Warhammer 40k
Warhammer Fantasy
X - Wing
Battletech Irish nationals
Battletech Grand Melee
Battletech International Ireland vs Germany
Old hammer Tournament

Historical Wargames

FOG Fields of Glory Conclave Championship
DBA Championship
"a walk through History" 6 Battles 6 Hours

Bolt Action "For whom the bell tolls" Conclave Championship

Card Games

Magic GPT
magic Grand Melee
Magic PPTQ
Booster Drafts
Magic Pub Quiz

Yu Gi Oh Conclave Championships, winner receiving a flight to a YCS yet to be decided
Yu Gi Oh Doubles Tournament


Game of Thrones


Board Games

Dec Noonan of the Limerick Knaves will be taking the helm behind board games this year at Conclave.
With a huge selection of board games to choose from from through the ages, LCG's and much muhc more.

We will also have a Bring and Buy facility so those of you who want to get rid of a few old games or pick up a few new ones it's well worth bringing them along!

Demo and Participation Games

We will havea  wide range of Demo and Participation games this year and you might get to see a favourite or two from last year return.


Jon Williams will be back again witha  host of interesting RPG's check out the RPG section to see what was on offer last year we will soon have a full list of RPG's available.