This year at Conclave 2016 we have the honour of hosting a 2016 X-Wing Regionals. Players from across the country & beyond will flock to see who is the Top Gun! We have a mighty haul of prizes for the victorious - including a beautiful winners trophy & a selection of Fantasy Flight Games Organised Play goodies. X-Wing has been a hugely popular game over the last few years & continues to grow exponentially with the ever expanding variety of ships being released combined with the almost endless card & pilot combinations.

This Regional Tournament will be a flagship Event for Conclave 2016 & bodes to be an epic contest fought out at the home of epic contests: Thomond Park! ... & if you're very, very lucky you might even get your rewards presented by R2-D2 himself...

So pilots:  local & far-travelled - grab your flight suits - your all welcome to prove your worth in the fast-paced cauldron of action that is the X-Wing: Regional Championship at Conclave 2016!

Saturday 18th June

Entry: €25 (including 1-Day Convention entry - €30 for 2-Day entry)

Registration: 9.00 - 9.45

Round 1: 10.15

  • Game Time Limit: 75 minutes
  • Force size: 100 points
  • NO Epic Ships
  • WYSIWYG - NO Proxies
  • ALL cards; bases; ships etc must be present & legal - any non-FFG items must be vetted & OK-ed by opponents
  • Lists MUST be sent in BEFORE the event for checking
  • Players should bring along a print out copy of their list to allow their oppent to view it waith easy
  • We will be using FFG Tournament Rules System so Rounds & Top Cut will be dependent on exact numbers attending & will be finalised on the day but there will be at least 4 Rounds followed by a Top4/8 Cut


X-Wing FAQ

X-Wing Rules

X-Wing Tournament

Lists must be sent to the TO prior to the Tournament by midnight Wednesday 15th June.

Contact details for any questions & lists to:

Kev -