The gathering would like to thank the following businesses, clubs, societies and individuals  for their support. 



Mantic Games


193 Hempshill Lane
+44 (0)115 9794291

The Gathering is proud to once again have the Nottingham based Mantic Games support Producers of beautiful miniatures to fit any game and rules systems for both small and large scale combat in their own fantastic setting for both fantasy and sci fi.
Mantic bring with them this year the Irish National Dreadball Championships, you could not fight for this coveted title in any greater place as the games are played and the winner crowned in Thomond Park.

Iron Wind Metals
Science Fiction and fantasy miniatures, paints and accessories. Including Battletech.


Catalyst Design Studios

Producers of the longest running and the much loved Battletech still growing strong over twenty years. This year Conclave plays host to the Battletech European Championships.

Ral Parta Europe
The Liverpool based modelling company 

Games Workshop
Producers of Warhammer Fantasty, Warhammer 40k and the many rpg’s and board games their unique setting has produced.


Hazam Games

Carl and his team provide incredible support and organization for the Yu Gi Oh TCG.


Producers of historical scale models. 


Fantasy Flight

Bringing you fan favourites like Netrunner, Game of Thrones and the epic X wing always with great support and kits.


Warlord Games

Producers of fine plastic, resin and metal 28mm historical miniatures



One of Europes finest distributor of hobby products including role-playing games, collectable card games, historical & family board games, magazines, novels and accessories.


Thomond Park

Old Cratloe Rd, Limerick

(061) 421 100

Home of Munster Rugby and the best venue in the country.


Ken Coleman

Our very own artist, Ken has long produced Conclaves unique art pieces. His art is often found featured  on album covers but whatever Ken produces he adds his own unique touches often building the picture up from raw pieces relating to local features and history.