Our current RPG line up so far is;

Blurbs for Conclave 2014 RPGs:

Paranoia: Die Hard Repeatedly:

Alpha Complex Travel Hub: The new shiny home of transport within Alpha Complex. It’s ultra secure and terrorist free! Come while away a relaxing mandatory waiting period and enjoy the mandatory Bouncy Bubble Beverage advertising, with the wonderful Teela O’Malley, all under the watchful camera apertures of our great master, The Computer! Guaranteed to have no bombs, terrorists, or forms of trouble. All security is for your own protection...including the mandatory strip search. You’re happy to travel with ACTH, aren’t you citizen?

A Paranoia game for 6 players.

World of Darkness: A midsummer’s night…

It’s midsummer’s eve, and you and your friends decided to spend the night out in the woods having a revel that might hark back to pagan nights of old...but the woods are dark and deep, and hold more secrets than you think...or than you may survive knowing…

A World of Darkness game for 6 mortals. 

Call of Cthulhu: Equinoxal Harbingers

Your folklore professor told you this was just to be a simple night staying in an old abandoned farmhouse on the way to the site of some fantastic midsummers celtic site. Now that you’ve seen the farmhouse, you may find that he was a little on the hopeful side...but at least the others are here too. Now if you could just find the professor, everything would probably be ok…

A Call of Cthulhu game for 6 investigators. 

GURPS: Celtic Myth: Ffand’s Big Day

Manann Mac Lir has the sidhe court in uproar! His son-in-law Cuchulainn will not allow Ffand home for the Midsummer festival; and if Ffand can’t be at court, well maybe there will be no festival…or anything after that!

A GURPS:Celtic Myth game for 6 players.




The Last Day of Eberron

The great nations of the world are fallen; its cities lie in ruins. Hordes of demons have spewed forth from the Plane of Madness, shattering nations and families alike. One hope remains on this, the Eve of Midsummer: that a small group of heroes can enter the magical waste of the Mournland, and retrieve that which prevailed aeons before - Glarinbrandt, the Sword of a Thousand Lights.'

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For any information on RPG's feel free to email Jon @ diaezoner@gmail.com