Our club has been running for over 20 years, providing people with a friendly, fun atmosphere for all games whether they be Historical War Games, X-Wing, Star Wars: Armada, Blood Bowl, 40K, Age of Sigmar, RPG's (D&D, GURPs or others), Battletech, Board Games, Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, amongst many more; or even to come and learn how to paint and model in our painting and modelling class.

A full schedule of club activities can be found on our timetable below (Click to activate)

When you have the calendar up simply click on any event and get information and a description for it!

Schedule of Games played regularly at The Gathering:


  • Yu-Gi-Oh - 10.30 until 13.30
  • Pokemon - 13.00 until 16.00
  • Tabletop Wargames - 13.30 until 18.00


  • X-Wing - 14.00 until 18.00
  • Star Wars: Armada - 14.00 until 18.00


  • D&D 5th Edition RPG - 18.30 until late


  • Wednesday Night Historicals RPG - 18.30 until late
  • X-Wing - 18.30 until late 
  • Battletech - 18.30 until late


  • GURPs RPG - 18.30 until late


  • Friday Night Magic - 18.30 until late
  • D&D 5th Edition - 18.30 until late

Anyone looking for signups for our games they can be found on our Forums CLICK HERE