Bolt Action 2018 LEAGUE RULES (Subject to change upon disaster)

This will be a League with an added "progressional" element to it with Officer "Career Mode" for flavour. 


Start point: 1939-1941 - "Blitzkrieg!"

  • Points: 500 using Early War Forces
  • x1 battle fought = Service Medal
  • X3 battles fought = "Officer" Promotion & Campaign Medal

*First Rules Amendment: Due to the US Forces having no real Early War option we are giving Players in the League the option of:

  1. Playing an alternative Army for the x3 Early War games
  2. Playing their "Early War" games as ADDITIONAL Mid War Games, with their opponent ALSO Fielding Mid War choices (as it would not be fair to force a Player who has collected a US Force & not get to field it when they wanted to)

This also applies to any other Nation that dos not have an Early War footing.

Completion of the above gets you access to:

  • Mid War Equipment etc 1942-1943 - "The End Of The Beginning"
  • 750 point battles
  • Another x2 battles fought = "Officer" Promotion

Completion of the above gets you access to:

  • Late War Equipment etc 1944-1945 - "Downfall"
  • 1000 point battles

Every further x2 battles fought = "Officer" Promotion

  • X3 Wins gets a medal
  • x7 Wins = Special Medal (Iron Cross etc)

Alternative medals:

  • First time earned = Bronze; then Silver; then Gold
  • X3 Tanks Destroyed
  • X3 successful infantry Assaults
  • x1 Close Combat Tank kill
  • X1 Aircraft shot down
  • X10 kills with sniper
  • Wound Badge for Commander "killed"
  • + more

PLEASE keep track of events during battle for the purpose of Medals (via Battle Reports or just notes) as the Medals should be great fun!

Battles are to be fought at the LOWEST preferred size of either Player (to allow for quick games if people are pressed for time)

A Player can use ANY War Period Equipment he has "Unlocked" in ANY battle (i.e. Late War CAN fight Early War)

*EDIT Games end in Wins, Losses & Draws - if the game ends drawn the Scenario usually gives a method to settle the result (This has been changed to keep with the spirit of Scenarios so that players actually have a mission to accomplish rather than just shoot each other for 6 Turns & hope for a "more points destroyed" win)

Scenarios are to be chosen randomly from the first 6 Scenarios in the Bolt Action V2 Rule book AFTER Forces are made out


Week 1

The first x2 League Games were fought out last night, both in an Early War format!

  • Kev (Fallschirmjager) vs Aaron (Greek)
  • Chris (Chindits) vs Gareth (Imperial Japanese)

A small force of veteran German FJ with the support of a Panzer III were able to hold off a unit of Greek troops as they secured the flat are of an olive grove for the purposes of deploying further German Air Landing Forces. Even the arrival of late outflanking troops & persistent anti-tank rifle fire couldn't shift them from their objectives. (Victory Kev)

Bolt ACtion league 2018: Early War Europe

An unexpected meeting of Imperial Japanese troops & a unit of British Chindits turned into a fire fight in the fields & bushes of the forest outskirts of northeastern Burma. A spirited Japanese attack was driven off by veteran rifle fire & accurate 25-Pounder artillery support despite the return fire of a Japanese 20mm AA gun! (Victory Chris)

Bolt ACtion league 2018: Early War Asia

Week 1 Scores

Order of the Golden Kite

NOTE: First Medal Awarded: to Gareth's Japanese - a loan Japanese anti-tank trooper braves withering infantry, sniper & MG fire to charge home against a unit of Chindit veterans & detonate his explosive-charge-pole in close combat - he is soon cut down, but the memory of his actions live on!

AWARD: Order of the Golden Kite


Week 2

2 battles were fought this week in the League, both in the Early War Format

  • Bruce (Waffen SS) vs Chris (Greeks)
  • Hugh (US) vs Desmond (Wehrmacht)

Greek fire-base 

Meeting by chance across a small olive farm the Waffen SS & Greeks set about each other with fury! The Greeks moving easily through the olive groves early on established control of the eastern farm house with infantry whilst providing a fire-base in the west with their MMG, Anti-tank rifle & a second infantry squad whilst their Officer & sniper aided in the east. The SS Outflanked with one infantry squad whilst their MMG, Kubelwagon, Officer & another infantry team moved through the centre & their 75mm field gun provided fire from the west!

It was to be a close run thing with both sides exchanging casualties & pouring on the fire! The German Sniper lost a man to the Greek bugler, but he killed the Officer in return! 

Waffen SS advance centrally

The battle turned in a few seconds as 2 major incidents played out: Greek infantry OUT IN THE OPEN were sighted down the barrel of the SS field gun & looked doomed, but a volley of their fire dropped 2 of the gunnery team & the rest fled! Then the outflanking SS unit arrived near the eastern far house & with little delay assaulted the x4 survivors of the Greek infantry squad within! Surely they were as good as dead? But no! 4 men v 9 & the Greeks, despite being outnumbered, would not consider laying down whilst one single olive was in Nazi hands! The Greeks rose up & destroyed the SS troops! 

From then on the German commander reckoned the gig was up! The Greeks took one final scalp as the moved through the hedged olive grove in the centre & gunned down the SS officer! Victory to Chris & his Greeks!


The second battle had a platoon of US troops on a secret mission in the early stages of the war infiltrating into northern Europe to capture a German officer out for a stroll! trying to defeat them were a patrol of Wehrmacht troops accompanied by a captured French Armoured car! 

US advance to cover the brave bar hero

With heroic lunacy the first US infantry squad moved forward & engaged the Germans to their front - so deadly was their fire that a full 50% of the squad was wiped out & the rest turned & fled! They then called in airstrikes on the Armoured Car; the first doing little but scratch the paint work... The Germans launched a counter attack that all but wiped out the first US squad,  with only the lone BAR gunner left alive... but he would not abandon his post & held firm to the captured German Officer that was his objective! The US Officer moved up & took control of the Objective & moved back, just as the Germans moved in! They shot down the US Officer's runner & he himself leapt for a ditch & would not come out! As the Germans moved in they were met by MMG & Mortar fire & suddenly their support was gone as another aircraft arrived & set fire to the Armoured Car - it's crew bailing out & running for the hills! Seizing the moment the US Air Observer team grabbed the captured German Officer & made a dash for safety but the German troops following gunned one of them down! Would the other man panic & leave his Objective behind? No, he stuck to his task & dragged him off the battlefield & away to the waiting transport! Mission Accomplished! Victory to Hugh!

Bolt ACtion league 2018: Early War Europe

week 2 scores

distinguished service cross

NOTE: Second act of conspicuous bravery of the League - a lone US BAR gunner amongst all his fallen comrades holds his position to allow his platoon to recover their Objective.  

AWARD: Distinguished Service Cross


Week 3

2 more battles were fought this week in the League, both in the Early War Format

  • Des (Wermacht) vs Chris (British Home Guard)
  • Hugh (US) vs Andru (Polish)

German forces landed in the Channel Islands in an attempt to increase the size of the Third Reich by a tiny amount... Early progress was good with the British Command section wiped out by a Wehrmacht assault! However, no-one really listened to Captain Mainwaring anyway & the rank & file got down to the job by themselves & held on to x2 Objectives to win the battles! Another Victory for Chris!

Bolt ACtion league 2018: Early War Europe

On the other side of Europe an interesting clash occurred between the US & Polish forces - geography never being a strong point for the Yanks, they clearly believed they were fighting the Hun... they were talking funny at them after all...

The confusion carried on into the battle with the US failing to organise their Preparatory Bombardment, whilst the Poles wasted no time messing about & dropped a load of ordnance on the US forces & Pinned x3 US Squads! The Polish then engage the US M3 Scout Car & knock it out, leaving the US forces with no anti-armour equipment (the Poles only had cavalry after all...), they then wipe out a whole US Infantry squad except it's BAR gunner (a familiar Hero from previous adventures!). The US BAR gunner returns fire & kills the Polish LMG gunner!

polish 7tp tank

Things don't get any better for the US troops as the Polish pour on the fire - even the Polish Anti-Tank Rifle fires on the Infantry units (the lone BAR Gunner!) but misses! The rest of the Polish forces take out the majority of the remaining US troops (except the lone BAR gunner!) & the only pay back the US get is when their Air-Strike hits the Polish 7TP tank & sets it on fire! The crew however hold their nerve to put out the blaze & deny the US even that minor victory. Victory to Andru & the Polish!

week 3 scores

Medal of honour - army

NOTE: Another act of conspicuous bravery of the League - Hugh's SAME  lone US BAR gunner yet again amongst all his fallen comrades holds his position & provides covering fire for his mangled force...before tragically falling in battle at the last gasp...

AWARD: Medal of Honour (Posthumous)


NOTE: With x3 Battles under his belt Lt. Christoper Robinson is hereby promoted to the rank of Captain & is awarded the War Medal 1929-45, & for x3 Victories he receives the Defence Medal!


Week 4

3 more battles were fought this week in the League, x2 in the Early War Format & x1 with Mid-War involvement

  • Simon (US "Big Red 1") vs Chris (British)
  • Hugh (US) vs Kev (Fallschirmjager Kampfgruppe Kirchenfeld)
  • Gareth (Japan) vs Rory (Bulgarian)

Bolt ACtion league 2018: Early War Europe

American forces landed in Southwestern Scotland as part of exercises for a hitherto undisclosed future beach landing mission... The "Big Red 1" troops had been tasked with destroying an HQ defended by British forces consisting of regular Cameron Highlanders & irregular Territorial Guard forces. The Yanks moved up & were met with concerted light artillery, mortar MMG & sniper fire. Reverting to their standard play-book the US troops went to ground & called in the air support! Down came an on-loan Hurricane who targeted the British 25-Ponder artillery piece, but with the crew going to ground he only succeeded in taking out one of them. A viscous fire fight broke out & infantry losses on both sides mounted. A second air strike zoomed in looking for the pesky artillery piece but the over eager noob pilot over-shot the target & shot up an advancing US infantry squad, damaging them heavily & sending them scampering for the hills! This broke the back of the US assault & as they fell back the the 25-pounder & mortar team launched speculative shots that both hit! The US forces were either wiped or put to flight the US HQ was left unguarded & captured. Victory to Chris!

With reports coming in from special undercover operatives that filthy US troops were being trained up on British soil a daring raid bu a dashing young Fallschirmjager officer & his men was launched upon the East cost of England. Dropped by night & tasked with engaging the US troops to gauge their strength & motivation they moved out...

As both units identified each other in the dawn light amongst heavy woodland & a small village the US troops called in a Preparatory Bombardment pinning the x2 FJ Infantry teams & Sniper team they had seen; The FJ replied by calling in their own Bombardment from a flight of Stukas who had accompanied them across the Channel. US Bazooka team in a watch tower avoided damaged but the US infantry squad got pinned & the US commander lost his aide, blown to bits, & turned & fled the battle!

The US bazooka team was targetted by the FJ sniper & bugged out to shelter behind some heavy woods out of sight, soon to be joined by a second US infantry team. The first US infantry team got shot up by x2 FJ MG42s & further sniper fire (losing their Sergeant), leaving them at half strength & in no fit state to fight (they would spend most of the battle failing to Rally).  The US brought up an M8 armoured car & shot up the central FJ squad, hiding in a hut, with it's HMG, causing them to go to ground. The M8 was then shocked to be fired upon by an appearing PzIII (clearly smuggled into the country by brave agents) which stunned it with it's light anti-tank gun. The advancing PzIII's second shot punched clean through the M8's side armour & knocked it out! It then turned it's MGs on the US infantry...

The second US infantry squad advanced through the woods & engaged the FJ in the huts, but the veterans ducked down & let the Yanks blaze away ineffectually, whilst the bazooka team crashed a shot off the PzIII's front armour stunning the crew! The late appearance of the FJ officer (finally... clearly off enjoying to some local Tommy warm beer) spurred on the PZIII to shoot up the bazooka team & the sniper & infantry teams poured fire on the US infantry squads! With their officer, bazooka & armoured car gone & both infantry teams heavily shot up they US forces pulled out. Victory to Kev!

Further east there was a small spat upon an island in the Pacific. With the Dutch pulling out of the region the Bulgarians decided to chance their luck & "expand" their mighty colonial empire! However the local Japanese commander declined to acquiesce to their request...

Škoda LT vz.35

In a race to claim as many sectors of the island a possible both forces advanced with the Japanese 20mm cannon engaging early with a Bulgarian light tank - Škoda LT vz.35 - knocking off one of it's tracks & immobilising it! The Skoda hung in there though, & functioned as a multi-MMG pillbox near the centre of the battlefield! Elsewhere the Japanese force (despite heavy casualties) continued to advance into Bulgarian fire & capture region after region of the island. Soon, with little more than an immobilised tank, a mortar team & a very annoyed officer remaining, the Bulgarians were forced to admit defeat & the (very...) short lived Bulgarian Eastern Empire  had fallen! Victory to Gareth!

Bolt ACtion league 2018: Early War Asia

week 4  scores

American Defense Service Medal

NOTE: With x3 Battles under his belt Lt. Hugh Heffernan is hereby promoted to the rank of Captain & is awarded the American Defence Service Medal!








Week 5

2 more battles were fought this week in the League, both in the Early War Format

  • Kev (Fallschirmjager) vs Bruce (Waffen SS)
  • Hugh (US) vs Aaron (Greek)
  • TRAINING MISSION: Andre (US) vs Simon (US)

Bolt ACtion league 2018: Early War Europe

German Forces engaged in a training exercise with FJ taking on Waffen SS in a Search & Destroy style engagement that saw Veterans of the Para troops taking on regulars of the SS Grenadiers. They engaged over a rocky ridge that dominated most of the centre of the battlefield meaning that both sides had to manoeuvre to engage the "enemy". The early arrival from reserve of the FJ support Panzer III along with MG fire from a small squad in a hut to the west allowed for their domination of firepower concentrating down that flank. A second squad advanced to the ridge line & engaged an SS squad in an opposing field. The FJ sniper sent the SS commander scurrying out of sight after a close shave whilst the FJ squad MG took out the SS sniper. The FJ Panzer then cut down the SS Commander as he moved to support his Infantry in the field. All goes well early for the FJ!

The SS then got their Panzer III on from the rear & along with the rallied Infantry in the field engaged the FJ infantry & Sniper on the ridge, forcing them to keep their heads down! An ineffectual Panzer dual was interrupted as a second SS infantry team entered the fray from the east along the ridge line - displacing & eventually neutralising the FJ Sniper. Taking fire but undeterred they moved along the ridge, & aided by fire from the rear, forced the the FJ infantry on the ridge to surrender!

With the battlefield now turned East vs West, having started North vs South, & both sides having tested each others metal, a draw is declared as night falls.

Meanwhile in the safety of England some GIs practice fire & manoeuvre across a little farmstead, readying themselves for the battles ahead...

Unknown to their training countrymen (who put their trust in their High Command) the US powers-that-be have decided to launch an aerial assault by Airborne Veterans against... Greece?... Surely not another geographical gaff by the US Generals?...

A small elite force of US Paras move cautiously through a dense woodland in southwestern Greece; their mission: Top Secret; the Target a Greek command base in some ancient ruins... Their force moves out supported by a Sherman Tank & leaving their Greyhound Armoured Car in the rear as a Command centre. 

Renault FT Tank

First to suffer the ire of the Greeks is the Sherman as it is slammed int by an AT shell from the Greek light Anti-Tank gun, stunning the crew & jamming the turret sideways! Fire pours on the accompanying infantry as the Greeks MMG, infantry & Renault FT tank open up! A brutal fire-fight starts up, with the poor Sherman hit time & again,, catching fire & retreating! Both sides infantry tear each other up & fight each other to a standstill! 

A last gasp rush down the west flank by Greek infantry & the FT is halted by the Sherman's MGs & the surviving US Paras. The Greeks go to ground & an unusual encounter ends in a drawn stalemate with neither side achieving their objective... History never learns of this bizarre disaster as both sides hush-hush the affair for the better of their Nations. 

Recovered & uncensored Greek Battle Report :                    "Vernandos Kostopoulos, Commander of the Kostopoulos Legion, heard that American Airborne forces where in the area planning on liberating Greek artefacts.  He set up his command post next to where two small streams meet with a large dense forest next to it. Here he set up a Light anti tank gun and his 1st Regular squad. With them he had the inexperienced training squad. Next to the Bridge on the left of the position he had his 2nd Regular squad with the pride of the Greek Tank Corp (a Renault FT tank from WWI).

The Americans set up there Veteran Infantry Squads in the Forest with the Sherman next to it. Their Command post was behind the forest. The Americans first Squad began an advance through the forest with the Sherman turning into it to get cover. They bothfired off a withering hail of bullets and shells killing a few infantrymen from the Training Squad and 1st Regular Squad. With great coolness under fire the Light Anti-tank gun fired and hit the Sherman and locking the turret.  The 2nd Regulars and FT tank also opened fire pinning the advancing Veteran American unit.

The Greeks kept pouring fire on the Americans with the Light Anti-tank gun scoring multiple hits on the Sherman setting it temporarily on fire and panicking the crew enough that they twice retreat from the Greeks. The advance unit of Americans was also heavily battered forcing the second squad to advance to support them. At this point, with the FT tank covering them the 2nd Regulars broke across the bridge to try and outflank the American’s and capture there command post. The American 2nd squad were paralysed by fear from the covering fire, and with the Sherman rattled it was up to the commander and the shattered remains of the 1st squad to stop the Greeks. They fired on the 2nd Regulars, who drop to the deck believing there were more Americans than what there was. This saves the Command post as night falls before the Greeks can move on.

With both Command Posts safe, both sides have failed in taking their objectives. The Greeks are still in place blocking the Americans, but they have not forced them away meaning the Americans can build up for a future attack."


week 5  scores

Recieving the Wehrmacht Long Service Award

NOTE: With x3 Battles under his belt Lt. Kevin Stronach is hereby promoted to the rank of Hauptmann & is awarded the Wehrmacht Long Service Award!




Week 6

3 more battles were fought this week in the League: One in the Early War Format & x2 in the Mid-War Format

  • Kev (Fallschirmjager) vs Hugh (US)
  • Gareth (Japan) vs Des (Wehrmacht)
  • Chris (British) vs Anthony (Irish Free State)

Bolt ACtion league 2018: Early War Asia week 6

Confusion reigns in the Far East as forces of the Imperial Japanese Army clashed with Wehrmacht "Military Advisors" in Chinese employ as the Japanese venture south form Manchuria. A detailed explanation of these chaotic events between erstwhile allies has been promised to the OKW!

Field Report: Commander - German Forces in China:

A chance meeting on an a flat open battlefield with only soft cover on two sides and a small crop of forest providing limited dense cover.

The Japanese to the south started off with the terrain in their favour. Taking up firing positions on the hills and in the forest. An anti-aircraft 20mm cannon peered down from the hills along with 4 infantry squads.

The Germans to the north found themselves in the open. Flat ground, their enemies towering above them! One German infantry squad managed to get into a small building and the mortar team set up behind, out of sight with their spotter located far to the other flank. The remaining German infantry squad, an MMG team and a Hanomag desperately searched for cover and spread out on the flat. At least the mortar's Spotter had good lines of sight...

The Japanese instantly saw the Germans weakness and charged forward across the north-south range of hills towards the small hut containing a German infantry squad. They opened fire; the German squad were unable to return fire from within so they bailed out to fight back. The German LMG was instantly wounded while stepping outside.

The spotter sent co-ordinates to the mortar of the Japanese anti-aircraft cannon. The team quickly dialled in and let a round loose. Direct hit! Fire for effect! The 20mm cannon  is no more!

Another Japanese squad opened fire on the German infantry lying in the open. Shots landing all round. Two found their mark. The Germans returned fire but weren't so lucky. The Hanomag and MMG managed to suppress the incoming fire momentarily. After the initial success the fanatic Japanese infantry charged forward hoping for further victories. 

The German mortar opened fire again on the Japanese pushing the German squad on the hill. Another direct hit! -  4 or 5 casualties, taking the pressure off the pinned squad outside the house.

The MMG team opened fire again claiming another 2 or 3  advancing Japanese soldiers. The Hanomag pushed forward opening fire with the pintle mounted MMG, but hit a divet in the ground and every shot missed as the halftrack bumped up and down. The Germans in the open fired again at the advancing enemy squad, further reducing their numbers.

Down to the last 4 troops, the Japanese wildly charged at the Hanomag, only to find the gunner wasn't inaccurate this time; they all fell.

The mortar fired again on the remainder of the troops on the hill, another direct hit. The squad is gone.

The Germans on the hill focused their fire on the remainder of a squad in the open who are being followed courageously by their sword wielding commander. The lack of LMG isn't noticed with the accurate rifle fire.

The remaining Japanese infantry squad pushed out of the forest as their commander fell. They were on the receiving end of multiple MG and rifle fire from many angles. The Germans couldn't believe their luck. Victory to the German Advisory Expedition of China! (otherwise known as Des)

Bolt ACtion league 2018: Early War Europe

In northern Germany an American Airborne force is inserted with the aid of the Royal Navy's domination of the North Sea. They run across a platoon of Kampfgruppe Kirchenfeld Fallschirmjager who immediately attempt to encircle them to cut them off from their sea-borne egress, whilst the US Paras also try to cut off the FJ to destroy them! Having no armoured support & having traded their anti-tank grenades in for new Panzerfausts that had not arrived yet, the FJ were unimpressed as the US force rolled out an M8 armoured car that immediately poured fire on the FJ sniper & mortar teams in the east forcing them to go to ground. A US sniper in a nearby farmhouse repeatedly snapped off rounds at the FJ 105 Recoilless Rifle team also forcing them in to inaction & eventually killing a crew man! 

With the M8 driving into the FJ deployment area & almost into the rear the FJ are unable to react with their main infantry force still in reserve & their support weapons in hiding  - a shot from the 105 RR sailed hopelessly wide of the M8 & attracted more sniper fire!

The US Airborne bring up x2 squads of infantry & their command team to pour more fire on the hapless FJ support teams, but to no effect. The FJ mortar team lands a round plumb in the midst of one of the bunched up US squads, but many of the Yanks are miraculously saved as the mortar round isn't as effective as it should have been - they get off lightly with only x3 casualties! Eventually the FJ infantry teams & their commander enter the fray - concentrating in the east & firing their small arms upon the M8...

Seizing the initiative the FJ Lt. orders covering fire on the M8 & an infantry team charges through the M8's MMG & heavy MG defensive fire to engage it at close quarters! x2 FJ are cut down but x4 make it to contact! With no anti-tank weapons at hand the FJ clamber onto the vehicle in an attempt to eliminate the crew instead & pouring fire into the open-topped M8's cupola they take the M8 out! Gott in Himmel!

Things are looking up for the FJ, but almost immediately x2 of the surviving FJ sheltering by the destroyed M8 are cut down by an advancing US squad toting multiple BARs! Next the other FJ in cover by a nearby fence-line are forced down by a similar torrent of fire from the US Paras! The FJ counter-attack stalls...

The US sniper takes another shot at the 105 RR team causing them more consternation - they hit nothing for the whole battle, shook by the loss of their crew man clearly! But the US marksman shows himself for too long at the window & is taken out by his opposite number sheltering behind a large rock! A second mortar round hits the same US squad even though their officer had got them moving, leaving them with only 2 men remaining & under fire from the 105 RR & the advancing FJ officer they are wiped out!

The remaining x2 men in the initial FJ infantry team get up & sprint past the remaing US Paras in an attempt to reach fellow Germans to the rear of the US position as per their mission & survive volleys of fire form the US command team to reach safety, whilst the second squad opens fire the charging last unit of US Paras! An MG 42, MP 40, FG 42 & several rifles fire at the US Paras, but only x2 go down! the rest make contact & with fury take out x5 of the 6 FJ behind the fence-line for the loss of only one more of their own! The Last FJ surrenders in shock!

But as silence settles on the area it is clear the FJ have won: having eliminated x3 US teams for the loss of one; & got a unit to the rear of the US position: Victory Kampfgruppe Kirchenfeld!

To the far west in southern Ireland the British launch a preemtive attack on Ireland in an attempt to secure it from any German incursion! However the Free State forces have other ideas!

Both sides engaged across a landscape of hedge lines, narrow bohreens & scattered woodland. Both sides take advantage of their long range artillery & plaster each other pre-battle! The Irish recover faster & pour fire on the British support weapons - nullifying them for large parts of the battle as they struggle to regain their composure! Both sides keep their distance & a mid-range fire-fire develops - with the Irish having he upper had in effective fire-power! 

Things swing further the Irish way when a high-explosive round takes out several teams in the centre leaving a whole in their lines & enabling the Irish to concentrate fire on both British flanks from the middle as well as opposite them. The British artillery strike goes awry & threatens it's own side & suddenly all that remains is for the Free State troops to mop up! Their MMG takes out the British sniper & 25-Pounder, whilst infantry & a Bren Carrier wipe out the British MMG team & last infantry men - no survivors... Victory to the Free State!

week 6  scores

Order of the Golden Kite

NOTE: With x5 Battles under their belts Capt. Christopher Robinson & Capt. Hugh Heffernan are hereby promoted to the rank of Major!

& for showing courage above & beyond the call of duty the troops of Kampfgruppe Kirchenfeld are awarded the Order of the Iron Cross (2nd Class) for the destruction in close combat of an enemy armoured vehicle!

& to Gareth's Japanese - x4 Japanese troopers brave MG fire in an attempt to charge a German half-track - they are slaughtered!

AWARD: Order of the Golden Kite (posthumously once more...)


Week 7

2 more battles were fought this week in the League: One in the Early War Format &the other in the Mid-War Format

  • Bruce (Waffen SS) vs Aaron (Greek)
  • Chris (British) vs Hugh (US)

Bolt ACtion league 2018: Mid/Early/War Europe

Battle report of The Kostopoulos Legion v Waffen SS:

The Germans had joined the Italians with the invasion of Greece, and the British had sent reinforcements to aid us. One day while in camp we saw a RAF fighter shot down and the pilot bail out. With Germans in the area we set off to rescue the downed pilot.

He had set up camp on a raised area of ground near a farmhouse. As we approached we saw a Waffen SS patrol coming from the other side. The 1st Regular Infantry Squad moved into the woods on the right-hand side with the Light Anti-tank gun, sniper and Kostopoulos, while the FT tank and the 2nd Regular infantry advanced to the pilot with the 3rd Regular infantry squad advancing behind.

The Germans then advanced from the other side with their sniper setting up behind a fence on the Greek left and a light howitzer on the Greek right This would fire all game and not hit anything). The infantry advanced from behind the raised ground, although two squads were delayed in their deployment. The Kubelwagon advanced up the road firing its MMG killing two Greeks from the second squad and further pinning fire from the sniper. 

The Greek Sniper however saw moment in the Farmhouse and open fire killing the MMG gunner. The MMG fell out the window and the rest of the crew fled. The Greek Light Anti-Tank gun seeing some movement behind a fence open fire killing three from one of the German infantry squads. By this time the advancing forces of both sides reach the base of the hill. The Greek infantry are order to charge up the hill, but they hesitate and the German’s are the first to charge up. The Greek 1st Regular Infantry Squad and Sniper open up from the wood, where they have been waiting in Ambush, the combine power kills three and the other two flee. The pilot is safe for the mean time. 

The Greek 2nd Regular infantry are order again to go up the hill, but again hesitate. By this time the FT tank has crested the hill. Even with this tank covering the Pilot, the Germans try again, this time the Tank guns them down, protecting the pilot. The 1stRegular Infantry Squad now advances towards the hill. 

The Greek 2nd Regular infantry are again ordered up the hill after Kostopoulos runs over shouting at them, and they finally obey. When they crest the hill, the Germans open fire. Six of the eight are cut down, leaving the NCO and Light Machine Gunner. But they hold their nerve and do not panic. This then allows the 1stRegular Infantry Squad to reach the pilot, although the NCO is cut down by a LMG. They don’t panic and are able to spirit the pilot away handing him to the 3rd Regular infantry squad who then are able to get him away.

Victory Greeks!

Battle Report: Americans vs The Brits:

An agent, carrying information vital to the war effort, was downed in hostile territory, near what was once a peaceful farmstead. Both British and American troops were deployed to capture this target but due to a catastrophic communications blunder both sides engaged in combat. 

Both platoons deployed into the territory rather quietly, the first shot fired was the British sniper, in an attempt to neutralise the American sniper. It would take both snipers several minutes to realise that they sat just out of one another’s range. The American Sherman entered via a southern road and immediately opened fire on the British Light Howitzer resulting in the death of the entire unit and the first casualty of the fight!

From the north the British Heavy Armoured Car sped into position beside the Objective, in plain sight of the Sherman, while the British infantry struggled to catch up. It loosed a shot at the Sherman, but missed.  The Sherman took aim and fired at the enemy Armoured Car but also missed. Snipers traded potshots that amounted to little more that a few bruised egos (this stalemate would continue for the remainder of the spat). 

Infantry engaged in firefights across the western fields and the British called in an artillery strike. Before the shell landed outside a wooden house the American lieutenant dived for covered in nearby trees. The shell hit the target directly causing mass pins for the slow moving veteran troops, the sniper and even the Sherman. Though the tank crew wiped the sweat from their brows and fired again upon the British tank,  destroying the vehicle!

Under the cover of the fiery wreck the British lieutenant sprang to action and captured the objective - a bemused looking Staff Officer who was busy tying his shoe laces, while the remaining British troops made their way south through the western field and opened fire on a unit of Americans, pinning them and effectively halting their advance.

Meanwhile a small unit of American infantry made their way across a wooded area west of the firefight, and engaged and destroyed the British flamethrower unit. The British infantry ignored the newcomers and proceeded to shred through six Americans with the help of their reliable LMG. 

Before the British Lt could make a run for it the Sherman opened fire with it's multiple MMGs, despite the clear line of sight he managed to survive, unscathed. But before he could take a single step the Sherman immediately opened fire again with all three guns. The second time around he did not fare so well. 

With all the American troops pinned, taking cover or engaged in combat, a troop of six brave Brits jumped over the soup that was their superior, grabbed the target and turned heel. The Sherman had preempted this move and opened fire, killing the squad of five. 

Taking advantage of the surrounding chaos, the target fled... Neither side recovered the Objective: Draw!

 week 7  scores

week 7  scores



The War goes on!


Bolt Action 2016 LEAGUE RULES

Each player must play each other player twice using random maps generated from the Age of Reason Rule book & using randomly generated scenarios from the Bolt Action 2 Rule Book. 

  • 1000 point Armies
  • Army Lists to be taken from: The Rule Book; Armies of... Books (Theatre Selectors are not be used)
  • Victory Condition by the specific Scenario Rules decide the outcome of a match: win, lose or draw

The League scoring works with:

  • 5 points for a WIN
  • 3 points for a DRAW
  • 1 Point for a LOSS

The Gathering can provide Pre-Generated Armies to use for those wishing to join the League but without enough models of their own to field a full force.