Ostfront Campaign 2017

Ostfront Campaign Rules

* 4 Factions: German; Japanese; Soviet; Allied
* German Start: NW; Japanese Start: SE; Soviet Start: NE; Allied Start SW

Scouting Phase - COMPLETED
* Each faction has marker in Start Square
* Each Faction moves x1 Grid Square per ROUND FOLLOWING ROADS on Map
* Initiative drawn each ROUND
* Markers cannot move through grid owned by another Faction
* Each Grid moved through by a Marker is Claimed by Faction
* A new Marker may be deployed on their Start Square by a Faction INSTEAD of moving a marker
* Continue until Map is fully claimed - COMPLETED

* 1 POINT per GRID
* +1D3 POINT PER Village Controlled in Grid Square (Supplies Recovered)
* +1 POINT IF there is ONE OR MORE Bridge/River Crossing in Grid Square
* Points are scored at the END of Each Battle - ADDING the worth of the Captured Grid Square to the total Held by a Faction
* Once earned these Points are Permanent

Grid Capture
* Victory in battle gains a Grid Square
* Attacker chooses the TARGET square they are Attacking & which Square they are LAUNCHING Attack from. If Attacker WINS they capture TARGET Square. If Defender WINS the Defender captures LAUNCH Square. 
* Battlefied consists of TARGET Square & a Grid Square located HORIZONTALLY next to it taking into account DIRECTION of Attack i.e. Attacking south then Battlefield will be TARGET Square + Square East OR West of it on Map.
* If an Enemy Held Grid Square is cut off/surrounded by your Faction Squares OR has NO ROAD ROUTE back to a Friendly Grid - after a Victory in Battle you may roll 4+ to Capture this Square
* 500 Point or less games can be played/fought  on a SINGLE GRID Square

* IF you WON last Game you are Attacker
* If you LOST last Game you are Defender
* If you BOTH WON/LOST last Game then roll off

* INITIAL ROUND Battles are played as "Meeting Engagement" Scenario with Winner picking BORDER Square between Opponents to take as Capture
* Battle using Attacker/Defender Scenarios

In late 1944, with the Western Allies pushing North through the Balkans; the Soviets rolling across the Ukraine; the Germans make a concerted (if foolish attempt) to push back East & block the Eastern & Western Allies from joining up. The Imperial Japanese are convinced of the merits of this campaign & drive North East to support their German allies & once more engage the Soviets in war as well as their more typical Western opponents! The scene is set & the forces established in through their "Scouting" units - Panzer Marsch!

Ostfront Campaign - "Scouting" positions

Ostfront Campaign - "Scouting" positions

Ostfront campaign - after initial "meeting engagements"

Ostfront campaign - after initial "meeting engagements"

IN the initial "Meeting Engagements" (using that self same Scenario from Bolt Action) German Fallschirmjager forces overcame Soviet troops & secured the Villages of Kaspirbash & Glabna & their associated bridges in the East - forming up a firing line in the shelter of the Village of Kaspirbash & having supporting fire coming from a Pz III & mortar team around the central wooded hill they cutting down the approaching Soviet hordes!

Whilst troops of the Imperial Japanese Army were victorious in a VERY bloody affair against US Armoured Infantry forces & succeeded in capturing the Villages of Kumevets & Kalinivaya in the centre. The Yanks had driven through the centre deep into the Village of Mogansk, with a Sherman tank slaughtering all in site until a brave Japanese flamethrower team ran straight up to it & torched it to oblivion! This allowed their Chi-Ha tank to mop up the US transport & Greyhound armoured car & turn the tide of battle for victory! 

Rolls were made by the GM to establish the "Supplies Recovered" from the Captured/Liberated Villages giving the current Campaign Scores as:

  • Germany - capture:D2: 1+1+(3+1 rolled) - 6
  • Japan - capture: B4: 1+(1+2 rolled) - 4
  • Allies - 0
  • Soviets - 0

In their next engagements the Germans & Japanese will be "Attackers" now, whilst the Allies & Soviets will be "Defenders"

Ostfront campaign - 21st October 1944

Ostfront campaign - 21st October 1944

On Wednesday 18th October 1944 Fallschirmjager of Kampfgruppe Kirchenfeld engaged defensive forces of the US 1st Infantry Division around the villages of Govsk & Ussudimir & Mikaygodonsk, with the intention of driving South & cutting off these forces for later destruction.

An initial Artillery bombardment did little to effect the Yanks & they swiftly Rallied themselves for the coming attack. Their Sniper dug in on the Western hills picked his targets well & killed x2 veteran MG42 LMG gunners from x2 different squads who had ran into buildings opposite him with his first x2 shots! This realistically halved those squads' firepower & neutered them for the battle! However German vengeance was equally pin-point in reply as a FJ mortar tam dropped a round plumb on the Sniper's position - taking out him & his helper!

On the other flank the FJ sniper pinned down the US Mortar team whilst the Flame Thrower team & Panzershrek team raced forward to engage the US Greyhound Armoured car that blocked the road exit to the south. The Greyhound was then driven back as a round from the FJ Recoiless Rifle slammed into it's front whilst the FJ Officer waved his men forward!

With the US Sniper removed from play the x2 FJ squads dash from the villages in the East to engage the US Bazooka team guarding the road & move towards their Southern exit objective only to be blocked by a torrent of fire from a cunningly delayed x12 man US infantry squad coming from reserve! 

In the West the Panzershrek takes out the Greyhound after advancing on the retreating Armoured Car whilst a FJ mortar round drops on both the US Mortar Team & nearby US Command Squad sheltering in woods - the Command Team are wiped out while the Mortar team's lone survivor stays in the fight despite the carnage all around him. The Americans try to shore up the flank by bringing on another Infantry Squad from reserve - but they are no where to be found! Spotting a defensive gap the FJ bring on their reserve Kubelwagon who races along the road towards the South.

The Americans somehow gain the advantage (considering it was 4 dice vs 9) and advance on their last Infantry Squad who pour fire at the Kubelwagon, but cannot destroy it! Their Infantry cut a swathe through a FJ squad in the east, forcing them to ground several times before eventually wiping the out, whilst the second FJ wisely prepositions away from them towards the west, avoiding hopeful & random Bazooka rockets as they go... 

The FJ Officer calls for the advance & moves forward with the Kubelwagon pouring fire on the US infantry whilst another mortar rounf finishes off the US mortar team & kills x3 US infantry caught too close to him! The FJ Flame Thrower & Panzershrek dash off the battlefield, followed shortly after by the Officer & Kubelwagon. The Recoiless Rifle & Sniper remain behind to pin down the US Infantry in the western woods, who panic & run around in disarray, while the surviving FJ infantry squad move centrally towards their southern objective & fire more misery on the almost broken US infantry...

Night descend & the Fallshirmjager have completed their Objective - they have encircled the surviving US forces in the area & secured the villages of Ussudimir & Mikaygodonsk.

The Germans capture Grid:  B3 1+ (1+2 rolled) = 4 moving onto = 10 points