What are Wargames?

Games are games and human beings have invented games to play since the dawn of time, whether it was moving rocks around, throwing sticks or the simply footrace. Games make use of what we have and a system of rules, football is a ball some lines and a bunch of rules.

Wargames are a game where in it's most simplistic form you use toy soldiers (highly detailed miniatures), dice and measuring tapes to battle against one another. The toy soldiers might change from power armour wearing super soldiers who stand 11 feet tall defending man against alien onslaughts that seem to have fallen straight from the nightmares of H.R Giger, the diverse characters of the fellowship of the ring battling against the dark opaque forces of Middle Earth or taking control of Darth Vader and a handful of Tai Fighters to defend your borders against the incursions of rebel scum!

The dice might change from having 4 sides, 6 sides, 8 sides, the measurements could be in inches or cm.

Check out some of our pictures on the side.

You move models around, look at charts occasionally, there is strategy, there is chance and a whole lot of friendly banter and yelling as you toss dice across the table at one another.
Think of a computer game without a computer, you make units, equip them, lead them into battle and give them orders but instead of there being a computer handling all the calculations and computation it's down to the dice in your hands and maybe the difference between being two inches away or three!
The other aspect is the artistic side which comes in before the game, models in many cases have to be glued together, under coated and painted by hand these models really become works of art as I'm sure you will agree to find out more about this side of things drop by our modelling tables where we will have competitions purely based on modelling and painting.


Conclave X-Wing Tournament

Saturday: 24th June

Taking a break form the Regionals this year at Conclave sees us running our own Tournament - so come & join us if you're looking for a break from the meta & a relaxed bit of gaming! We'll be using a Q2 2017 FFG Organised Play Kit as our basis so they're be lots of goodies for all participants - Acrylic Tokens; Alternative Art Cards! & for the Winner: a massive Imperial Raider set! As well as our main tournament there will be a bunch of other X-Wing activities to dive into! -see below

Entry: €25 inclusive of Day Pass (+€5 to upgrade to Weekend Pass)

Includes Entry into all other X-Wing Events on the day

Registration: 9.00 - 10.00

  • Round 1: 10.00 - 11.15
  • Round 2: 11.30 - 12.45
  • Lunch
  • Round 3: 13.15 - 14.30
  • Round 4: 14.45 - 16.00
  • Top Cut  for Finals
  • Game Time Limit: 75 minutes
  • Force size: 100 points
  • NO Epic Ships
  • WYSIWYG - NO Proxies
  • ALL cards; bases; ships etc must be present & legal - any non-FFG items must be vetted & OK-ed by opponents
  • Lists will be checked at the start of Round 1 by your first opponent
  • Players should bring along a printed out copies of their list to allow their opponent to view it with ease
  • We will be using FFG Tournament Rules System so Rounds & Top Cut will be dependent on exact numbers attending & will be finalised on the day but there will be at least 4 Rounds followed by a Top-4 Cut

X-Wing FAQ

X-Wing Rules

X-Wing Tournament

Contact: Kev - wedgeandbiggsfella@gmail.com


X-Wing Mario Cart

Saturday: 24th June

Turn that speed dial up to 11; grab the "Pick Ups"; dodge the Turbo Laser fire; dodge the asteroids; dodge the other Racers! Can you get to the finish line before your ship before everyone else & before your blown out of the sky!? Ridiculous levels of fun & carnage!

More details to follow!

Entry: €5

Start: 17.30


X-Wing Epic Encounter

Sunday 25th June

Imperial Raider: Test Flight - Epic participation game!

  • Imperial Forces: Raider Class Corvette; x2 TIE Advanced
  • Rebel Forces: 100 point Squad (No A-Wings)

Pre-Built Squads will be used on the day & models all provided, just turn up on the day & play away!

Start: Run throughout the day On Demand

Entry: FREE


X-Wing Mario Cart

Sunday 25th June

Turn that speed dial up to 11; grab the "Pick Ups"; dodge the Turbo Laser fire; dodge the asteroids; dodge the other Racers! Can you get to the finish line before your ship before everyone else & before your blown out of the sky!? Ridiculous levels of fun & carnage!

More details to follow!

Entry: FREE

Start: 14.00


Warhammer 40k - Conclave Escalation Tournament

Saturday: 24th June

Warhammer 40K has been going on in the shop and at Conclave for years it was even the first game I played at a Conclave myself and that was many moons ago. This years Tournament will be Escalation style & will likely be our last using 7th Edition Rules.

A well polished futuristic wargame with some of the most beautiful and at the same time terrifying models you will ever come across and a vivid deep universe.

Mankind has become a xenophobic insular society trying to to, in equal parts, destroy all classes of alien menace and protect itself - in a world like this you conquer the world in self defence. The Galaxy is old and impossibly large. While Mankind was young there were races that had risen and fallen; their names and deeds long forgotten, although not all relics stay buried and forgotten... some are destined to rise from their resting place and impose their iron will on the galaxy (Any 40k players get that?).

This world is filled with different races, castes, planets, galaxies, Gods and the common feature? War! This is a Universe ablaze with war. Which makes it a perfect setting.

Entry: €20 inclusive of Day Pass (+€5 to upgrade to Weekend Pass)

Registration: 9.00 - 10.00

  • Round 1: 10.00 - 11.30
  • Round 2: 11.45 - 13.45
  • Round 3: 14.00 - 16.00

Conclave 2017: 7th Edition Tournament Rules Pack

  • No Unbound lists through out the tournament

Round 1:

  • 850 points
  • Any Force Organisation Chart, Any Formation.
  • No: Unique Models, Lords of War, Fortifications, Super Heavy or Gargantuan.

Round 2:

  • 1500 points
  • Any Force Organisation Chart.
  • Any Formation (Only if Force Chart player has taken allows it).
  • Unique Models Allowed.
  • No: Lords of War, Fortifications, Super Heavy or Gargantuan.

Round 3:

2250 points

  • Any Force Organization Chart.
  • Any Formation (Only if Force Chart player has taken allows it).
  • Unique Models Allowed.
  • Lords of War Allowed.
  • Fortifications Allowed.
  • Super Heavy and Gargantuan Allowed. (Only One)

Warhammer 40K: Dark Imperium Demo table

Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th

We'll be running demo games of the NEW Warhammer 40K edition: Dark Imperium over the weekend at Conclave! Come & check out what changes have evolved in one of the most popular & longest running table-top wargames with this new iteration! 

Event: Run on demand through out the day



    Age of Sigmar

    Saturday: 24th June

    With the Old World gone the remnants of the old powers & the rising new ones battle for control of their new Realms. In the Realm of Death, the great powers of the realms begin to stir. Nagash has returned and has set his legions the task of reclaiming the Nine Gates of the Underworld. Meanwhile, the forces of Chaos seek to take these gates to ensure their control over the realm and annihilate all who oppose them. Those in league with the God King Sigmar have set their sights on the very same gates but whether to gain an audience with the Undying King or destroy him, is unknown. The hordes of Destruction flood from the Realm of Beasts solely to fight, kill or be killed. Their rage approaches with speed and it is unstoppable. The four powers now converge to take or destroy these Gates and all shall tremble at the battles that will rage. Sword & magic clash as heroes, beasts, daemons & the undead fight in fantasy skirmish action!

    Entry: €20 inclusive of Day Pass (+€5 to upgrade to Weekend Pass) - €5 entry if you have competed in any other event

    Points: 1000

    Registration: 9.00 - 10.00

    • Round 1: 16.00 - 17.30 Scenario: "Border War" (Main Rule Book pg113)
    • Round 2: 17.30 - 18.00 Scenario: "Escalation" (Main Rule Book pg112)
    • Round 3: 19.00 - 20.30 Scenario: "A Clash of Battle Lines" (Season of War Campaign)







    Blood Bowl - Conclave Exhibition Tournament

    The Old World is a dangerous place - warriors, monsters wizards & worse. It takes a truly fearless, stupid or deranged  individual to go out & brave this deadly setting, but only the truly psychotic play it's sport of choice: Blood bowl! 

    Sunday: 25th June

    Entry: €20 Inclusive of Day Pass or €5 if you have a Weekend Pass

    Format: Exhibition Play Tournament

    Registration: 9.00 - 10.00

    • Round 1: 10.00 - 12.15
    • Round 2: 12.45 - 15.00
    • Round 3: 15.15 - 17.30

    Budget: 1.5 million

    Team: 11-16 players

    • Teams are to be created using the "Exhibition Rules" found on page 39 of the Blood Bowl: Death Zone Season 1 book. This allows for the creation of Experienced Players with the additional value present on the Value Modifiers table on page 22.
    • Any team can be used from Death Zone Season 1; Death Zone Season 2 or the Teams of Legends, BUT Death Zone Season 2 form of the team replaces the Team of Legend list.
    • We will use the skills descriptions from Death Zone Season 2.
    • You can use Star Players from both books and (in)famous coaches.
    • Will NOT be using stadiums or refs. 
    • Inducements may be purchased as detailed on page 28 Death Zone Season 1 book:
    1. 0-2 Bloodweiser Kegs - 50,000 each
    2. 0-3 Bribes - 100,000 each
    3. 0-5 Special Plays - 100,000 each
    4. 0-2 Wandering Apothecaries - 100,000 each
    • Additional Coaching staff may be included as detailed on page 38
    1. Head coach - FREE (model required)
    2. Assistant Coaches - 10,000 each
    3. Cheerleaders - 10,000 each
    4. Apothecary - 50,000 each
    • Star Players may be included, BUT will play for only one player in the Tournament. This will be the player who paid the most for the Player - to allow for this a coach, when creating their Roster may pay extra for the Star Player (this comes out of the Budget & goes next to the Player's cost box). If your Star Player decides to play for the opposition the Gold you spent on them maybe spent on additional Re-rolls & Coaching Staff
    • Players will not gain additional Skills or SPP through out the Tournament
    • Dead & Injured players are "resurrected" at the end of the match at full health & are available for the next match

    Contact: Aaron - leslieaaron@hotmail.com