Clan smoke jaguar: 6th Jaguar dragoons, 2nd trinary, Star Captain Anson Showers
1st star
1) Daishi prime, Anson showers 
2) Masakari B
3) Behemoth (stone rhino)
4) Warhammer 11c
5) Elemental point A (Lincoln osis)
2nd star
1) Madcat A
2) Excalibur
3) Rifleman 11c
4) Hunchback 11c
5) Elemental point B

3rd star
1) Hankyu C
2) Ryoken B
3) Elemental point C
4) Elemental point D
5) Elemental point E

Clan Nova Cat: 1st Nova Cat Guards, 2nd trinary, Star captain Destiny Cairns.
1st star
1) Kraken 3, Destiny Cairns
2) Highlander 11c
3) Thor B
4) Loki F
5) Elemental point A

2nd star
1) Supernova
2) Annihilator C
3) Hellhound
4) Jenner 11c
5) Wyvern 11c
3rd star
1) Blackhawk B
2) Shadowcat B 
3) Firefly C
4) Elemental point B
5) Elemental point C

Turn 1: As star commander Anson showers led his trinary along the woden river valley there was still no contact with the nova cat surats that his trinary was hunting, as was the jaguar right they were the hunters and the cowardly nova cats had been able to bid in extra mechs by taking second line mechs in this most holiest of duels, insulting the jaguars even more was the fact they had to bid in a few of their own to match the cats bid. They would pay for their affrontary.... Contact at 0600 woke Anson from his thoughts, Got you he thought as he hit the signal for a general advance...Nova Cats HA, soon to be no Cats Growled Anson ...

TURN 2: Duels this turn (NC vs SJ)
Kraken 3 vs Warhammer IIC
Annihilator C vs MadCat A
Loki F vs Ryoken B

The Kraken 3 opened the engagement by bracketing the Warhammer with 5 of its LRM 15's at long range. The Warhammer responded by hitting the Kraken with 1 of his PPC's.
The Daishi and the Shadow Cat fired ineffectually at one another failing to initiate a duel.
The Annihilator began combat with the MadCat A hitting him in the right leg with an autocannon.
The Loki opened his duel by hitting the Ryoken in the left arm and right torso narrowly missing the elementals it was carrying. 
The Ryoken responded by putting 3 ER mediums into the Loki spreading the hits across the torsos. 

TURN 3: New Duels this turn.
Firefly C vs Hunchback IIC
Hellhound vs Excalibur.
Black Hawk B vs Hankyu C
Daishi Prime vs Thor B
Supernova vs Behemoth
Shadowcat B vs Masakari B

The Firefly in a misguided belief in his own destiny engaged the Hunchback IIC. The Hunchback tore off its right torso with a devastating AC20 hit reducing its armament to 2 medium and 2 small lasers. The Firefly’s salvo had struck the Hunchback with 3 medium lasers shaking the Hunchback pilot when one struck the head. 
The Excalibur seeing the Hellhound at a distance hit with both a Gauss Rifle and an LRM 20 taking it by surprise, opening up its right torso with the Gauss Rifle destroying a medium laser. The Hellhound shocked by this blow missed with his shots.
The MadCat having deployed his Elementals behind the brow of a hill took careful aim at the trifid like head of the Annihilator as it opened fire with its quad autocannon battery, bracketing the Madcat's left and right torsos. The MadCat then fired his carefully aimed shot removing the Annihilators head.
The Loki scrambling backwards in a desperate attempt to open the range from Ryoken's AC20, was hit with a volley from that fearsome weapon and 2 medium lasers losing most of the internal structure on his right torso with his engine shielding being damaged and losing an SRM 6. The Loki response stripped most of the armour from the Ryoken's upper body but failed to penetrate it. 
The Hankyu darted in behind the Black Hawk mocking the Black Hawks poor positional sense. He struck with 1 laser and the Black Hawk twisted around revealing the Large Pulse Laser his variant mounted in its arm. He disdainfully blew off the leg of his smaller challenger forcing the Elementals it carried to scramble to safety.
The Daishi hit the Thor with 2 large lasers forcing it to acknowledge his challenge. A smattering of missile hits in return went almost unnoticed against the prodigious armour of the Daishi.
The Behemoth initiated and concluded a duel with the Supernova decapitating it with a surgical hit from his Gauss Rifle. He contemptuously rode out the impact of its return fire scanning the battlefield for his next target.
The Masakari opened the fight by stripping all of the armour from the Shadow Cats centre torso the impact knocking it from its feet. The return volley failed to hit.
The Warhammer stuck the Kraken with another PPC again failing to to land a telling blow. After last turns ranging shots the Kraken now hit with all 8 LRMs. The Warhammer showing his legendary resilience continued to advance his armour unbreached despite having been hit with 13 LRM 15's.

Turn 4:
New duels this turn:
Highlander IIC vs MadCat A
Wyvern IIC vs Behemoth

The Highlander IIC strikes the mad cat with a devastating barrage of all of it's weapons, knocking the iconic omni, suffering armour loss in return.
The Wyvern IIc is caught between cover by the canny Behemoth pilot bursting through woods on his right side, four heavy weapons combining to savage it's right side and remove one arm; though the shocked medium combines with an elemental point to weaken the assaults armour at a potentially critical left torso.
The Loki rides his heat scale, as the design is famous for; to tear off the left side of his opponents Ryoken B with a strike to an ammo bin, though the cooler headed Jaguars careful weapon management avoids destructive heat build-up.
The Shadow cat B delivers exemplary fire discipline as he charges a Masakari, placing over eighty percent of his missiles and one of his lasers to the jaguars left side, creating hope for his next opponent as the assault calmly cores the smaller mech.
The Hellhound begins to circle and close on his opponents Excalibur, weathering gauss and LRM fire to strip out the heavier mechs right leg.
The Jenner IIC in a doomed attack, is punished by the rifleman IIc, losing both arms at once.
The Kraken 3 continues to pore his third ton of ammunition into the Warhammer IIC, even though the famous shape is torn asunder, with no armour left above the knees and no right side the Jaguar warrior refuses to fail or fall.
The Black hawk attempts to finish the Hankyu on the ground, resorting to a more than slightly dishonourable stamp to crush the smaller mechs leg, while under intense fire from the Jaguar infantry.

Turn 5:
The Nova Cat Black Hawk & Elementals continued their combined efforts finally silencing the insults coming from the fanatical Jaguar pilot in the downed Hankyu.
The Warhammer continued to push forward though the hail of LRMs but finally fell. 
The Loki and Ryoken consumed by mutual hatred stood in place and unloaded all of their remaining weapons. Damaged and short a torso the Loki emerged victorious having cored his opponent.
Locking his gaze upon the Excalibur in his firing position upon the hill the Hellhound triggered his jump jets intending to use a Death from above attack to drive the Excalibur down onto its comrades MadCat. Taking careful aim the calm and collected Excalibur pilot smashed a Gauss Rifle slug into the Hellhound's right torso destroying 2 jump jets. Coming up short for his intended attack the Hellhound returned to earth with the derisive laughter of his opponent ringing in his ears.
Circling the Rifleman for another attack the Jenner was annihilated by a double large Pulse Laser hit to the head, with a third burrowing deep into the Jenner's guts through a chink in its armour.
The Firefly courageously pressed the attack against the Hunchback but couldn't hope to survive the double AC20 and medium laser hits that connected.
The MadCat struggled down off the hill and into a heavy forest seeking a better position from which to continue the fight. While he scored some more hits on the powerful assault mech the heavy damage he took in return including the loss of one of his PPC's meant that that this duel was only likely to have one winner should it continue.
Having planted a Narc Beacon upon the Daishi the Thor cunningly leaped away landing behind a large forest from where he unleashed an indirect volley of LRM fire.
The Wyvern used his jump jets to take a position behind a low ridge relying on the partial cover to protect him from the Behemoths fire but he had misjudged the assault mechs speed and ran diagonally outflanking his position and unleashed a devastating round of fire which destroyed him utterly.
The Nova Cat Elementals continued their attack on the Masakari reducing his armour by a worrying degree but leaving him intact for now. 
The Masakari and Daishi combined their fire to savage a Nova Cat Elemental point but couldn't do quiet enough to destroy the point.

As the klaxons sounded to signal the end of the agreed upon time period for the trial the assembled Khans began to tot up their scores as the warriors assembled on the field to acknowledge their opponents bravery in these trials that would see the clans return to the Inner Sphere. Within 15 minutes the results came in for this the first of the placement trials that would decide which Clans would lead the conquest of the Inner Sphere.

Clan Nova Cat had scored 11 points (1 light, 1 medium and 1 assault destroyed including a Star Commander's personal mech).

Clan Smoke Jaguar had scored 21 points (2lights, 2 mediums and 2 assaults destroyed including a Star Commander's personal mech).
Clan Smoke Jaguar was deemed the victor with 5 bonus victory points for a first round win, for a grand total of 26 points.

Following on from the way this inter-clan trial had been hyped on the Chatterweb Clan Smoke Jaguar released a statement the victory for the paramount Crusader clan was only to be expected and anyone foolish enough to face them in the next round would suffer worse.


Battle Report:
Clan Wolf Trial of Refusal: week 2
Clan Jade Falcon forces are ambushed by Clan Wolf.

This was a ten turn game, played using clan duelling rules, as G.M’ed by Garry Jackson. The players were; Ian O ‘Brien as Clan Wolf and John Sommers as the Jade Falcons.

Khan Ulric Kerensky in response to the information that his forces were once again outnumbered in a trial had decided upon a different tactic than the straight fight that proved so costly against the Ghost bears; this time the Wolves would use the cunning that was there genetic birth-right – and the arrogance that seemed to be the Falcons.

The wolf Binary divided, Ulrics own star imbedded itself in hidden positions directly in the north to south path of march of the falcons, hoping to stall the near trinarys advance, while the second star divided in two, and swept in from the east and west simultaneously, choosing the most advantageous partners for the opening duels and handing the momentum firmly to the wolves.

Turn 1: due to the rules of the scenario the falcons moved on entirely first, then the wolves flanking forces moved in, but the wolves declared first. From turn 2 on normal initiative would be observed.
The ambush is revealed early as a Falcon Dasher D while delivering a point of elementals to a strategic forest, accidently reveals a Wolf Ryoken A, in the moment of surprise the Ryoken is able to issue a challenge and cut the 20 tonner apart for no return fire from the mech, though the elementals deal a worthy amount of armour damage to the 50 tonner in reprisal.

On the eastern flank a Falcon Fenris prime using an active probe reveals two would-be ambushers in a wood – a Man’o War C and a Fenris D, wisely the Falcon opens a duel with the Fenris D, hitting with his ERPPC to the torso in return for several pulse laser hits. The Man’o War C despite his early reveal opens fire on a Thor A, knocking the surprised Falcon pilot. In the midst of this the wolf Flanking force arrives, a Fenris prime attempts to duel a Thor prime, but no solid hits are recorded, so no duel commences, a Wolf Ryoken prime gets behind a Vulture B, and deals serious armour damage to the heavy and a wolf Loki prime attacks a Falcon Loki A from behind, going internal on the falcons center torso, but receiving severe leg damage in return.

On the western flank A wolf Mad cat B and a Vulture prime arrive, The vulture savages the armour of a Falcon Thor prime, but with his single return shot the Thor decapitates the wolf aggressor!, the Mad cat enjoys more success, knocking out and crippling a falcon Loki prime in a single volley.

Turn 2: the remaining hidden mechs reveal themselves, an Orion 2C and Ulric Kerensky himself in a Man’o War A.
On the western flank the two victors begin to duel, mad cat B versus thor prime. Ulrics first move is to engage the heaviest falcon mech, a Gladiator prime, though the elemental point also engaged ulric. The orion 2C began a duel with an unengaged mad cat prime. The Falcon Uller prime manages to out-manoeuvre the wolf fenris prime, and deals good damage to the heavier mech, but is nearly cored by the return fire from an ER PPC. The Man o War C continues his duel against the thor A, removing the 70 tonners large pulse laser, in return for more armour damage. The two lokis on the eastern flank seriously damage each other, both overheating and the wolf mech suffers from engine damage. The Falcon Vulture B manages to get a bead on the Ryoken Prime that ambushed him, taking several tons of armour loss and overheating enough to shut his mech down, but smashing the Ryokens cockpit, killing the pilot and winning the duel. 

Turn 3: The duelling Lokis finish the fight, the wolf pilot ending up on the ground, with serious engine damage and no targeting computer, but with his opponent destroyed. The Falcon Fenris Prime finishes off his opponent in the Fenris D, but loses his left torso and arm in the process. The Wolf orion 2C manages to put a gauss round through the mad cat primes cockpit, walking away victorious, but minus his own right arm and much of his armour. The Ryoken A which killed the dasher D begins duelling and unengaged Falcon pilot in a Black hawk A. the mad cat B and thor prime fight on in the west; while taking damage the mad cat damages the thors leg severely, knocking the manoeuvrable falcon mech. The wolf Man o war C knocks down the Thor A and renderes the pilot unconscious, incorrectly assuming his target is destroyed the wolf declares the duel over, and moves on to other targets.

Turn 4: Ulrics Man o War has its left leg blown off by concentrated fire from the falcon elite mechwarrior! The Wolf Loki staggers to its feet and engages the closest target, the restarting Falcon Vulture B, but is felled by an ammo explosion in his centre torso, the vulture staggers on, heavily damaged, but with two kills to his name, this warrior is due for promotion surely! All other duels continue, but without significant incident.

Turn 5: The Man o War C engages the Falcon Fenris prime, crushing the smaller mech in one brutal volley. The Wolf Fenris prime does better, taking the left arm from his opponent’s Uller prime. Falcon Black Hawk A deal heavy damage to the Ryoken A but is knocked down, losing one of his ER PPCs. The Wolf B is the victor of the western flanks battles, removing all of his opponents offensive weapons, the Falcon pilot honours his clan by powering down and surrendering rather than using physical attacks, even though the mad cat B has lost one leg in the last exchange of fire.

Turn 6: The Thor A that was previously duelling the Man o war C wakes and finds his opponent gone, begins a new duel with the one legged mad cat B, receiving engine damage from gauss fire almost immediately. The Wolf Fenris prime finally locks down the Uller, coring it with his PPC. The Orion 2C fresh from victory against the Mad Cat prime, is himself decapitated by a falcon Thor Prime that due to the Falcons superior numbers and strict obedience of the duelling rules had gone unengaged until now. Ulric in a desperate moment manages to kill his heavier opponent in an alpha strike, but is knocked to the ground unconscious and without his entire left side in the final volley of return fire.

Turn 7: The one legged Mad Cat B destroys the Falcon Thor A by removing his right torso, the Falcon Black hawk A suffers near fatal engine damage from the Ryoken, but places a precision PPC attack to the head, killing the wolf ambusher. In a final display the Vulture B is destroyed by The Man o War C’s terrible heavy autocannon, but seconds after his death the man o war collapses, one leg crushed beyond repair causing a fall that renders the assault mech unable to continue, the assembled watchers of all clans applaud two MechWarrior’s who manage to record three kills each honourably even if they were brought down themselves. 

Turn 8: As if in response to the previous turn’s savagery, turn eight is a moment of careful manoeuvre and speculative fire, no significant damage is recorded, Ulric is still unconscious.

Turn 9: The one legged mad cat now in a duel with the Black hawk A runs out of ammo for his gauss, and loses all other weapons bar his SRM4, despite this he fights on. The falcon Thor Prime cores the Wolf Fenris prime for little damage in return. Ulric wakes, leaving 2 heavily damaged wolves against the Falcon Thor Prime and a near crippled Black hawk A.

Turn 10 (final turn): Ulrics heavy concussion means he misses with both PPCs, and the Thor Prime cores out the Khans Man o War A. in the west the Mad Cat fights on, still firing his SRMs, but is rendered unconscious by a glancing blow to his cockpit, leaving the falcons savaged, but victorious!!.

A great game enjoyed by both players, with a few real swings in dominance from one team to the other! (mostly by weird concentration of fire on left legs or decapitations)




Battle Report:
Clan Wolf Trial of Refusal: week 3 
Clan Wolf vs Clan Smoke Jaguars & Clan Burrocks in a fight for survival! 
Mission Objectives: 
Clan Wolf: - survive 8 turns for a Marginal Victory
- survive 15 turns for a Full 
Clan Smoke Jaguars & Clan Burrocks: 
- Destroy Clan Wolf as quick as possible (preferably before each other!)
Despite crippling both the Ghost Bears & Falcons, Clan Wolf doesn't have the resources left a their disposal to attack Clans Smoke Jaguar & Burrock separately. This has lead Ulric into a strategy of engaging the Jaguars in a Honourable fight hoping to blunt their attack before the as yet uncontacted Burrocks would be engaged. However, underestimating the speed of the Burrocks advance, the Wolves are caught completely unawares when as the Burrocks, launching a headlong charge, bring them into the heart of the battle!
(photos to follow)

Turn 1
Duels this turn; (Wolf: left) (Smoke Jaguars & Burrocks: Right)
Madcat B vs Black Hawk Prime
Loki Prime vs Khan Uller A
Daishi A vs Hankyu Prime
Grizzly vs Koshi C
Ulric Kerensky's Man O War D vs Excalibur
Ryoken prime vs Madkat A
Fenris D vs Masikari Prime
Orion II C vs Behemoth
Man O War C vs Warhammer II C
Vuture Prime vs Rifeman II C

As Ulric Kerensky led the clan wolf forward to engage the Jade falcons, Clan Burrock launched a surprise attack from hills to the left, with a combination of light Mech and Elementals quickly charging into the midst of the wolves. With a brave manoeuvre a Clan Wolf Loki Prime living up to his name, locked on and blew both arms off the Burrock Khans Uller A. At this point the Jaguars came into firing range and began to engage the wolves in multiple duels. 

Turn 2
Duels this turn;
Loki Prime vs Hankyu C

Despite the audacity of the manoeuvre, the Burrocks began to swing around the wolves rear. Ulric taking control of the situation ordered both his Loki and Grizzly to engage the Burrocks resulting in a Burrock Hankyu Prime being cored through it's centre torso and the Koshi C being utterly destroyed by a successful alpha strike from a Grizzly. Faced with a furious assault from the Blackhawk the Wolf Madcat B disproved the rumour that all cats land on their feet as he was knocked to the ground. Ulric displaying the gunnery that had made him a legend punched through the Excalibur's right Arm exploding the Gauss Rifle and knocking the pilot unconscious. The vulture chose to close in on the Rifleman II C savaging it but shutting down in the process.

Turn 3
Duels this turn;
Ulric Man O War D vs Puma Prime 
Grizzly vs Hunchback II C

This saw what could be the tipping point in the battle, the Madkat B lurched to his feet only to find the Blackhawk Prime and elementals had manoeuvred behind him, coring him through his centre torso. However the biggest surprise came when Ulric engaged a Puma Prime savaging the mech.The Puma in a display of cat like reflexes shot his opponent the Khan in a weak point in the torso tearing out the guts of the mech and decapitating it with a shot to the head as it went down. This momentarily threw the wolves into panic as medical teams headed for the downed Khans mech.

Turn 4
New Duels this turn;
Loki Prime vs Puma Prime

The Hankyu C missing it's right leg, left torso and left arm saw the futility of remaining in combat and gracefully acknowledged the Loki as the duels winner. The Loki moving on acknowledged the honour of the Jaguar pilot and begun to survey the battlefield for another challenge. Engaging the Daishi A the Ryoken did a spattering of damage, the Daishi alpha striked the Ryoken breaking it down into it's constituent atomic parts. Rifleman II C holding his ground blew out the Vulture Primes engines taking him out of the battle, the vulture in response alpha striked tearing armour from the Rifleman II C but otherwise leaving it unconcerned. The Hunchback II C hit the Grizzly with a terrifying payload three autocannon 20's , ripping off the left arm and the fourth and final shot ripped into the hill below the mech .The grizzly responded with more bite than bark with some precision shooting tore out the Hunchback II C's centre Torso destroying the mech. The Warhammer II C engaged the Man o War C first blowing off it's left arm with a critical hit from the medium pulse, and also penetrating it's other arm destroying two er medium lasers and two actuators. The Man O War C returned fire going internal on the Warhammer II C and cracking a part of his engine fusion which caused him to shut down and fall over. The Masikari C hit the Fenris with three ER PPCs and an LRM 10 coring out the centre of the mech and watching it fall like a rag doll. The Madkat A charging forward engaged the Ryoken at point blank range blowing out it's engines. The Ryoken Pilot perhaps seeing his doom written before him failed to hit with anything and was liberated from his earthly vessel.

Turn 5
New Duels this turn;
Daishi A vs Masikari Prime Grizzly vs Madkat A

The Man O War moving off turned and contemptuously blew the head off the unconscious Warhammer II C. The Orion moving forward and firing it's sole remaining weapon an SRM 4 was hit in the chest by all the Behemoths weapons, dropping the Orion to the dust and killing it. The Grizzly engaged the Madcat doing damage to it's armour the Madcat returned fire, but most of the damage done to the Grizzly was at the hands of the elementals in it's vicinity. The Masikari engaged the Diashi hitting it with 3 PPC's the Daishi remained standing defiantly until a point of elementals swooped in from the rear severely damaging it's left arm and blowing up it's Gauss rifle the resulting explosion rendering the pilot unconscious. Further hits from a second set of elementals removed the actuators from the Daishi's legs this caused the Daishi to collapse, thus removing it from the duel.

Turn 6
New duels this turn:
Man O War C vs Rifleman IIC

This proved to be the penultimate turn with the Wolves true to the name of their legendary tenacity give it all they had in each of their combats. The Jaguar Loki managed to destroy the Puma's XL engines whilst in return fire the Killer of Ulric blew off the left leg & torso of the Loki, dropping it to the ground. Thus removing both mechs & both pilots, each with 3 kills, from the battle. Future Riestars in their respective clans. The Rifleman 2C blew out the centre of the Man O War C causing the Wolf warrior to eject & loosing it's heat sink for his efforts. While the Madcat faced the Grizzly– the last Wolf mech left standing, & as the Grizzly tried to make distance to find range the Madcat cored the mech on the left side all the way through to it's centre torso.

As the smoke cleared & warriors from both sides surveyed the carnage, the Wolves had lost all ten of their Mechs, with Ulric, their Khan, severely injured. The Burrocks & Smoke Jaguars from a combined force of 15 mechs & 5 points of Elementals lost 9 mechs to duels, making this a very close run game, despite the disparity in numbers left standing at the end. If any of the up coming Operation Revival games are anything like these games have been, then the Inner Sphere is anyone's to grab! 

Special thanks to John Sommers for travelling each week over 80 miles, printing the mechs, & bemoaning Ulric in every game! & to Alan & Ian O'Brian for their photos & battle reports.