What are Wargames?

Games are games and human beings have invented games to play since the dawn of time, whether it was moving rocks around, throwing sticks or the simply footrace. Games make use of what we have and a system of rules, football is a ball some lines and a bunch of rules.

Wargames are a game where in it's most simplistic form you use toy soldiers (highly detailed miniatures), dice and measuring tapes to battle against one another. The toy soldiers might change from power armour wearing super soldiers who stand 11 feet tall defending man against alien onslaughts that seem to have fallen straight from the nightmares of H.R Giger, the diverse characters of the fellowship of the ring battling against the dark opaque forces of Middle Earth or taking control of Darth Vader and a handful of Tai Fighters to defend your borders against the incursions of rebel scum!

The dice might change from having 4 sides, 6 sides, 8 sides, the measurements could be in inches or cm.

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You move models around, look at charts occasionally, there is strategy, there is chance and a whole lot of friendly banter and yelling as you toss dice across the table at one another. Think of a computer game without a computer, you make units, equip them, lead them into battle and give them orders but instead of there being a computer handling all the calculations and computation it's down to the dice in your hands and maybe the difference between being two inches away or three! The other aspect is the artistic side which comes in before the game, models in many cases have to be glued together, under coated and painted by hand these models really become works of art as I'm sure you will agree to find out more about this side of things drop by our modelling tables where we will have competitions purely based on modelling and painting.


L'Art De La Guerre - Conclave Championship

ADLG Tournament at Conclave

Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd June

Scale: 15mm armies

200 points

Armies from the Classical and Roman periods – no list restrictions.

Army Numbers: 38 to 124 inclusive – any allies also have to be from those lists

5 games – x3 on the Saturday; x2 on the Sunday

Standard Table Size – 120cm by 80cm

Contact: Richard Aynsley:


Further Details to follow


Control the most advanced starfighters and outstanding pilots in the galaxy! In X-Wing Miniatures Game, you take the role of squad leader and command a group of merciless Imperial or daring Rebel pilots in furious ship-to-ship space combat.

Play for all the goodies held within a Fantasy Flight Games Organised Play Store Championship! & for the winner: the Honour of being the finest Star Fighter Pilot in all of the Conclave system! (& maybe a snog from your twin sister...)

TOs: Gary Colton & Craig McInnes

  • Colton13@gmail.com


Warhammer 40k

hobbit sbg.jpg

Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game

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The Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game is the beginning of your journey in the world of collecting, painting and gaming with an entire range of Middle-earth miniatures based upon the amazing "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings" movie trilogies. The Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game allows you to collect all of your favourite Warriors, Heroes and creatures from the movies and pit them against your opponents in fun and exciting games of strategy and skill.


Age of Sigmar - Conclave Tournament

Following the destruction of the original Warhammer world by the forces of ChaosSigmar floated aimlessly through outer space, clutching onto the metal core of the previous Warhammer world. After a long passage of time, he was rescued and befriended by the great celestial dragon Dracothion, who led Sigmar to the "Mortal Realms": eight planes of existence connected by portals called "realmgates", one of which was bestowed upon Sigmar to rule by Dracothion. Souls were drawn to these realms, with some being survivors from the previous world and others new. Sigmar forged alliances with these peoples and their respective gods as civilization was re-established in the Mortal Realms. Age of Sigmar emphasizes the narrative aspect of the wargaming experience, encouraging the play of story-driven scenarios, recreation of battles from lore, and player-created stories.


Blood Bowl