X-Wing Regional Tournament

Welcome to the Gathering Games Day Limerick X-Wing Regionals Championship. This is our second time running this prestigious event & if the last time is anything to go by then this will be another excellently hard fought test of skill! If you want to try out against the best X-Wing players around then get in touch with us & come along. See if you've got what it takes to fly like a Red 5 or an Imperial Veteran & be the ultimate Ace!

Entry: €30

Registration: 9.00 - 9.45

Round 1: 10.00

  • Game Time Limit: 75 minutes
  • Force size: 100 points
  • NO Epic Ships
  • WYSIWYG - NO Proxies
  • ALL cards; bases; ships etc must be present & legal - any non-FFG items must be vetted & OK-ed by opponents
  • Players should bring along a print out copy of their list to allow their opponent to view it with ease
  • Players' Lists will be verified by their first round opponent prior to the beginning of that round
  • We will be using FFG Tournament Rules System so Rounds & Top Cut will be dependent on exact numbers attending & will be finalised on the day but there will be at least 4 Rounds followed by a Top4/8 Cut
  • Contact the below Email address to reserve your place

X-Wing FAQ

X-Wing Rules

X-Wing Tournament

Contact details for any questions:

Kev - wedgeandbiggsfella@gmail.com 


Game of Thrones LCG 2nd Edition

Delve into the lands of Westeros & beyond in this great LCG game as the Gathering Games Day hosts a Fantasy Flight Games Organised Play Event. Houses will rise & fall as players compete for victory on the field of battle & by more underhand means... There will be the contents of a FFG OP Quarter 1 Kit to play for followed by a Valyrian Draft to participate in!

Game of Thrones Quarter 1 Fantasy Flight Games Organised Play Kit Tournament

Format: 4 Rounds (dependent on numbers participating) Victory goes to a Winner if they are undefeated, with a Top 4 cut to Semi-Finals & a Final if there is not a clear winner.

Registration: 9.00 - 10.00

Start: 10.00

Entry: €15 (inclusive of Day Entry into the Games Day)

Game of Thrones Valyrian Draft

Format: Follow the link below:


Start: 15.00

Entry: €25  (Starter & Draft pack) - if you have already played in the Game of Thrones Tournament earlier in the day then you will have already paid the Day Entry fee into the Games Day as part of that Tournament's Entry, if not then there will be an additional €10 (so a total of €35) as Entry Fee for the Games Day. 



Yu-Gi-Oh Munster Open Championship

Welcome to The Gathering Games Day & the Yu-Gi-Oh Munster Open Championship. This differs from many other Open Championships around the country as we particularly cater for a younger crowd (under-13) as well as the more experienced players. We do this by running an overall Tournament yet splitting the Prize Pools with the winner of the Under-13s receiving prizes as prestigious as those in the overall Tournament. Over the years this has proved very successful & our Events are very family friendly. If you don't feel like competitive play & just want to turn up to play or learn Yu-Gi-Oh then that's fine too.

Contact: Kelan Fitzgerald - kf2526@hotmail.com

Registration: 9.00 - 10.00

Start: 10.30

Format: Constructed - Advanced

Entry: €15 (inclusive of Day Pass Games Day Entry)

Note: There will be two Top-4 Finalist Groups: Under-13s; & 13 & Over Age Group, with Prizes for the overall Top-8.

Lunch Break at 12.30 - 13.00; Finishes at 16.00

Prizes include: WIN A BOX - for the Overall Winner; & Mats for Top-2 in each age group


Side Events: Format: Constructed - Traditional; & Format: Constructed - Advanced

Start: 16.30

Entry: €10 (if you didn't enter Munster Open - €5 if you did enter Munster Open)

Prizes include: Boosters & Mats


Magic CCG

Magic CCG Events for The Gathering Games Day are priced with out the Day Pass. These Magic Events will be run on the day & organised by Dave Tuite. There are starting & registration times given here but events will also be run throughout the day on request.

Contact: Dave Tuite

Format: Standard Tournament

Registration: 10.00 - 10.30

Start: 10.30

Entry: €5

Due to low numbers at the Aether Revolt Magic CCG Games Day, The Gathering will be running a delayed chance to get your hands on the Aether Revolt Games Day goodies. So get involved in this Standard Tournament for a chance to win some cracking stuff! 


Format: Booster Drafts

Registration: Through out the day

Start: Through out the day

Entry: €12

Aether Revolt & Kaladesh Boosters will be used & run through out the day on request.


Format: Modern Tournament

Registration: 14.00 - 14.30

Start: 14.30

Entry: €5


Format: Melee/Conspiracy Draft

Registration: 16.30 - 17.00

Start: 17.00

Entry: €12




Warhammer 40K Escalation Tournament:

The Gathering Tempest - The Fall of Gar-Son

The Conclave Sub Sector, a sector riddled with unending war. All forces and factions can be found here. From the mighty forces of the Imperium of Man, the wrapped and transcendent forces of Chaos, to the ancient and variety of races of Xenos.

This Sector is not a welcoming place, but those who dare venture in, will find treasures and relics of untold power value... Well if they can rip it from the dead hands of there foes. Planet Gar-Son. Just one of the many war-torn plants in this Sector. Not one day has gone by in the past 20 years where this planet has seen rest. It will only get worse.

A small group of Imperial Guards men have just found some ruins of interest on the planets surface and it appears these ruins run deep into the planets depths. So the Call goes out for aid in unearthing these ruins. But more then one ear is listening to this call for aid...

Deploy your forces as part of the Gathering Games Day Warhammer 40K "Fall of Cadia" Escalation Tournament. 3 Rounds of increasingly hectic battle with larger & larger games which will decide the ultimate victor! 

{Before First Round}

First initial squads appear on the planets surface to make a base of operations, But will encounter hostility immediately. The battles start here...

{Before Second Round}

After first encounter with the enemy the armies on this world start there calls for back up. The planet starts to grow weak for the constant wars that take part on the surface. Deep below the planets crust in the ruins. Ancient block and brick work begin to turn, twist and fall. Minimal seismic activity begins to rock the planet and the day has just begun... Reinforcements have arrived.

{Before Final Round}

The Battles that take place on the surface continue to ravage the planet even further. The forces know what they seek is just in reach and call for more back-up. The leaders of there forces know that this planet can't take much more, But they didn't come to run away. Time is running out for this world. Not everyone will survive. The ruins begin to shake and rattle and fall. Whatever is left to salvage will not be much, if anything. The surface suffers not just from the battles above...but also from the falling ruins from below. More seismic activity bring about land slides and cracks in the planet. With arsenals checked and ammo restocked. One more push, to drive away the enemy and claim what is theirs.

{After Final Round}

The battles are over around the ruins. To the victors, go the spoils. With their prize secured and the enemy defeated, the glory of victory is short lived. The planet is dead. The Ruins start to collapse and now there are earthquakes, volcanoes and hundreds of Natural Disasters occurring all over the planet. All that matters now is getting off world and keeping there new cargo safe.

Registration: 9.00 - 9.45

Entry: €15 (inclusive of Day Pass Games Day Entry)

Start: 10.00

  • Round 1: 10.00 - 11.30
  • Round 2: 12.00 - 14.00
  • Round 3: 14.30 - 17.00

Format: Escalation

No Unbound lists thought out the tournament

  • Round 1: 850 points; 1 Hour Time Limit; 4'x4' Table; Rules Pack: Standard Force Organisation Chart; NoFormations, Unique Models, Lords of War, Fortifications, Super Heavy or Gargantuan.
  • Round 2: 1500 points; 2 Hour Time Limit; 6'x4' Table; Rules Pack: Any Force Organisation Chart; Any Formation (Only if Force Chart player has taken allows it). Unique Models Allowed. No: Lords of War, Fortifications, Super Heavy or Gargantuan.
  • Round 3: 2250 points; 2.5 Hour Time Limit; 6'x4' Table; Rules Pack: Any Force Organisation Chart. Any Formation (Only if Force Chart player has taken allows it). Unique Models Allowed. Lords of War Allowed. Fortifications Allowed. ONE Super Heavy OR Gargantuan Allowed


Gathering Games Day 40K Apocalypse Event: The Fall of Gar-Son

Following on from The Escalation Tournament there will be a massive "Fall of Gar-Son" Apocalypse Battle! Turn the tide of events & wade into this: the pinnacle of 40K combat! From the meagre infantry man all the way up to Titans! Who will be the hero of the day!

With the planet now starting to tear itself apart. The armies on the surface need to organize evacuation points to get off world. But as the planet starts to erupt and shake and rumble. Some ruins start to be pushed above ground with some valuables still intact. Now with these new prises up for grabs. Some army Generals have decided to take there chance and hold onto the ruin pieces and wait for evacuation. But how long will they be able to defend there prize from the other forces. Or from the planet itself...

Registration: 17.00 - 17.15

Entry: €5 (€10 without Day Pass)

Factions: Loyalist; Traitor; Xenos

Start: 17.30 - 21.30

Format: Apocalypse; NO PROXIES; WYSIWYG; Rules Pack TBA

Points: 2000

Prizes: x6 Objectives on the battlefield will be linked to Prizes; holding them at the end of the battle gains access to  the Prize


Pokemon Tournaments

The Gathering Games Day Pokemon Tournaments will follow the same format as our weekly Pokemon sessions at the weekends. There will be enough competitive flair for the veterans & plenty of chance for the younger & less-competitive Pokemon-ers to enjoy just playing the game. As with the Yu-Gi-Oh & the Board Games: if you want to just turn up to play or learn Pokemon then that's fine too.

Entry: €15 for both Tournaments (inclusive of Day Pass Games Day Entry) or €10 individually

Tournament 1:

Registration: 9.00 - 11.00

Start: 11.00

Tournament 2:

Registration: 14.30 - 15.00

Start: 15.00

Format: TBA

Prizes: TBA


L'Art de la Guere

The Gathering is delighted to welcome back Richard Aynsley & the Munster Wargamers! These lads have been wargaming for 30/40+ years & are joining us on February 19th to demo/play "L’Art De La Guerre". They will be running 3 historical games on the day, all from the Classical period:
Table 1 – Early Macedonian Successor vs Galatian
Table 2 – Early Carthaginian vs Numidian
Table 3 – Later Achaemenid Persian vs Alexandrian Macedonian

These guys are great to host a game, if your about on the day don't hesitate to ask any of them for a demo, where you'll learn a great gaming system, a little about history, and have a lot of fun to boot!








Bolt Action

Format: Hell's Highway Participation Game

The Gathering Historical Wargames Club will be hosting this epic Hell's Highway game. Set on a 15' table & run by our very own Warlord Games "Sarge" Simon Kennedy, veteran of many a public participation game. This game will focus on the area between the Son & the Veghel bridges on September 22nd 1944, in the little known but very important counter attack of Kampfgruppe Walter at Eerd & Koevering which cut Hell's Highway for over 40 hours & ultimately cost the Allies victory at Arnhem. This is a public participation game where any one can turn up & play. Will you take the part of the Irish Guards trying to break through to Arnhem? The US Paras & Welsh Guards defending their flanks? The hastily thrown together German defenders trying to hold the road? Or the German 6th Fallschirjagers or the SS-Kampfgruppe Heinke trying to cut off the Allies? This game will contain many expertly painted Miniatures & excellent terrain. So just bring yourselves & a cunning plan!... & maybe a copy of a "Bridge Too Far"...

Contact Details: simon44kennedy@gmail.com


Dystopian Wars

The Limerick Trials of Professor Fowler’s Magnificent Mobile Mathematical Manipulation Mechanism observing the U.N.B.E.A.T.A.B.L.E series of Instructions. Reappraisal, Reassessment and Retrial

It is not without some considerable embarrassment that we have taken the opportunity of reappraising  and reassessing Professor Fowlers Mechanism following the previous Limerick trials where the unexpected confluence of extraneous and non-spurious factors and characteristics led to the unexpected and, to their Lordships universally acknowledged conclusion, erroneous situation in that the fleet of the Kingdom of Britannia was not completely and entirely successful in the achievement of the most successful fleet which I may add is to any person of good education and breeding the only possible and inevitable conclusion of these trials. To correct this perfidious heresy their Lordships have consented with come considerable reluctance to allow a retrial to take place to ensure that the one and only possible correct result may be returned. Therefore their Lordships once again request the commitment of your services in the confirmation of Professor Fowlers Mechanism. In this respect you are invited to attend and take part in the trials of Professor’s Fowler’s Magnificent Mobile Mathematical Manipulation Mechanism. The mechanism through the enactment of the Universal Naval Battle Evaluation And Tactical Assessment By Logical Events allows the projection of naval engagements without the necessity of recourse of actually confrontation and battle with an enemy or even ally.

The trials will be held at Thomand Park, Limerick. At most sixteen places have been made available for the most eminent and knowledgeable individuals in the field of present day Naval Warfare to partake in these trials. Full and complete details are provided below:

Trial Date: Sunday 19th February 2017

Entry: €20

Location: Thomond Park, Limerick
09:00 Doors Open
09:30 Register
10:00 start finish 13:00 Round 1
13:30 start finish 16:30 Round 2
17:00 start finish 20:00 Round 3
Wrap up 20:15 to 20:30

Up to 16 Players

Fleets to be sent to umpire a week in advance, that is 12th February 2017 to guzm@fsmail.net
All efforts should be made to provide painted fleets
No player will play the same opponent twice

1st round is random opponents with one caveat you can identify players you do not want to play, as you always play against them for example, you can also nominate your opponent for a grudge match if both parties are agreeable

2nd Round will pair off the players by Tournament points, ties being split by total victory points

3rd Round will pair off the players by Tournament points, ties being split by total victory points

The maximum length of a game will be three hours. Should both rounds be completed in a shorter time an additional round will be played with pairings being made up in the same way as the second round.

Fleet List 1,000pts Naval Core Only
Ship details downloaded from Spartan web site:  www.spartangames.co.uk/resources/downloads
No Dreadnoughts
Single Faction Only, no allies or mercenaries
Up to 60% Massive and Large
Up to 60% Medium
Up to 40% Small

At least one squadron of Naval Core Massive/Large, Medium and Small to be fielded, as per standard rules

The play area for each game will be 6' x 4' set up by the umpire before the tournament.
Deployment will be along the long edge of the board
TAC Cards WILL be in play. Hand size will be five cards. Played cards subtract
from own players VP rather then add to opponents VP – this is a variation from the standard rules
Mission Cards will be in use
Strategic Forces are in play. Any squadrons in Advanced, Flanking or Reserve to be clearly marked on Fleet List.
The size and type of SAS squadrons from Local Air Support must be identified on the Fleet List. The size and types of Carrier SAS are defined when they are deployed.
Proxy models are not allowed, squadrons must be depicted by the appropriate models

Three rounds of a maximum of 3 hours each. When time is called at the end of a round the turn that is being played must be completed within 30 minutes. At 30 minutes the game stops and the results are taken at that point regardless

VP - Victory Points
TP - Tournament Points

Standard victory conditions will be used as per the Dystopian Wars Rule Book.

4 TP for a Crushing Victory
3 TP for a Victory
2 TP for a Draw
1 TP for a Defeat
0 TP for a Crushing Defeat

VP will be recorded for all ships that each player losses.
The winner after at the end of the tournament will be the player with the most TP. In the event of a draw then of the players drawn the one with most VP wins. If there is still no clear winner then a roll of the dice will decide between the drawn players.


Blood Bowl

Format: Exhibition Play Tournament

Entry: €15 (or €5 if you have already entered another Event on the day/have a Day Pass) 

Budget: 1.5 million

Team: 11-16 players

  • Teams are to be created using the "Exhibition Rules" found on page 39 of the Blood Bowl: Death Zone Season 1 book. This allows for the creation of Experienced Players with the additional value present on the Value Modifiers table on page 22.
  • Inducements may be purchased as detailed on page 28
  1. 0-2 Bloodweiser Kegs - 50,000 each
  2. 0-3 Bribes - 100,000 each
  3. 0-5 Special Plays - 100,000 each
  4. 0-2 Wandering Apothecaries - 100,000 each
  • Additional Coaching staff may be included as detailed on page 38
  1. Head coach - FREE (model required)
  2. Assistant Coaches - 10,000 each
  3. Cheerleaders - 10,000 each
  4. Apothecary - 50,000 each
  • Star Players may be included, BUT will play for only one player in the Tournament. This will be the player who paid the most for the Player - to allow for this a coach, when creating their Roster may pay extra for the Star Player (this comes out of the Budget & goes next to the Player's cost box). If your Star Player decides to play for the opposition the Gold you spent on them maybe spent on additional Re-rolls & Coaching Staff
  • Players will not gain additional Skills or SPP through out the Tournament



  • Star Wars RPGs

Two Star Wars themed Games. One using the rules of Force and Destiny and a second with the Rules from Edge of the Empire.

Game One: This is an easy game, useful for newer players but fun for veterans too.
Name: Hidden Depths
System: Star Wars Force and Destiny
Number of Players: 3 - 5
Character Experience: 0
Description: A group of Force sensitives and Jedi Padwans are sent to the small planet Phemis. Phemis is the only planet where the rubat kyber crystals are found. Your group discover that recent geographical upheavals on the remote planet have revealed a cache of rare rubat crystals. The group infiltrates the canyon where the cave is, and traverse the area to find a crystal for each of them. They then must return to their transport to return home and craft their own lightsabers and continue on the Jedi path.


Game Two: Characters in this are a little more advanced, starting at the Knight level with some experience spent on skills.
Name: The Kessel Job
System: Star Wars Edge of the Empire
Number of Players: 3 - 5
Character Experience: 150
Description: Kessel is a mining planet which is in a constant state of war by crime lords for its valuable Spice. Your group is in the employ of one of these Lords, a human member of the Hutt Cartel, Wietein Salk. Your most recent assignment was an utter failure, failing to get the merchandise and getting recognized as some of Salk’s men. This new assignment is your last chance to prove your worth, make good on your debts or serve your master.
Salk has received some good intel about a rival’s safe house. Rumours are there is a fortune in spice and credits at this location and Salk has the knowledge of when it may be vulnerable. You and your team are going to be tasked with getting the stash and returning it to Salk. Failure will see you cast out of the gang, and no one survives for long in Kessel’s Underworld alone. Success mean you can pay off that loan shark who is threating to break your legs or maybe you can send some credits home to your family who have no idea of you criminal vocation.

  • Kobolds Ate My Baby:

Number of Players: 3 - 5
Name: The Wolfs of Culidare                                                             Character Experience: Generated as part of the game (even this is dangerous for a Kobold...)                                                                         For all Kobolds in the service of King Torg (ALL HAIL KING TORG!) life is undoubtedly silly, brutal & short. Many small & insignificant creatures & obstacles amount to Herculean tasks for these poor creatures, but if they are lucky )vey lucky) some may survive long enough to bring back a tasty treat to the Kobold caves & avoid becoming lunch themselves...  

DM: David Russell     

Everyone expects a dwarf to be a bit hairy. That's normal. Werewolf dwarves are... not actually that much hairier, come to think of it. Whatever else about the change, it seems they now also crave babies and have unusual skill in cooking. With the cave set near the city of Culidare, where nursery's are plentiful and chefs cut well, the Woof Pan Clan are on the hunt, and you're a much hungrier kobold. CLAIM YOUR MEALS!     



  • Call of Cthulhu

Title: The Ages of Man
Written by: Gareth Hanrahan
In 1941, James Carter and Sam Ward enter the Snake Den, an ill-omened cave outside the quaint, witch-haunted town of Arkham. Ward is carrying with him the Silver Key, a curiosity inherited from his cousin, Randolph Carter. They pass through a strange gateway, and come face to hooded face with Yog-Sothoth in his guise as Tawil At’Umr. They are rotated through space and time, and come into contact with other facets of themselves, with future aspects. One aspect is twenty years in the future, another forty years in the future.

So, of the six player characters, two are Carter and Ward in 1941, two are Carter and Ward in 1965, and two are the pair in 1981. 
Can the present and future selves work together to work out the mystery they find themselves trapped in...

DM: John Kearney   


  • Shadowrun

To be run on request in the evening



DM:  Robert Sparenberg

Name: "Something wicked this way comes"

In a land of mighty heroes, where the greatest wizards wield magic that transcends the realms. Where groups of powerful adventurers band together to fight fearsome dragons and creatures of the dark. Where atrocities are committed in the name of vile deities, to raise armies of the dead and lay siege to cities and kingdoms. There is also the common folk... because let's face it, those heroes usually have better things to do than to travel to backwards towns to deal with a rabid wolf or a small family of goblins causing some ruckus. In the village of Blackwater, far away from the hustle and bustle of the kingdom's capital, something wicked stirs. Without a plentiful surplus of mighty heroes around, it is up to the common folk to face this thread head on! Wielding the power of pitchforks, torches, and potentially a shoe or two, the farmers of Blackwater will have to take it upon themselves to deal with whatever it is that disturbs the peace!

This is a one shot adventure where the players will take on the roles of some of the more capable people that live in this small farming village of Blackwater. Using a simple combat system based on the GURPS ruleset, players will have to use what they have available and think outside of the box. The focus of the adventure is more on roleplaying than roll-playing. It is less about making a specific roll and more about the choices you make. Success, or failure, comes in many grades. But most of all, it is about having fun and telling a story!


  • Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

DM: Jamie Chang
Number of players 4-6
Level: 3 characters (pre-made will be available, but can bring a standard character!
Name: "The Beast of Stremehn" 

Weeks of travel have all but diminished you and your groups supplies, ever since entering the forest, things have been going steadily downhill. Your group have 2 days worth of rations left, with the nearest known village to be at least thrice that. Luckily, a flicker of light catches your eye in the distance, a flame dancing between the tree branches, and as you approach, high thick walls of sharpened wood reveal a small village. Hopefully, they're willing to let you and your group in..


Board Games

There will be a large selection of Board Games available on the day for anybody who wishes to play them. These include all the currently available Fantasy Flight Games & some not so current. This is to keep inline with our X-Wing Regionals. For those of you that wish to bring your own games & try them out with a friend, or some friendly strangers, feel free to turn up on the day. This is a great opportunity to make new friends, play new games & touch base with the gaming community as a whole. Declan Doonan, Limerick's own guru of Fantasy Flight Games, amongst other things, will be on hand to help any one on the day.

Contact details: nanoon1971@gmail.com



Limerick is served by all major bus and rail networks and the international airport, so getting to limerick should not be a problem.

M7 Express Service: Dublin to Ennis / Killarney / Tralee via Limerick - Link Below:


For those of you who have arrived in our City the following bus schedule should be helpful (The blue line gets you to our venue Thomond Park)

For those of you international Travellers here is the bus timetable to and from Shannon.


Here is a a list of taxi services available in the city

Fixed Price Taxis:        


Limerick City Cabs:


Munster Cabs:


Car Hire

Shannon Car Hire Location Details:

Hertz Desk:

Arrivals Hall,
Shannon Airport,
County Clare
Telephone: +353 (0)61 471369
Fax: +353 (0)61 361191
Email: shannon@hertz.ie


Enterprise Rent-A-Car Details:


Ground Floor, Terminal Building
Shannon Airport, County Clare
Telephone: +353 (061) 319 200


Telephone: +353 (0)61 319 200

Upper William Street 14, Limerick,