An example Battle Report from our own Wednesday Night Historicals
- The Eagle Has Landed (Alternate Ending)

These are the stills of the Alternate Ending of the movie that ended up on the cutting room floor when it did not prove popular with the test audience.

Dramatis Personae:
German Fallshirmjager previously disguised as Free Polish Parachute Battalion:
- Kevin as Oberst Kurt Steiner/Colonel Miller (portrayed in the movie by Michael Caine) & also commanding Squad 3
- Aaron as FJ NCO Squad 1
- Felix as FJ NCO Squad 2

United States Army Rangers:
- Simon as Colonel Clancy Pitts (portrayed in the movie by Larry Hagman)
- Ryan as Captain Clark (portrayed in the movie by Treat Williams)

The scene opens with 2 US jeeps approaching the village square at high speed: The first from the west is ambushed from the watermill by FJ & destroyed with a single survivor; the second coming from the north (containing Colonel Clancy Pitts) is ambushed by a 2nd FJ squad in a house near the road - Pitts & his driver both survive! A third US squad arrives through the woods to the northwest & pours fire on the 2nd FJ in the house to pin them, but causes no casualties.

The 2 FJ quickly finish off Col. Pitts & the other jeep survivors, while Obst. Steiner & his batman make there way from the local pub to the church (held by a 3rd FJ squad) to search for the secret passage out of the village & towards Churchill's location...

Captain Clark then turns up from the north in a halftrack, & before any of the FJ squads can react, the halftrack's MG, a squad of US Rangers & a Bazooka team open up on the 2nd FJ squad in the house - pinning them heavily & killing their Sgt. with a ridiculous "sniper" shot with the Bazooka! The other US Rangers add their fire power to the bullet storm; but the FJ return fire & somehow manage to kill 2 Rangers!

This manic fire-fight continues unabated (with the other FJ too far away to help!) & another FJ is killed & they can do nothing but hunker down for a while! & the US troops turn their attention to the church & the other FJ squad moving up from the mill to a little house behind them...

Captain Clark directs another US Ranger squad from the north to attack the church through the graveyard (this scene was kept for the film!) but they are pinned down by the defenders within (that bit was cut from the film...) while the Bazooka team once more "snipe" a FJ - this time from "mill" squad now in the central house (ridiculous again!). This causes consternation amongst the FJ who refuse to assault the halftrack left temptingly by their front door - a moment for glory lost!

The US Rangers push on to the churchyard boundaries & exchange fire with the FJ within & the veritable Steiner himself - several FJ die to a good volley of Garrand fire from the Rangers, but they lose a few men also from return fire from the FJ sub-machine guns!

Seeing THEIR chance at glory the battered FJ squad in the northern house decide to go for it! Heavily pinned & with no NCO to command them their chances look bleak but...

*needing to roll 4 or less on 2D6 (5 pins & no NCO) they roll a double 2 to pass their order test! Miracle of miracles!*

... with organ music pumping out of the church the FJ come storming out of the building into the rear of the Rangers & they take out the hated Bazooka team! Returning to the building they then pour fire on the Rangers at the church hedges! Inspired by this the other FJ squad storms out it's hiding place & destroys the US halftrack - taking Captain Clark with it! (this totally should have been in the film!)

The US Rangers collapse & are soon either killed or flee as the FJ close in from all sides to trap them against the church walls! One last valiant charge by the 3 last Rangers (the remains of 2 different squads) is beaten off by Steiner himself in close quarter combat!

Victory Fallschirmjager!

Now off to find that Churchill fellow; where'd that Irish lad with the beard go...

A ridiculously fun game that lasted about 3 hours longer than it should have due to lots of quoting & scene managing! Excellent!

More scenarios like this to follow me thinks!