Conclave Team

Conclave will once again be brought to you by a team of crack specialists these gamers have travelled the globe honed their arts, mastered the rules and have ran tournaments while balancing on the point of Shaolin spears. We are confident everyone here is going to bring you the best gaming experience they can for Conclave.

Simon Kennedy (Pegasus Bridge)


Simon will be running the sure to epic Pegasus bridge.

George Dicks (Fields of Glory)

George a well known figure in the historical scene is travelling over to run Fields of Glory.



Kevin Rynne (Fantasy)


Kev has been a regular face at the head of fantasy for Cocnlave an old favourite returns



Craig (Warhammer 40k)

Familiar to those of you who play wargames of the Gamesworkshop variety, Craig will be our head of Warhammer 40k)



Tom Cole (Hobbit/LotR SBG)


The resident nice guy, Tom will be bringing his usual style of careful preperation to this years Hobbit tournament.


Kevin Stronach (X-wing)


You know him, there isn't anyone who doesn't like him. Kev will be behind the wheel of our X Wing this conclave it's sure to be big!


David Tuite ( Magic)


The maestro of Magic, returns this year to put his own spin on the “Irish nationals”.


Kieran Digpal ( Yu Gi Oh and Pokemon)

Our very own, after the massive success of last year who could we possibly get to replace him?

Ratchet Cognito ( Netrunner)
Dave Russell (Netrunner)

Bringing you this years Netrunner action the Irish open.


Jon (Rpg's)

Bringing you a veritable smorgasbord of RPG action all throughout the weekend!


John Sommers (Battletech)


John will once again brave the trek from Kerry to Limerick to put on what could be one of the greatest tournaments in Battletech history.