Magic the Gathering TCG


What is Magic the Gathering?
Magic is the longest running and most popular card game, using a deck of cards each player takes the part of a planeswalker summoning creatures, using spells and tricks to try and defeat their opponent.

Do I need to know the rules?
No come in any time there is magic on the calendar and we can show you the ropes.

What is Standard?
Standard simply means that the cards are not over a certain age. This is not something to worry about for new players and any intro deck is more than fine for a standard tournament!

What is drafting?
Drafting is a type of tournament instead of using a pre made deck of cards each player buys 3 booster packs. They then open the packs and take one card from them passing them to the right. Players continue until all cards are gone and built their decks out of the cards they “drafted” (And land provided ) It's a great way to build up your cards and compete in tournaments before you have made a strong deck!