Roleplaying Games

A big thanks to Jon for his work in running and organizing the roleplaying games for Conclave 2014.

The following are write ups on the games themselves.


Saturday Morning:GURPS Celtic Myth: Ffand's Big DayWritten/Run by: Deirdre Williams

The brave warriors of the Fianna went on a journey to rescue Princess Ffand (and though they didn't realise it at the time, CuChulainn) from the depredations of the evil Druid, Fiachra. They braved murky, pooka haunted swamps and grassland to reach CuChulainn's Crannog. They then came up with the wonderful idea of rescuing Ffand and CuChulainn from the Crannog they were captive in by swimming underneath it, and pulling them out through a hole in the floor, after sending the bard in as a distraction (like all bards). Overall a great time was had by all, and they successfully achieved their mission, earning the title Clann na Sidhe from Manannan Mac Lir.



Saturday Afternoon:Pathfinder/Eberron: The Last Days of Eberron.Written/Run by: Brian Fahey

Our table of brave adventurers found themselves in a land under attack by a demon horde. They started out dealing with a few Kobolds, and some living acid pit spells. With these dealt with rather handily, the narrator (GM device) took us on a flashback, show how the players ended up out in the wilderness they started in. They were on a train, escaping from Sharn, City of Towers. The train was going rather well until the rear carriage was attacked by a giant tentacled monstrosity, and turned into half a carriage. The wizard of the group threw himself towards the coupling and disconnected the rear carriage, only to realise that the rest of the party were under attack by Delkyr from one of the nastier planes. The party took a bit longer to deal with these creatures, greasing one of them off the side of the carriage, while the half-gnome barbarian attacked another one with a chicken. The rogue chased one into the drivers cabin, and eviscerated him nicely, as the rest of the group pummeled the remaining delkyr into submission. They then proceeded to head from the destroyed train on foot to their eventual goal, a stone circle containing thousands of swords, one of which was the magical sword they needed to stop the evil from invading. One mid-length boss fight later, the fighter grabbed the magical sword, awoke it with his own blood, then nearly passed out from shock due to not realising that it was not in fact a sword, but the claw of a giant silver dragon, who awoke and spoke to the party, then flew them back to the city, to begin liberating it from the demons.


Saturday Evening:World of Darkness Mortals: A Midsummer Night's Revel.Written/Run by: Jon Williams

A group of folklore students decided it would be a good idea to go out into the woods in the middle of nowhere to have a pagan revel on midsummer's eve (by which they meant make a giant bonfire and drink themselves into insensibility). After packing up the van and heading off, being briefly searched by the gardai, they make it to their potential camp site. About a 20 minute walk from the car, they load up and hike their way to the camp. In a big clearing in the middle of a forest they set up tents and started gathering firewood. After a few hours and a couple of unusual events, they settle down to some drinking, only to find themselves being chased out of their camp by what appeared to be the spirits of wolves.They were chased to a large grassy fairy ring, which seemed to keep the wolves at bay. After the wolves left, they made their way back to the campsite, only to find the campsite gone and a large log house, and an enormous bonfire in its place.They were met by strange creatures (a pooka and a cat-spirit) and brought into the house to be introduced as guests to the High King of Faerie, An Dagda. They were feasted and celebrated, all unknowing that they were being tricked. One of the group managed to break free of the spell, and helped the others break out of it, whereupon they were met by Karynthas, a human who was stolen away to a faerie court years before, who needed their help to get back.They agreed, and he challenged the king on their behalf to a series of contests, which they had to win in order to leave.They successfully completed all challenges ahead of their fae counterparts, 4 challenges consisting of a Test of Speed, a Test of Strength, a Test of Spirit, and a Riddle game. Upon succeeding so well, the king gave them an honor guard escort back to their own world, along with the boon that each of them may call upon him once if they were in need, provided the situation was related to Faerie or Fae matters.


Sunday Morning:Paranoia: Die Hard RepeatedlyWritten by: Gareth Ryder-HanrahanRun by: Jon Williams

Our clones were told they had to go and test the security of a new Alpha Complex Travel Hub. In order to test this, they had to try and smuggle in a "fake" bomb. Unsurprisingly, the bomb wasn't fake, and neither were the extras held by most of the players.Their trials and tribulations were many and amusing, but will not translate well to second hand description - as with any Paranoia game, you really had to be there! Glory glory, Hail Computer! Although, they all had at least one clone left at the end...except for one player, commiserations Wayne!


Sunday Afternoon:Call of Cthulhu: Equinoxal HarbingersWritten by: Jon WilliamsRun by: Jon Williams (table 1)/Deirdre Williams (table 2).


The group of investigators were on a trip to Newgrange, and had booked a night in a posh old mansion on the way. Through many tribulations and trials, both groups of investigators managed to put the kibosh on an old caretaker who was attempting to resurrect the Great Wyrm, an ancient hideous beast living in a natural cave beneath the mansion. Through many scares, some of their own creation, they successfully completed the ancient ritual they found hidden in the office, and saved their souls, although some of them found their sanity slipping toward the end of the night.

All in all, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and I know we certainly did! Thanks again to all our players, GMs, and Scenario writers, we couldn’t have done it without all of you! Looking forward to seeing you all next year, and anyone you bring with you! And of course, if anyone wants to write/run games at the con, please contact us through The Gathering, they can give you our Facebook details.

— Jon & Deirdre.

Board Games

We are proud to announce all board gaming at Conclave will be organized and run by the Limerick Knaves.
The Knaves are a long running boardgaming group situated in Limerick. They organize and run their own very successful boardgaming convention Knavecon in Limerick every year!
The knaves themselves are a varied group with 500 years of gaming experience between them you are sure to find some game that captures your interest. It may be a hoop with a stick, a set of dice or a board with some pieces!

With a biblically large catalogue of games to choose from between them for requests or more information you can contact the knaves HERE

Alternatively you can open your window and listen to Dec.