Bolt Action 2018 LEAGUE RULES (Subject to change upon disaster)

This will be a League with an added "progressional" element to it with Officer "Career Mode" for flavour. 


Start point: 1939-1941 - "Blitzkrieg!"

  • Points: 500 using Early War Forces
  • x1 battle fought = Service Medal
  • X3 battles fought = "Officer" Promotion & Campaign Medal

*First Rules Amendment: Due to the US Forces having no real Early War option we are giving Players in the League the option of:

  1. Playing an alternative Army for the x3 Early War games
  2. Playing their "Early War" games as ADDITIONAL Mid War Games, with their opponent ALSO Fielding Mid War choices (as it would not be fair to force a Player who has collected a US Force & not get to field it when they wanted to)

This also applies to any other Nation that dos not have an Early War footing.

Completion of the above gets you access to:

  • Mid War Equipment etc 1942-1943 - "The End Of The Beginning"
  • 750 point battles
  • Another x2 battles fought = "Officer" Promotion

Completion of the above gets you access to:

  • Late War Equipment etc 1944-1945 - "Downfall"
  • 1000 point battles

Every further x2 battles fought = "Officer" Promotion

  • X3 Wins gets a medal
  • x7 Wins = Special Medal (Iron Cross etc)

Alternative medals:

  • First time earned = Bronze; then Silver; then Gold
  • X3 Tanks Destroyed
  • X3 successful infantry Assaults
  • x1 Close Combat Tank kill
  • X1 Aircraft shot down
  • X10 kills with sniper
  • Wound Badge for Commander "killed"
  • + more

PLEASE keep track of events during battle for the purpose of Medals (via Battle Reports or just notes) as the Medals should be great fun!

Battles are to be fought at the LOWEST preferred size of either Player (to allow for quick games if people are pressed for time)

A Player can use ANY War Period Equipment he has "Unlocked" in ANY battle (i.e. Late War CAN fight Early War)

Games end in Wins or Losses (NO Draws) - Points values of Units Destroyed gives a victor if the game ends drawn if the Scenario does not give a method

Scenarios are to be chosen randomly from the 12 Scenarios in the Bolt Action V2 Rule book AFTER Forces are made out


The first x2 League Games were fought out last night, both in an Early War format!
Kev (Fallschirmjager) vs Aaron (Greek)
Chris (Chindits) vs Gareth (Imperial Japanese)

A small force of veteran German FJ with the support of a Panzer III were able to hold off a unit of Greek troops as they secured the flat are of an olive grove for the purposes of deploying further German Air Landing Forces. Even the arrival of late outflanking troops & persistent anti-tank rifle fire couldn't shift them from their objectives. (Victory Kev)

Bolt ACtion Campaign 2018: Early War Europe

An unexpected meeting of Imperial Japanese troops & a unit of British Chindits turned into a fire fight in the fields & bushes of the forest outskirts of northeastern Burma. A spirited Japanese attack was driven off by veteran rifle fire & accurate 25-Pounder artillery support despite the return fire of a Japanese 20mm AA gun! (Victory Chris)

Bolt ACtion Campaign 2018: Early War Asia

Week 1 Scores

Order of the Golden Kite

NOTE: First Medal Awarded: to Gareth's Japanese - a loan Japanese anti-tank trooper braves withering infantry, sniper & MG fire to charge home against a unit of Chindit veterans & detonate his explosive-charge-pole in close combat - he is soon cut down, but the memory of his actions live on!

AWARD: Order of the Golden Kite


Bolt Action 2016 LEAGUE RULES

Each player must play each other player twice using random maps generated from the Age of Reason Rule book & using randomly generated scenarios from the Bolt Action 2 Rule Book. 

  • 1000 point Armies
  • Army Lists to be taken from: The Rule Book; Armies of... Books (Theatre Selectors are not be used)
  • Victory Condition by the specific Scenario Rules decide the outcome of a match: win, lose or draw

The League scoring works with:

  • 5 points for a WIN
  • 3 points for a DRAW
  • 1 Point for a LOSS

The Gathering can provide Pre-Generated Armies to use for those wishing to join the League but without enough models of their own to field a full force.