What is Battletech?


In short Battletech is a game of war in the 31st century, where the best of the best choose to fight inside Mechs. Giant Robots strapped with weaponry and armour, different sizes, speeds and roles all depending on their clan, planet and mission. The best of these is the clan warrior who can be seen picking off his opponents with his superior skills in honour bound duels on the battlefield. The world is vast and there is infantry, tanks, air fighters. Even abhorrent technologies like biological weapons strong enough to wipe out whole planets, the Galaxy is laden with cretins and their cowardice does not exclude them from mans most destructive vice... ambition.

It is up to the best to lead by example and crush the dishonourable rabble.

Battletech has been a mainstay in the shop for over 30 years.

Limerick city has long been seen as a cultural home of Battletech, drawing international visitors or in this years case international challengers! The Gathering is also now an Official Sponsor of The European Battletech Championship!

Keep an eye on the pre-event chat; challenges & info on the Facebook Official Catalyst Event group pages

The link is: https://www.facebook.com/events/1229169033778957/


Saturday 22nd June

Battletech: Solaris/Conclave Grand Melee

Registration: 13.30-13.45

Start: 14.00

Entry: €5

Prizes: TBA

Sunday 23rd June

Battletech: Historical Wars: The Siege of Odessa

- Large Scale Battletech Scenario

Registration: 10.30-10.45

Start: 11.00

Entry: FREE entry with Day or Weekend Pass

it will also get pride of place in the Games Day later this year (scheduled for October 2019) in the form of the Irish Nationals!