Battle Tech

Friday 20th of June 
Grand Melee (5 Euro)

The Grand Melee Trial will be used to determine which warrior will compete in the final slot of the tournament-structured Magnusson Bloodright Trial.
Any qualified warrior of a given heritage who was not nominated by a Bloodnamed warrior, or by a committee within the Clan and Bloodhouse, can press his or her claim to compete for the Bloodname through entering this trial.
On the day of the trial, all warriors present will do battle at once in what is described as a tremendous brawl, bereft of Zellbrigen or any other consideration except for victory.   
Each warrior will select and pilot one Heavy Clan OmniMech with an adjusted BV2 (after Piloting and Gunnery; all G/P scores start at 4/5) of 2800 BV2 or less.
Besides the implied prohibition on teamwork, there are no rules to a Grand Melee.
The winner is sometimes said to be lucky, and tends to simply be the one that survives to the end, alone.


19:00 - 23:00
Winner will recieve free entry into the Magnuson blood name on the Sunday.

Saturday 21st of June 

Battletech European Championships Open Format (Cost TBA)

Round 1     11.00 - 13:00
Lunch        13:00 - 13:30
Round 2    13:30 - 15:30
Round 3    16:00 - 18:00
Saturday 21st of June


Blood Name Magnusson

Every entrant will receive a fully painted omni mech (20 euro)

Being a matrilineal descendant of a Bloodnamed warrior gives a warrior the right to participate in the Trial to earn the Bloodname.
When the Magnusson Bloodname was created by the Ghost Bear Council during the Jihad, it was restricted to just ten Bloodrights at first, with later legacies added through the use of a Trial of Propagation.
The trial involves a single-elimination tournament of one-on-one combat duels. 32 candidates are chosen to compete for the Bloodname, so a candidate can only win a Bloodname by winning all five duels.
If the duelling warriors are both disabled or killed, the warrior who would have faced the winner automatically moves on to the next round. If the final two warriors kill each other, the Trial of Bloodright starts over again.
The Trial will commence with all Players will submit their tokens for a random draw providing their seeding into Mech Selection order. Each player, called in order, will select a Mech/Pilot combination from the table, and receive their Record Sheet and MechWarrior Skills (pilot and gunnery).
The Player's Mech and Record Sheet are hereafter referred to as a "Mech Pool".   The MechWarrior Skills and any Special Abilities that are selected during the selection process stay with the player, and may be transferred from Mech to Mech within the player's pool as the tourney progresses.
Each player gets 1 point of Edge. The first player's Mech to be Destroyed or Crippled loses the match. The winner of the round collects his opponent's record sheet and adds it to his Mech Pool.

Round 1     11:00
Round 2    12:00

Lunch        13:00 - 13:30

Round 3    13:30
Round 4    14:30

Round 5    15:30

Round 6    16:30
Round 7    17:30