What is Battletech?

In short Battletech is a game of war in the 31st century, where the best of the best choose to fight inside Mechs. Giant Robots strapped with weaponry and armour, different sizes, speeds and roles all depending on their clan, planet and mission. The best of these is the clan warrior who can be seen picking off his opponents with his superior skills in honour bound duels on the battlefield. The world is vast and there is infantry, tanks, air fighters. Even abhorrent technologies like biological weapons strong enough to wipe out whole planets, the Galaxy is laden with cretins and their cowardice does not exclude them from mans most destructive vice... ambition.

It is up to the best to lead by example and crush the dishonourable rabble.

Battletech has been a mainstay in the shop for over 30 years.

Limerick city has long been seen as a cultural home of Battletech, drawing international visitors or in this years case international challengers! 

Keep an eye on the pre-event chat; challenges & info on the Facebook Official Catalyst Event group pages

The link is: https://www.facebook.com/events/1229169033778957/


Battletech European Championship

4 rounds of top level Battletech action as the European Championship makes it's return to Thomond Park!

Battletech Weekend Ticket: €50 -  includes Weekend Pass, entry into all Battletech Events & a snack on Saturday night for those playing in the Melee. 

Saturday 23rd June

Registration: 9.30 - 10.15

Entry: €20 (Pay at Event Desk)

Start: 10.30

  • Round 1: 10.30 - 12.30
  • Round 2: 12.30 - 14.00
  • Round 3: 14.30 - 16.00
  • Round 4: 16.30 - 18.00

Contacts: Martin Sweeney & John Somers

Round 1 - Outta the Box: 

In honour of the new boxed set which is out later this year (sadly not in time for Conclave) but which looks to be amazing, we have based the first round on the mech models that are in the new boxed sets:

  • AWS-8T Awesome (4,4) CPLT-C1 Catapult (3,3)
  • AWS-8T Awesome (3,4) WVR-6K Wolverine (3,4)
  • AWS-8T Awesome (4,3) TDR-5SS Thunderbolt (3,4)
  • BLR-1G Battlemaster (3,4) CPLT-C1 Catapult (3,4)
  • BLR-1G Battlemaster (3,3) WVR-6K Wolverine (4,3)
  • BLR-1G Battlemaster (4,3) TDR-5SS Thunderbolt (3,3)


Round 2 - Up Close & Personal 

  • MEB-10 Ebony (3,5) BCN-3R Buccaneer (4,5)
  • MEB-10 Ebony (3,4) HCT-5D Hatchetman (3,5)
  • LDT-XPR3 Brigand (4,5) BCN-3R Buccaneer (4,3)
  • LDT-XPR3 Brigand (3,3) HCT-5D Hatchetman (3,4)
  • V4-LNT-K7 Valiant (4,5) BCN-3R Buccaneer (4,4)
  • V4-LNT-K7 Valiant (4,4) HCT-5D Hatchetman (3,3)


Round 3 - IIC or not IIC 

  • Great Wyrm Aemelia (4,5) Viper (Black Python) 3 (4,4)
  • Great Wyrm Aemelia (3,4) Rifleman IIC 3 (4,4)
  • Hellhound (Conjurer) 5 (4,5) Viper (Black Python) 3 (4,4)
  • Hellhound (Conjurer) 5 (3,5) Rifleman IIC 3 (3,4)
  • Wyvern IIC 2 (3,4) Viper (Black Python) 3 (4,5)
  • Wyvern IIC 2  (3,4) Rifleman IIC 3 (3,4)


Round 4 - Steiner 3150's

Our usual curveball round where we throw in some old, some new and some tech you may not have played before.  The Zeus is a real hodge-podge so may sure you read the rules and tech sheet which I will upload to the Event Dropbox.

  • Jaguar (3,5) SCG-WF1 Scourge (4,5)
  • Jaguar (3,5) URA-2A Ursa (3,5)
  • Jaguar (4,5) ZEU-X2 Zeus X (3,4)
  • MGL-T2 Mongrel (4,5) SCG-WF1 Scourge (4,4)
  • MGL-T2 Mongrel (3,4) URA-2A Ursa (4,5)
  • MGL-T2 Mongrel (3,5) ZEU-X2 Zeus X (4,4)

Contacts: Martin Sweeney & John Somers

Please PM Martin with your email addresses and he will add them to the Dropbox to grant you access.

Your mech choices should be submitted to Martin for printing no later than Thursday, 31st May 2018

You can also contact John Somers: John Somers:   johnsomers@hotmail.co.uk


Battletech Grand Melee

Saturday 23rd June

Registration/Start: 19.00

Entry: €5 (Pay at Event Desk) FREE for Players who have participated in the European Championship

The winner will recieve First Choice of Mech for the "Kell" Bloodname on Sunday 24th! 

Players may field:

  • any Clan Heavy Mech
  • with a B.V.2 Value up to 2700
  • with Pilot & Gunnery ratings no more than 2 points apart (i.e. 2;4, not a 1;4)

Contacts: Martin Sweeney & John Somers




Trial of Bloodright - For the "Kell" Bloodname

Prove your worth!

Sunday 24th June

Registration/Start: 10.00

Entry: €20 (Pay at Event Desk)

You will have the chance to claim the Bloodright of Phelan Kell! A unique honour that's sure to have every Mech Pilot raring to go!

The Mech choices for this will be revealed on the day with the winner of the Grand Melee (from the night before) getting first choice!

For Players who get knocked out in the first couple of Rounds we will also be runnning the "No Mercy" Scenario from "The Dragon Roars" Scenario Pack where Shin Yodama will lead his force to eradicate the remains of Mikhail Ward's Smoke Jaguars!

Contacts: Martin Sweeney & John Somers