled from Hida Territory... VICTORY TO THE IKKO IKKI!

    Whilst the Ikko Ikki were distracted with the events in Honshu the Uesugi Daimyo (Kev) launched a cunning raid on their Territory of Iyo on Shikoku (Gareth). A brave Uesugi agent had been uncovered in a small village & with Ikko Ikki forces on the way to carry out what ever foul repercussions upon him, the Uesugi dispatched a swift force to rescue their agent. Approaching the village form opposite directions the Ikko Ikki hordes clambered over the boundary wall, wrecking ancient field-works with evil abandon! They were met with bow-fire from mounted Uesugi archers, the Ikko Ikki Lieutenant being their early victim! Under this covering fire the Uesugi Daimyo & some Iyo villagers moved forward & secured the agent from a nearby building, & whilst the villagers & mounted retinue held off the slavering Ikko Ikki hordes, the Daimyo made his escape with the brave infiltrator! His information was valuable & soon allowed the Uesugi Clan to secure Iyo Territory & liberate it's thankful population! VICTORY TO UESUGI!

    Spurred on by his victory on Shikoku the Uesugi Daimyo (Kev) launched an all-out assault (DBA game) on the Takeda Territory of Bungo (Chris) on Kyushu. The forces met on ground filled with Steep Hills & Woods, with the centre of the battlefield dominated to the east by a Steep Hill & the west by a Wood. Massed ranks of Pikemen & Katana carrying Bladesmen met in the centre; whilst to the west Fast lighter units of Uesugi Samurai moved into the Woods;  the Fast lighter Takeda Samurai pushed over the Steep Hill in the east forcing away the Uesugi Bowmen stationed their; both mounted Generals & retinues tried to flank to the right... 

    First to fall were a unit of Takeda fast Blade moving over the Steep Hill - their supporting cohort was driven off by lucky Bow-fire & their unprotected flank engaged by a central Uesugi Blade unit & Blade moving to protect their Bowmen - thus trapping & destroying the Takeda Samurai.

    This Uesugi unit was then to fall victim to a similar attack as forced to return to the central battle line (within a Takeda Threat Zone) it was engaged by x3 Takeda Blade units & overwhelmed as the supporting Pike Uesugi units were driven away from them!

    The shorter Uesugi battle line (more double-ranked Pike in the army) was soon to be overrun in the east as the freed-up Takeda Blade units had free reign to push on! Uesugi reserves moved over whilst the Bowmen tried to push them back, but drastic action had to be taken! The Fast Blade in the Woods move from blocking the out-flanking Takeda Cavalry & engaged the Takeda Blade & Bow ahead of them & the Uesugi General with some supporting Samurai Blade took the risk of charging up the Steep Hill into the bad terrain & attacking the Takeda Blade there - not wise normally... however just staring at them was getting him nowhere... But the spirits were with him & he broke the Takeda there whilst the Blade in the western woods destroyed the Takeda Bowmen! Victory was within their grasp - but the Takeda were now on the attack...

    The Takeda General re-positioned to combat the Uesugi coming from the Woods whilst his other Cavalry moved round the Woods to threaten the Uesugi rear! In the centre combats heavily weighed in the Uesugi Pikes' favour turned against them or stalemated while further Takeda troops moved up to encircle them!

    But, whilst the melee of close combat went on all around them, it was to be the Uesugi Bowmen who secured victory as the rained arrows down upon the approaching  Takeda Pikemen out of shear desperation... & to their surprise the unit broke & ran! The rest of the Takeda force also fled & Bungo Territory was captured! VICTORY TO THE UESUGI!

    Victories for Kev x2; John & Aaron L - & Territories captured by the Uesugi; Imagawa & Ikko Ikki! The war rages on!

    map wednesday  23rd  May

    War still continues across Japan as the Oda  Ninjas seek to secure victory for their Clan! 

    Their first outing did not go well as the Oda Ninjas (Killian) came across Hojo Samurai under the command of a new officer (Jason O'R) & sought to take him out before his reputation grew & drew more followers to him! However it was not to be & drawing upon the teachings of his ancestors the Hojo Samuai hero kept his men steady under dastardly Ninja assault & was able to turn the tables & secure the Territory of Osumi on Kyushu. VICTORY TO HOJO!

    Undeterred the Oda Ninjas (Killian) were redeployed to Honshu & the Territory of Yamato. There they were to track down the Mori Clan commander & "remove" him from play... but their plan was uncovered & a force of Mori Samurai (Jack) instead came looking to destroy the Ninja force by assassinating their leaders. Attacking out of the darkness the Samurai cut their way towards the Ninja heroes determined to take their heads! Backs to the wall the Ninjas were forced into a stand-up fight, of all things... but with the darkness as their ally & their Wits about them it was the Odas that turned the tables this time & killed ALL the Mori Samurai heroes, breaking the attacking force & winning the day. Word spread of their battle prowess & all Mori forces fled from Yamato leaving it in the hands of the Oda Clan. VICTORY TO ODA!

    Wins for Killian & Jason O'R & Territory gained by both Oda & Hojo!


    the emperor sets forth his edict of peace

    The Great War is over! The Emperor has deigned it so! The loss of the once mighty House of Shimazu has brought this god-being to tears... This, coupled with the rise of the fanatical Ikko Ikki Cult to unacceptable heights, lead to his Declaration of Nationwide Peace! Any breaking of this edict will be met with the harshest of justice upon those involved!

    The great Clan Lords are now commanded to return to their lands & encourage the peasants & artisans to bring wealth once more to the Emperor's Domain. 

    Clan Territories

    • Imagawa:  Start: 8  Finish: 12  (+4)
    • Ikko Ikki:  Start: 7  Finish: 10  (+3)
    • Oda:  Start: 8  Finish: 9  (+1)
    • Mori:  Start: 8  Finish: 8 (0)
    • Takeda  Start: 7  Finish: 7 (0)
    • Hojo  Start: 7  Finish: 7  (0)
    • Useugi  Start: 7  Finish: 6  (-1)
    • Shimazu  Start: 8  Finish: 0  (-8)

    The greatest gains over the course were made by the Imagawa Clan!

    27 different Generals took the field in Command of forces during the Great War!

    Victories in Battle - Greatest Generals!

    • Chris x6 Victories +1 BONUS POINT  (Takeda)
    • Aaron L x6 Victories +1 BONUS POINT  (Shimazu/Ikko Ikki)
    • Ben x5 Victories +1 BONUS POINT   (Oda)
    • Seoirse x5 Victories +1 BONUS POINT  (Imagawa)
    • Killian x5 Victories    (Oda)
    • Kev x4 Victories +1 BONUS POINT  (Useugi)
    • Others: x3 Victories or less
    • Eoin - Honourable Mention: BONUS POINT earned through COMPLETING a Battle completely in Stealth & NOT discovered AT ALL by the enemy!   (Takeda)