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Barkmann's Corner: Bolt Action scenario

This scenario covers an action between the lone Panther of Waffen SS Das Reich Division panzer ace Ernst Barkmann supported by panzergrenadier squads vs U.S. army DOG Company, 32nd Armoured Regiment, CCA (Combat Command A) 3rd Division. It took place near the french village of Le Lorey on the 27th July 1944


US DOG Company

  • 8x Sherman M4A3
  • 4x M3 Halftrack
  • 3x 12 man infantry squad
  • 1x 6 man infantry command squad

2nd SS Das Reich

  • 1x panzer V panther - Ernst Barkmann
  • 2x 9 man panzergrenadier squad (d6 panzerfausts)
  • 1x 3 man panzergrenadier command squad (d6 panzerfausts)

US Halftracks 1 & 2  move onto the table from the north & debus their Infantry  Squads. Sherman 1 "runs" forward but is instantly hit & destroyed by Barkmann himself!

5 more Shermans follow the first down the road from the north, while SS Infantry Squad 2 leave they're hiding place to move to Barkmann's right flank. Sherman 4 tries some speculative MG fire at SS Infantry squad ,1 but to no avail.

Shermans 2,3,4 & 6 "run" forward to clear out space to their rear - SSI1 spring their "ambush" but their Panzerfaust sails past Sherman 2  (from all of about 2 feet in  their terms!) & the rest of the squad drop 2 of USI1. However Sherman 3 is not so lucky as Barkmann opens fire & claims his second victim.


Turn 2 continued

Shermans 7 & 8 join the party, while Sherman 5 advances behind his fellow Shermans.  US Infantry Squads 1 & 2 both run forward while SSI2 makes it to the cover of the stone wall on the far side of Barkmann's Panther. SSI Command Squad remains in "ambush".


Turn 3

Sherman 2 advances down the road; the SS Infantry Command Squad spring it's ambush! but the panzerfaust misses from point blank range & in return the Sherman kills the German Officer with a lucky MG burst! Disaster for the defenders! Shermans 4 & 6 advance: 4 misses Barkmann's Panther & 6 hits but does not penetrate the armour! SSI1 miss Sherman 6 with their panzerfaust but kill one more of USI1 to their left. Barkmann returns fire but MISSES also! Shermans 5 ,7 & 8 advance while USI2 run to the cross roads. USI1 fire on SSI1 & kill 1 panzergrenadier. Halftrack 1 reverses & Halftrack 2 leaves the battlefield, while Halftrack 4 enters & debusses the US Infantry Command Squad. 

Turn 3 continued

With the turn looking grim SS Infantry Squad 2 step up to the plate &  destroy Sherman 2 with a perfect panzerfaust shot & then kill 4 of USI2!


Turn 4

Sherman 5 turns his MGs on SSIC but misses them, Barkmann shakes off the fire from previous turns & advances for a clear shot at Sherman 4 but MISSES! Clearly the sights took a hit earlier... SSI1 advances far enough to the east to make sure USI1 cannot charge them next turn without defensive fire & then calmly put a panzerfaust into the flank of Sherman 5, killing it! In the background Halftracks 1 & Command "run" forward. SSI2 do not risk their LAST panzerfaust at Sherman 4, instead they settle into ambush...


Turn 5


Turn 5

Sherman 4 scoots forward to get Barkmann in the flank! SSI2 strike from ambush & "brew up" the infamously burnable Sherman so badly that the crew immediately bail out & run for the hills! Barkmann is saved - Iron Crosses all round for SSI2! Meanwhile Sherman 8 kills one of SSI1, who in return miss Sherman 7 with their last panzerfaust! SSIC then immobilise Sherman 7 & kill a member of USI2.  Poor USI1 have no interest in this fight & once more fail their morale test & refuse to budge...


Turn 5 continued

USIC & USI2 return fire & a single lucky shot drops the second member of SSIC & the remaining member forgets all his prior glory, panics and flees! The immobilised Sherman 7 kills the MG42 gunner in SSI1 with another lucky shot & the final shot goes to Ernst Barkmann himself... who misses Sherman 8 :(


With the roads east & south blocked by burning & immobilised Shermans the US armoured column realise they cannot complete their mission & pull out - 


Victory to Barkmann at "Barkmann's Corner" (once again!)