Yu Gi Oh

What is Yu Gi Oh?
Yu Gi Oh is a card game popularized by the popular TV show, players build their deck of cards and compete against other players through summoning monsters, setting trap cards and using spells to influence the battle. 

When is it on?/How Can I join
Yu Gi Oh is mainly on Saturday Mornings at 10:30. New players are always picking up the game and a full understanding of the rules isn't needed come in and try it out. A full list of events can be found on our Calendar here

What is a sealed event? 
A sealed event is where people compete with cards they have bought on the day normally a structure deck or tin, people are on a more level playing field and have access to similar cards. 

What is a Sneak Peak?
Yu Gi Oh is released in sets each set adding new cards and progressing the sotry line, a sneak peak is a chance to play with cards that aren't out yet, the next set scheduled for release.
Players normally buy five boosters on the day and use that to make their deck they then compete against other players who have done the same. They compete for prizes and normally a limited edition play matt representing the new cards.

If you have any questions about upcoming events, rules or perhaps the new banlists our judge can be found HERE