Battletech: Succession Wars Campaign/League 2017

RULES: Each player must try & fight a player from each Faction. Each player’s scores are recorded individually to find the overall winner. The Campaign Map is to find the victorious Faction. Each time you win a game you may automatically take a non-Capital Territory adjacent to you. If a Faction is non-adjacent you, take the nearest non-adjacent Capital Territory on a roll of 4+ (5+ if Regional Capital).

Taking a Regional Capital: After a victory you may attempt to capture a Regional Capital on a 4+, this increases by 1 each time you are victorious against this Faction. Regional Capitals may only be captured one at a time, so one must fall before another is rolled for. This bonus is Factional & applies to all of that Faction’s units. A House Capital may only be assaulted after all Regional Capitals have fallen following the above rules – except the die roll is 5+.

EDGE: Each Faction receives 1 Edge Point for all their games, +1 Edge Point for each Regional Capital that Faction holds.

Loss of a House Capital: Even after losing all Capitals a player may fight on until all Territories are lost. Players from this Faction now switch allegiance to the Faction that holds their House Capital & all their games go towards this Faction’s expansion. However, they retain their individual scores & may still win the Campaign.

Periphery:  the Periphery Realms act as a House starting with three territories; each of these count as a Regional Capital and taking the last one forces the Periphery player to fight for you. However these Capitals may not be attacked if they hold any areas adjacent to them as these areas must be taken before an assault on that realm may take place. Otherwise the Periphery Realms follow all rules as above.

SUccession wars: strating positions

Battletech Succession Wars League/Campaign
- This League/Campaign is a highly intensive set of games running over the next 4 weeks. Where the players' individual scores go towards an overall victory, whilst their Faction scores will be shown on the map to indicate which side's Faction controls the Inner Sphere.

The Story so far...
Year 1: (30??)(Ended on Wednesday 24th May)
This saw a very aggressive Kuritan Turn 1 (not ended yet according to House Kurita!) which saw a deep jump into House Marik territory where Marik's Fusiliers of Oriente (John Sommers) barely stopped House Kurita's First Ghost Division from taking Danais. An optimistic move by the Kuritan Commander Ben Byrne. However things took a turn for the worst for House Kurita when the re-organising survivors of the 1st Ghost Division where reassigned to New Samarkand on the Periphery for their failure - unfortunately for them the Outworlds Alliance (Garry Jackson) decided to attack & subsequently liberated New Samarkand to become part of the Outworlds Alliance. Current location of the 1st Ghost Division is currently unknown...

Also disastrous for House Kurita was when the new governor of St. John (Gareth Egan -Force Unknown) faced a huge incursion of pirates & various other scum led by Red Jack Ryan from the Bandit Kingdoms. These quickly occupied St. John & to date no communications have be received from this region.

After an intense year of fighting unsurprisingly pursued aggressively by House Kurita several Star Systems have changed hands. Following the loss of New Samarkand & St. John to Periphery forces, reports are drifting in of riots on Rasalhague & a strong Rasalhaguian contingent amongst the bandits. Meanwhile, House Marik's Fusiliers of Oriente invaded Bolan after their victory on Danais, taking it from House Steiner. As happened earlier in the year - House Steiners' Lyran Guards managed to push Marik's Commacho's Caballeros from Megrez. The Caballeros succeeded in delaying the Lyran juggernaut & pulled off planet with no loses. Meanwhile, on Ryerson in House Marik the Duke of Ryerson had long plotted to rebel & with Davian aid was finally in the position to do so. Over a period of time units of the Capellan March Militia secretly transferred from Kentares to Ryerson revealing themselves on the day of the revolt & quickly overrunning loyalist Marik forces. This lead to Ryerson declaring itself a new Davian duchy.

Meanwhile on the Kuritan front, The Dragon roared! A Kuritan force consisting of the Ghost Regiments & the Legion of Vega invaded Kentares (now shockingly lacking it's militia force) from Matar & quickly overran the remnants of the Capellan March Militia left behind. On the Steiner front the Nightstalker Regiment landed on Shakalin having left Kessel under a cloud of secrecy. Shakalin quickly fell to the Nightstalkers with units of the Donegal Guard retreating off planet early & vowing to return. Despite House Kurita's earlier failed attempt to take Danais & it's losses to the Periphery/Rebels, House Kurita currently leads in Points.

succession wars - year 1 - 30??

The Story so far...
Year 2:
(30??)(Ended on Tuesday 6th June

Year 2 of the Succession Wars opened up with several assaults upon House Kurita - the 1st came with a massive Davion assault right into the heart of The Combine. Spearheaded by The Kapellan March Militia (Aaron) & supported by the Davion Heavy Guards. Davion forces steamrollered across the border, quickly overrunning the regions of An Ting & driving hard on the heels of the the Draconis forces never giving them a chance to resupply or form an active defence Davion forces quickly occupied Chian. At this stage they halted their assault to allow their supply lines to catch up. 

Taking advantage of the hostilities the Skye Region errupted in rebellion with rebels assaulting Narhal's Raiders (Seoirse) who were garrisoned in the region disguised as Donegal Guard. The Raiders put up a stiff defence until the arrival of the real Donegal Guard (Tony) at which point both forces quickly put down the rebellion. Given the political uncertainty in both Marik & Steiner's border regions, they quickly came to an accord, secretly signing a pact against House Kurita. Catching their opposition unawares House Marik forces secretly deployed through Steiner's Skye region. House Kurita (Gareth), after redeploying forces in an attempt to halt the Davion juggernaut, were again caught unawares when the Donegal Guard (Tony) invaded & took Lothan, while house Marik forces drove in from Skye capturing Kessel

Taking advantage of House Marik's unrest/assault on House Kurita,  House Liao (Eoin) finally mobilised it's forces & invaded Furud from Betelgeuse. Defending Furud were the recently deployed Camacho's Cabalerros (Jack), untouched from their retreat from Megrez. However this was not to be a repeat of Megrez as Warrior Didatchi (Eoin) dropped on to the planet as a Death Commando strike team (which had infiltrated the area some months before) struck at the Caballeros taking out their command & control centre. The Caballeros took a complete kicking from the Liao forces & barely managed to pull off planet. 

A second Liao force led by the Big Mac himself led McCarron's Armoured Cavalry (Ian) on a deep penetration raid to Kessel to destroy a Kuritan temple. This had absolutely no strategic value other than a Liao fit of jealousy over its design. Kessel seems to be attracting a lot of attention - rumours of a Star League cache in this region abound! The Big Mac returned victorious to the court in Sian to much acclaim & secrecy.

In a similar action: The Kell Hounds (Shane) raided Liao (Eoin) destroying several Liao listening posts & forward supply bases before pulling back into Steiner space. The fact the Kell Hound have been deployed by Steiner likely indicates further Steiner assaults...

All 5 Houses are now heavily engaged. ComStar remains strangely silent on matters of the war, but are happy to conduct business as usual. 

succession wars - year 2 - 30??

succession wars - year 2 - 30??

The Story so far...
Year 3:
(30??)(Ended on Tuesday 27th June

Year 3 proved a huge surprise to everyone as House Liao enacted master plan 00001 leading with a huge assault on the Davion/Kuritan border. More news to come...

On the Steiner Front: The Royal Assembly on Tharkad tore up the agreement with Marik, more so to placate separatists in the Skye Region, & launched a successful offensive from Tharkad & retook Bolan. However due to the pulling back of the Donegal Guard for this offensive House Kurita (already gearing up for counter-attacks on several fronts) quickly moved in & retook Lothan

House Marik noticing a pull back of Liao forces from Furud launched a spoiling expedition, which quickly became a march of liberation as virtually no Liao 'Mech forces were present in the region. This was mainly due to the Chancellor's newly named offensive: "The Crane Arising". This began with a Liao raid on House Kurita's Capital World of Dieron whilst disguised as Marik forces. The raid was successful in burning down several religious & architectural sites. This was the prelude to House Liao 's main strike lead by McCarron's Armoured Cavalry. Lioa forces overran Ozawa & leap-frogged into Kantares, completely flanking Davion forces on their push into House Kurita. This isolated the Capellan March Militia on Chian allowing the Big Mac to launch a devastating raid on their positions. This & the previous loses completely compromised Davion forces in Chian forcing a withdrawal to An Ting. House Kurita noticing the turmoil in this region & already building up forces for a counter attack quickly re-occupied the region, rooting out pro-Davion cells. 

Meanwhile in Rassalhague - in the Rassalhague region it seems a full fledged revolt has occurred with House Kuritan units fighting Kuritan/Rassalhagian/units unknown. 

As the Houses gear up for another round of fighting this Succession War is proving to be as successful as the last!!!

succession wars - year 2 - 30??

succession wars - year 2 - 30??

More to follow...


BattleTech 2016 League Rules

Each player must play each other player a total of 3 times in the following order: Game 1: Intro Level Tech. (3025) 5000 BV each player must have 4 Mechs (a Lance) in their force; Game 2: Clan Tech. (up to 3081) 8000 BV each player must have 5 movers (a Star) in their force, a maximum of one of these may be a Point of Battle Armour i.e. each player may 4 Mechs & 1 point of Elementals or 5 Mechs in total; Game 3: Advanced Tech. (Tournament Legal Tech.) (up to 3145) 7500 BV each player must have 4 Mechs in their force, these can be from any Tech. Level i.e. "Dark Ages"; "Jihad"; "Wars of Reaving" etc, & may be combined any way the player wishes.

Additional Rules:
- As you know in Battletech the exact model you are playing is not required, however to reward those who go to the effort of collecting & painting the correct miniatures the following rules apply:
- if a player plays with the proper variants in their force they get an EDGE POINT
- if a player plays with a fully painted force (correct variants or not) 
they get an EDGE POINT which may only be used for either they or their opponents Piloting Check
- all games are 2.5 hours long

On Saturday 17th of October we ran our first demonstration game of Alpha Strike. Where a company of House Steiner, Fourth Donegal guard (Red Horde) took on a company of Marik Guards. Players on the day were Shane Doherty, Ailbe Dundon and Ryan Siew (House Marrik), Tony Deegan and john Sommers (House Steiner).

The game ran well on the day, with players quickly picking up the rules and the concepts of the game. The battle itself evolved or devolved depending on your point of view into a vicious city fight with tactics varying based on the players involved taking command. Eventually victory went to House Marik (and the spectators) due to a realization of the rules and a lightning change of tactics during the game. All players thoroughly enjoyed the day and are really enthused about playing this game again. For anyone else interested in trying Alpha Strike a quick and easy way to explore the Battletech universe and all its wonders, Ryan will be running linked demonstration games every Friday from now till Christmas. This Friday sees vaunted Fourth Donegal RCT defending in an assault by the Drachonis Combines Legion of Vega who sniffing an easy victory after their defeat to House Marik decided the time was right for a strike.