The world of Espidus VIII is in upheaval! The Planetary Governor has seceded from the Imperium & withdrawn all the planet's tithes of mineral & industrial wealth from the Administratum's coffers. Several PDF regiments have remained loyal to the Imperium & their resultant defiance & the Successionist counter-strikes have left large parts of the planet as little more than Atomic wastelands! However, large parts of it's industrial & mineral wealth remain perfectly viable, even if the lives of the population fair less so...


Although not a world of much importance at present, the control of several nearby systems hang in the balance as the war against a number of various Chaos Warlords rages. If things in these war zones were to take a turn for the worse against the forces of the Imperium then suddenly Espidus VIII would become highly prized as an industrial base for either side's localised persecution of the conflict. As such the Imperium has despatched a fleet & Army of Reconquest to return once again Espidus VIII to it's iron grip; The Forces of Chaos have also despatched Champions & Warbands to claim the planet for themselves; & possibly worst of all the perfidious Xenos are also at work here...

These are the Rules for our Warhammer 40K Winter Campaign:

        Each game win that weekend (Turn) earns a player x1 capture attempts on the Campaign map to capture a Zone adjacent to one already controlled by their Faction by rolling 2D6. This includes via Causeways (dotted lines on the Map across the sea)

        Players draw for initiative to see who attempts zone capture first & then follow that order for the Turn

        Zones captured by a player that Turn in a  Higher Initiative step count for classing Zones as adjacent or not

        a roll of 3+ on 2D6 is required to capture “neutral” Zone

        a roll of 5+ on 2D6 is required to capture an "enemy" Zone

        Factions can “see”  1 Zone beyond those which they control. These are "discovered"  until all Zones revealed

        Factions start in control of the "X" marked Zones which allow for the capture of c.5 zones in the first Turn

        +1 is added to the dice roll when attempting to capture a Zone if it is the second attempt to capture that Zone in current turn (reducing required roll to a minimum of 3+)

        +2 is added to the dice roll when attempting to capture a Zone if the target Zone is “cut off” from friendly Zones; i.e. it does not have a "Friendly" Zone in contact with it

        Zone contents are randomly created by GM using D6 (& a further D6 roll if required):

1.       Radiation Zone – value:0

2.       Plains (empty) – value:1

3.       Mountain – Mines value:2

4.       Plains: 1-3 road or 4-6 river – value:1

5.       Complex: 1-2 manufactorum; 3-4 shield generator; 5-6 power station – value:3/1/1

6.       Installation: 1-2 bastion; 3-4 space port; 5-6 hive city – value: 1/2/5

        Mountains give +2 to the target total required for Zone capture (their geography making it harder to capture them)

        River gives +1 to the target total required for Zone capture (their geography making it harder to capture them )

        Bastions give +1 to the target total required for Zone capture  (their defences making it harder to capture them) BUT for each Bastion in your possession +1 is added to your dice rolls when attempting to capture Zones - their military hardware makes capturing other Zones easier

        Shield Generators give +3 to the target total required for Zone capture & +1 to target total required for Zone capture of an adjacent Allied Zones (the Shield's effects spread wide, but weaken with range)

        Power Stations boost  the Manufactorum value to 4 (from 3) or Shield Generator roll modifier to +4/+2 depending on their proximity to which ever Zone is closest (if a Faction controls neither then the Power Station is, as yet, useless to them)

        Roads, when discovered & captured give a give a free extra neutral Zone capture ahead on their capture: 1-2 ahead left; 3-4 ahead; 5-6 ahead right. If you are capturing an Enemy Road then you also capture next Road as you exploit the route deep into enemy territory

        If a discovered & captured a road/river Zone which leads onto another newly discovered plain Zone then the road/river continuation is automatic. This process stops whenever a new type of Zone is discovered

        Space Port: all other Zones containing a Space Port count as adjacent to other Zones containing Space Ports for the purpose of capturing & linking territory

        Hive City: contains a Space Port & a Shield Generator (Only protecting it's own Zone) (Power Stations also boost Hive City Shields)

Secret Once-Off Abilities will be given to each Faction. The timing of the use of this Ability could be crucial to the Campaign so it's use must be decided upon as a group by the Faction (it is suggested that the majority of players within that Faction are present when it is decided upon to use their Ability). 

Factions will also have Hidden Objectives which will be revealed at a later date...

Winter Campaign - Deployment

Turn 1

After a series of vicious battles the Factions begin to extend their footholds on Espidus VIII:

  • The Imperial Forces capture in the south east capture Zone 17 from the Planetary Governor's Secessionist troops which contains the already identified Hive Antipodus (this gives them access to the Hive's Space Port & Shield Generator!) & reveal Zones 24 & 25 containing Roads.
  • The Xenos Forces in the south west capture Zones 3 & 4; securing a Space Port & also some Mountain based defensive positions & mineral wealth. They also reveal the Plains of Zone 21 & the Power Station of Zone 22.
  • The Tyranid Horde in the north east captures Zones 13 & 15; securing a Manufactorum (clearly some Genestealer Cult has an insidious use for this!) & the previously identified Hive Nord (Yum Yum; not good for the population... - also gaining them access to a Space Port & Shield Generator). In doing so they reveal that there is little distance between them & the Imperial Forces to the south...
  • The Forces of Chaos in the north west (despite winning 2 battles!) were held off in both their attempts to capture the Shield Generator of Zone 8 by clearly inspired PDF units still loyal to the Imperium - Throne be Praised!) & thereby fail to expand their heretical presence on Espidus VIII.

winter campaign - end of turn 1

HIve Antipodus looking out across the plains of the south eastern reaches - now once more under Imperial control

HIve Antipodus looking out across the plains of the south eastern reaches - now once more under Imperial control

The water-logged  sub-layers of Hive Nord; opening  into the northern sea channels - the perfect infiltration point for the tyranid hordes now running AMOK within 

The water-logged  sub-layers of Hive Nord; opening  into the northern sea channels - the perfect infiltration point for the tyranid hordes now running AMOK within 

Turn 2

With planetary bridgeheads established the Factions start to begin securing objectives further afield:

  • The Xenos Forces in the south west consisting most recently of Dark Eldar, Harlequin & Tau battle groups advance rapidly north & towards the continental interior capturing the coastal riverlands of Zone 5; the mountainous mineral rich Zone 23; the western coastal plains of Zone 21 & rest control of the Power Station in Zone 22 from Secessionist Forces. 
  • The Forces of Chaos in the north west break out of the nuclear wastelands & successfully capture the mountain region of Zone 10.
  • The Tyranid Horde in the north east advance no further (clearly hunting down & devouring the last remaining pockets of humanity trapped in Hive Nord...)
  • The Imperial Forces in the south push out of the south eastern plains & into the the defensive high ground of the mountains of Zone 19 to face off against the Tyranids across the Northern Sea Channels; & also reclaim Bastion "Acrocorinth" in Zone 18 from Secessionist Forces loyal to the traitorous Governor (this provides another excellent defensive keystone & also gives a Bonus to capturing further Zones - see rules above).


GM Notes: As the Factions expand further & further they open up/reveal more of the campaign map; which is creating it's own planetary flavour of geography quite nicely - considering it's all random... so far we have a western/central mountain "spine" & what seems to be forming into a south eastern "savanna".

Bastion "Acrocorinth" guarding the northern approaches to Hive Antipodus - now back in Imperial Hands once more

Current Scores - Turn 2:

  • Xenos - 10
  • Imperials - 9
  • Tyranids - 9
  • Chaos - 2

Turn 3

In response to the rapid Xenos advance in the last week of the conflict the Imperial Commander retaliated with the full unrestrained fury of the Legio Astartes! A series of crushing defeats for the Forces of Chaos & also the Eldar & their Tau Allies at the hands of the Imperial Forces saw those loyal to the Emperor advance on all fronts!

  • A bloody drawn combat sees no advantage gained by the Tyranid Horde in the northeast.
  • A massacre of a Tau battle force sees the Forces of Chaos victorious - but once again they're attempt to capture the Shield Generator in Zone 8 is valiantly held off by the PDF Forces still dug in there! (3 failed attempts to take this Zone now by Chaos...)
  • A series of bloody defeats at the hands of Imperial & Chaos Forces sees the Xenos advance stall completely! This included the renowned Commander Farsight fleeing the field of battle! & a Dark Eldar raiding party cut to pieces after there Dark Lance weaponry failed them utterly in the face of mighty Imperial armour!
  • The Imperial reconquest forces smash all before them! The Imperial Fists crush 2 Chaos warbands (including a battle where they take only a single casualty!); the Dark Angels also join in the carnage along with Imperial Guard units. This results in the Imperial Forces liberating eastern Plain Zones 32 & 33; & Road ways in Zones 24, 25 & 31 from Secessionist Forces loyal to the planetary Governor. These important transport arteries at the centre of the continent allowed the Imperial Forces to advance even faster & capture Road Zones 12 & 36 & Hive Espidus Primaris located in Zone 29, forcing the rebel Governor himself to flee his seat of power (see above rules concerning Road Zone captures & further random neutral Zone captures). These advances reveals a Power Station in Zone 34, Mountain Zone 37, Road Zone 38 & a Shield Generator located in Zone 35.


Current Scores - Turn 3:

  • Imperials - 21
  • Xenos - 10
  • Tyranids - 9
  • Chaos - 2

GM note: The Imperial Faction has jumped a good bit ahead this Turn. This is down to 2 things:

  • being the only Faction to win a game this Turn...
  • the capture of x3 neutral Road Zones which also lead onto x3 other neutral Zones (one of which was a Hive City Zone)

A mix of good game performances & good fortune on the random Zone capture associated with Road Zone secondary captures to secure the Hive City Zone has benefited them all at once!

Hive Espidus Primaris: seat of power on Espidus VII - NOW also BACK IN IMPERIAL HANDS ONCE MORE

the Shield generator in zone 8: clearly archeotech of the highest CALIBRE to stand so defiant against the forces of chaos

Turn 4

After the hammer blow of the Imperial push last week, this weeks combat outcomes were more balanced:

  • No gains were made by the Tyranid Horde in the northeast.
  • A Dark Angel battle group were massacred by Tau forces  - but they fail to capture their target: Hive Espidus Primaris in Zone 29 - the newly liberated citizens & remaining loyalist PDF see them off! A lightening fast Dark Eldar pirate force descend upon an Imperial Fist's unit seeking to reinforce the beleaguered PDF defenders of the Shield Generator in Zone 8 & drive them off! Seeing their long sought after saviours defeated, the disheartened PDF heroes finally succumb & the Xenos capture the Loyalist klaxon call that the Shield Generator in Zone 8 had become! Noooooooooo!
  • However further north the Tau were in turn beaten by another Imperial Fists force - & the true Sons of Dorn that they are - they wasted no time in securing Road Zone 39, halting only at the ocean front & revealing the man-made causeway linking the Zone to that of Plain Zone 7 further west...
  • Chaos Forces then finally stall the Xenos incursion into their locality when a warband dedicated to Grandfather Nurgle destroyed another Tau Force in the Mountains of Zone 9 - finally the Forces of the Dark Gods advance once more!


newly revealed causeway linking zones 38 & 7. Similar structures link zones 11 & 12; 13 & 19; & 16 & 37

GM note: Zone connectivity:

  • Causeways (dotted lines between Zones across the sea on the map) link Zones together as if they were "physically" adjacent to one another. These give an interesting tactical element to a map (as players of games like Risk will know).
  • It should be remembered that amongst other things a Hive City possesses a Space Port (see list above in the Rules Section) which means although it gains additional defence from it's Shield Generator it is "linked" to every other Hive City as though it were located adjacent to them via it's Space Port, & also to any other Space Ports on the planet...

Current Scores - Turn 4:

  • Imperials - 22
  • Xenos - 11
  • Tyranids - 9
  • Chaos - 4

Turn 5

 sea arcology: "Charybdis" surfacing off the northern coast - Xenos scout craft immediately investigate...

"Due to a power failure in the life support systems the Sea Arcology - "Charybdis"- has surfaced off the northern coast of Espidus VIII main continent. All 4 Factions see this as a prime opportunity to secure another excellent base of operations & possibly loot valuable archeotech & information! Unfortunately the stations automated defence systems are still operational..."

The conflict was great; & the carnage mighty during Turn 5 - with 3 Apocalypse Battles being fought & a Deathwatch RPG game all being played out for the Campaign!

Firstly through it all came the victorious Xenos as they laid claim to the Sea Archology "Charybdis"! With all 4 Factions involved in this battle it was a huge affair! The automated defences of "Charybdis" played merry hell with forces involved: paying particular to the strange alliance of Space Wolves & Dark Angels which it blasted to pieces repeatedly through out the battle (sorry Jack: the dice hate ya!). Clearly there lay some redundancy programming left active on "Charybdis" that was to ensure neither of these Astartes brotherhoods set foot within it... That combined with the unnaturally speedy way in which Xenos engineering teams quickly had "Charybdis" shielded once more & sunk into the protective depths of the northern ocean makes one think there is more to this sea station than first meets the eye... Is there more to the Governor's succession also?

Secondly we have the falling of Moon Base "Icarus" to the Forces of Chaos. A Deathwatch strike unit was sent to secure the facility but found themselves in a life or death struggle with similarly inclined forces in the form of a Chaos Warband & Tau from the Xenos Faction! The Marines fought off the Tau but were unable to drive off the Forces of Chaos, to which the Moon Base fell, but they did succeed in crippling the station's Power Plant; putting it out of action for the foreseeable future...

Follow this LINK to the Mission Report.

Moon Base "Icarus" - part of Espidus VIII orbital defences: now in the hands of a chaos warband

Thirdly the Orbital Flight Pleasure Cruiser "Feriatum" - after suffering heavy damage whilst unfortunately being caught in sub-orbital flight during the initial phases of the invasion of Espidus VIII - has finally lost it's battle with gravity & ploughed to earth between the Forces of Chaos & the Tyranid Horde: this would not end well for those surviving passengers on board whatever the outcome of the battle. At the conclusion of another Apocalypse Battle it was the Tyranid Horde who were victorious & fell to "recycling" the humans trapped within the wreck of the "Feriatum"...

thecrashed cruise ship "Feriatum": the fate of her crew & passengers is not pleasant contemplation

Fourthly the Battleship "Cannae"; Pride of the Espidus VIII Conventional Navy, had appeared off shore: no signals; no visible activity; probably functioning under Automated Systems alone - & representing a lot of fire power waiting to be seized by whom ever could lay their hands on her! The Xenos & Imperial Factions would struggle to take possession of the locality where the "Cannae" had come to rest.  After hours of combat it was the Imperials who would come out on top in yet another titanic Apocalypse Battle & gain control of the battleship.

Battleship "cannae" once more crewed by loyal imperial hands


Current Scores - Turn 5:

  • Imperials - 27
  • Xenos - 16
  • Tyranids - 14
  • Chaos - 9

GM note: Extra Apocalypse & RPG Zones :

  • The x4 Zone Captures courtesy of the x3 Apocalypse Battles & the Deathwatch RPG are worth 5 points each in the Campaign Scoring System (similar to a Hive City) but these Zones cannot be Re-captured by other Factions & represent an Extra Zone & a permanent boost the owning Factions Points. They also do not have "borders" on the map so cannot be used to attack other Zones from.
  • As it turned out each Faction walked away with one of these Extra Zones meaning no-one actually gained an advantage...

Turn 6

This phase of battle was all about the Tau! Having been slaughtered in previous rounds & cast off the Moon Base Icarus the Tau part of the Xenos Faction struck back with a vengeance! 

  • There was no involving the Tyranid Horde in the northeast.
  • A Ravenwing battle group were massacred by Tau forces who then proceeded to capture the Power Station in Zone 27.
  • Nurgle forces were also defeated by a Tau battle group who in turn went on to capture the Roads in Zone 30.
  • Xenos activity in the south has uncovered Zone 41: a Bastion...

winter campaign- end of turn 6

the imperial power station in zone 27: now in foul xenos hands!

Current Scores - Turn 6:

  • Imperials - 27
  • Xenos - 18
  • Tyranids - 14
  • Chaos - 9

GM note: Politeness :

  • With only a handfull of Neutral Zones remaining undiscovered no Faction has Captured a Zone from another... how gentlemanly! Only the dirty, underhanded Xenos have attempted it...

Turn 7

The Powers of Chaos awaken once more! & the Tyranid Horde arises from it's slumber - must have been the cold weather...

  • The Tyranids in the northeast devour a Salamanders task force sent against them & consolidate on the whole island with the capture of Road Zone 14. This in turn reveals Manufactorum Zone 42 & more plains east on it in Zone 43.
  • The Xenos send the Tau into battle once more against the Imperial Guard - they seize victory but cannot hold their objective: Zone 37.
  • A warband of Grandfather Nurgle cast down a  Ravenwing force of Dark Angels sent against them: the Long War continues! While a detachment of the Nightlords Legion ambush a Tau battle Group. The Forces of Chaos seize both territories they attack: capturing Plains Zone 7 in the northern peninsula & Road Zone 30 on the northern coast - which also allows them the capture of Neutral Mountain Zone 39 ahead of them. A fine days work for the followers of the Dark Powers!
  • The Forces of the Imperium gained no ground this time around - the God Emperor was clearly not with them...


The Manufactorum of Zone 42 on the northern coast of the main continent - a vital resource hub, now dangerously close to tyranid territory

Current Scores - Turn 7:

  • Imperials - 27
  • Xenos - 17
  • Tyranids - 15
  • Chaos - 13

GM note:

  • A poor week for the Imperial Faction, but they are still out in front courtesy of controlling that vast swathe of territory in the central region & 2 Hive Cities: Hive Antipodus & Hive Espidus Primaris. However the loss of either one, even or both of these would severely swing the balance of power! The Tyranids are also in an interesting position with a nice island fortress as their base & clearly having "cunningly" targeted their Landing Zone in the heart of the Industrial belt of Espidus VIII...

Turn 8

Another turn all about the Powers of Chaos! Glory in combat but, but not so hot in territorial management...

  • Chaos Warband from both the Nightlords Traitor & Death Guard Legions defeated Dark Angels forces sent against them; with the followers of old Grandfather Nurgle massacring those engaging them well & truly!  However, the Chaos Faction failed to take the target Zone they were after (2 tries at it!) which was Hive Espidus Primaris in Zone 29, with it's Loyal Imperial citizens holding out behind their Hive's ancient Void Shields. An excellent Campaign altering target; but the Darks Gods were clearly not with them post-battle...
  • The Tyranids went back into hibernation once more.
  • The Xenos Faction sent forth a Tau battle group, but this was defeated by an Imperial Fists force - who then went onto secure the central Radiation Zone 28. 


 the Irradiated wasteland of zone 28 resultant from the fighting during the rebel planetary governor's insurrection - what could lie here?

So despite the action the scores remain the same: Current Scores - Turn 8:

  • Imperials - 27
  • Xenos - 17
  • Tyranids - 15
  • Chaos - 13

GM note:

  • With the Imperial Faction having secured Zone 28 the inch closer to achieving a secret objective: Bonus Points available...

Turn 9

This turn had victories for everyone; but the Imperials lost out on territorial gain.

  • In the northern central region the Imperial Fists defeated traitors of the Night Lords Legion but failed to secure the Shield Generator in Zone 35 as after their victory they were held at bay by dug in Secessionist troops loyal to the Planetary Governor.
  • In the southern central region a battle group of Tau defeated a force of Dark Angels to seize the coastal Bastion in Zone 41 (giving them now a handy +1 on the dice roll when attempting to capture future Zones) 
  • The Tyranid Horde in the north left their island hold-out for the first time & drove off a Dark Angels force to secure the Plains in Zone 43. This advance also revealed one of the last hidden Zones - another coastal Bastion in Zone 44...
  • A Warband loyal to Nurgle defeated a strike force from the newly arrived Crimson Fists & then captured the large central Mountains of Zone 23 - driving a wedge southwards between the Imperials & the Xenos; & also threatening to cut off the Xenos held Zones of 27 & 41 on the southern coast...


Bastion "Littoreus" on the southern coast - now in Xenos hands

 Current Scores - Turn 9:

  • Imperials - 27
  • Xenos - 16
  • Tyranids - 16
  • Chaos - 15

GM note:

  • The battle for second place is well & truly on! Only 1 point separates all 3 Factions: Chaos; Xenos & Tyranid. The Imperials stalled this turn, but no-one as yet has taken territory back from them...

Turn 10

This turn had victories for the Tyranids & the Forces of Chaos; the Imperials took a kicking; & the Xenos were absent...

  • In the north west a Wardband loyal to Nurgle massacred a Dark Angels Force & siezed the Plains Zone of 40 from Loyalist PDF units.
  • While in the south east a segment of the Tyranid Horde overran a Blood Angels Force & captured the Manufactorum in Zone 42 from the unfortunate Workers Militias stationed within.
  • The Imperials suffered military set backs: headw will roll! - but lost no Zones...
  • The Xenos were nowhere to be seen - suspicious - Xenos are all ways at their worst when you can't see them...

winter campaign - end of turn 10

The biomass manufactorum in zone 42 - a perfect target for the ravenous tyranids

Current Scores - Turn 10:

  • Imperials - 27
  • Tyranids - 19
  • Xenos - 16
  • Chaos - 16

GM note:

  • Second place is seized by the eager Tyranid Horde; the Xenos & Chaos Factions now joint third; & only 11 points between top & bottom! Again though it was only Neutral territory that was gained - no Faction actually lost ground... 
  • Turn 10 will see the implementation of some NEW Factional Bonus Point opportunities - these will be handed out to the Factions in secret.
  • The scores in each Factions Points Total will reflect these Bonuses (if any are achieved) from the end of Turn 10 onwards.
  • In addition: any battles fought with 2000 or more points gain +1 to their dice roll when attempting to Capture a Zone.
  • The Campaign Map now shows Zones protected by Shield Generators & by what value the difficulty to Capture those Zones is increased by the presence of the Shield Generator.
  • This has not been done for the Hive City Zones as their Shields only protect themselves & do not project beyond their own Zone. This may however be altered later for aesthetics.

Turn 11

+++ Intercept From Lord Commander: Imperial Espidus Reclamation Expedition//... you have your new orders gentlemen. Return to your units: Our cause is just & our path is clear. Espidus VIII & all that comes with it shall once more belong to the Imperium of Man!...+++

Turn 11 sees an escalation in the conflict upon Espidus VIII & it's environs!

  • Each Faction has received specific orders from it's superiors to concentrate on achieving certain objectives. This will gain them Bonus Points in the Campaign! Faction Scores will now have this included.
  • Battles fought with 2000+ points on either side will gain +1 to the dice roll required when Capturing Zones - this is to demonstrate the escalating nature of the campaign & forces involved & represent the advantage of having extra forces available to use in Zone Capture.

This turn had victories for the Tyranids, the Forces of Chaos & the Imperials took a kicking; & the Xenos were once more absent...

  • In the south east a fragment of the Tyranid Horde came up against a gun line of Imperial Fist Space Marines & the slaughter was terrible on both sides! However it was the Tyranids that were victorious & proceeded to capture the Bastion "Sudest" in Zone 44 from the Loyalist PDF troopers who had been bravely holding it in isolation. There fate not best thought about; this Bastion is now giving the Tyranids a +1 advantage to further Zone Capture attempts.
  • While in the north west the Nurgle worshipping Warbands once more proved themselves as they despatched a Crimson Fist Force with Typhus himself taking down Pedro Kantor, only for the mighty Crimson Fist hero to be dragged to safety by his loyal bodyguard! The Nurgle followers then proceeded to move off & capture Neutral Road Zone 26. 
  • The Imperials were at long last able to taste victory once more with a Dark Angels Task Force led by Samael himself defeating traitor legionaries of the Night Lords, though Samael himself was grievously wounded & taken out of action by lowly Noise Marine... The Dark Angels then secured the Power Station in Zone 34 from Secessionist Rebels, which has boosted the Void Shields protecting Hive Antipodus.
  • The Xenos were again nowhere to be seen - never trust a Xenos in the dark (which is hard in space, i know...) but the Imperium well knows: it is never good when you can't see them!


Bastion "Sudest" in Zone 44 - narrowly missed by the atomic strike that reduced zone 45 to radioactive ruins; now in tyranid hands

Current Scores - Turn 11 (New Bonuses included):

  • Imperials - 33
  • Xenos- 28
  • Tyranids - 26
  • Chaos - 20

GM note:

  • The additional Bonuses were conceived before the start of the Campaign & remained unknown to the players, so any major scoring in this first by any Faction has been pure good fortune! The Xenos, for example, have done fairly well...
  • A bit of maths maybe allow Factions to work out what their opponents Bonus Objectives are, or could lead them astray...
  • We have 4 unclaimed Zones - so surely sometime very soon the Zone Capture his to get dirty...

Turn 12

This turn the first set back for the Tyranids in a while; the Forces of Chaos struck forth in a big way! 

  • In the central north a fragment of the Tyranid Horde came up against the mechanised might of an Imperial Guard Armoured Corp. which "Turtled" up & proceeded to whale upon the waves of advancing Tyranid creatures! It was a massacre; big targets for the Big Guns & a little glory for the Lasgun firing line that took down a Carnifex! The Guard then dug themselves in around the Shield Generator in Zone 35 & relieved the Loyalist PDF unit who had been holding it. 
  • Just north west of this action the Nurgle worshipping Warbands were engaged by the returning Xenos forces: a Tau Task Force swept north but were pushed back in a very close run battle! Then using the cunning of the Dark Powers the followers of Grandfather Nurgle turned east & took Road Zone 38 off the distracted Imperials & then making use of the Imperial's own Road network to drive deeper into their territory! (see Road Special Rules above) 
  • A second Chaos Warband - this one dedicated to Slaanesh defeated a Force of Crimson Fists & once again Pedro Kantor was struck down! This time by  the Chaos Lord the "Black Mace" as his Astartes were massacred around him! The Choas Forces then heaped on the shame by taking Hive Espidus Primaris from the Imperials in Zone 29! The population are now under they sway of Slaanesh! Anything could be going on! 


The Lower levels & outskirts of Hive espidus primaris burn as the walls are breached by the slaaneshi forces...

Current Scores - Turn 12 (New Bonuses included):

  • Chaos - 30
  • Imperials - 30
  • Xenos- 28
  • Tyranids - 26

GM note:

  • Ooooooh! Before i totalled this Turn i actually thought Chaos were going to unseat the Imperials in one fell Swoop! But no, they are level pegging with each other! (I stuck Chaos at the top as they gained the most points this Turn; that & it looked good!) Still, nice turn around by the Dark Powers!
  • With their drooling, spikey & toothy charge halted by the big guns of the Guard the Tyranids sink to last place this week - didn't see that coming...
  • With only 3 neutral Zones left to be captured & the New Bonuses in play: i can see every week being fairly cut-throat from now on!
  • Next up: Apocalypse time!!!

"Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum Apocalypse Battle:

+++ Intercept from Sucessionist Agents:// ... after scouring the wastelands of the continent we have finally found what our master promised was true! The "Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum does exist! Though long forgotten & covered over by millennia off detritus, the recent heavy bombardments of planetary conflict have uncovered one of it's primary lift shafts! Once this region is secured & the Manufactorum reactivated then the flood of equipment & arms to our forces will be unequalled! Victory to the Dark Gods...//

"Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum  - the fabled super manufactorum of Espidus VIII of old...

All four Factions will turn there machinations towards the acquiring of this high value target! The one that succeeds will "discover" the long lost "Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum within their already controlled territory: a Zone of their choice will be altered to become the "Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum with a value of 5 points - replacing the value of the Zone it displaces. Unlike previous Apocalypse games & their rewards: this Zone will be free to be reconquered by other Factions at a later date! 

+++ Intercept from Xenos Communications Net by Imperial Agents:// Translation Matrix Engaged:// Self-Destruct Servitor Scribe Enabled://... *static* ... have secured 2 possible entrances to the what the Monkeigh refer to as the "Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum...  *static* ... agents of The Great Enemy have been disposed of prior to engaging the Forces of the Monkeigh & the Bio Horde... *static* ... third entrance lost to the Bio Horde... *static* ... central entrance has been breached & the "Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum located!... //Communications Intercept Ends:// Servitor De-Activating ... *SCRUNCH*

3 Faction Forces engaged on the ruined plains of Espidus VIII: the Imperials from the west; the Xenos from the north; & the Tyranids from the east - of the Chaos Forces there was no sign... The Xenos struck fast & struck hard early on with Commander Farsight dropping in behind the Imperial Baneblade & destroying it with a lucky shot - this got worse for the Imperials as the resulting explosion took out an Imperial Knight; who exploded & destroyed a further Knight; who exploded & seriously damaged a THIRD Knight... The Imperials struck back by taking out several Eldar Wraith Knights &  some ridiculous shooting by Commander Nathan's Tactical Squad ground a Tyranid Harridin! However the Tyranids swarmed forward & took control of the central & eastern Objectives marking the possible entrances to the "Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum - but were forced of the the central Objective by the Tau, whilst the Eldar wrested the western Objective from the Imperials. 

So with the conflict resolved the Xenos held 2 potential Entrances & the Tyranids held the third - which was the real one uncovered by the Chaos Agents? & which were dead ends...

Luck was with the Xenos (& maths) - with a 2/3 chance of being right they got the Real Entrance & with it secured the "Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum! They decided it had been located in the far southwest of the continent in Zone 1 - & with the excavation of the site to re-activate the "Armamentarium" the River that had previously flowed through Zone 1 was drained into the Manufactorum to power it's machinery & act as coolant once more (removing it from the Campaign Map).

WINTER CAMPAIGN - END OF TURN 12A: Post-apocalypse

Current Scores - Turn 12A (New Bonuses included):

  • Xenos- 32
  • Chaos - 30
  • Imperials - 30
  • Tyranids - 26

Turn 13

This turn saw a big move by the Tyranids! While the Forces of Chaos secured their holdings - both at the expense of the Xenos! 

  • In the south east in a bold move the Tyranid Horde set forth a force from Hive Nord's Space Port which destroyed a Dark Eldar raiding band it caught unawares defending the Space Port deep behind the lines in Zone 3 - the first volley of bio-weaponry from the monstrous Hive Guard Tyranid elite brought down the Dark Eldar HQ vehicle & the resulting carnage wiped out the entire Dark Eldar command, leaving their underlings easy pickings for the hungry Tyranid swarms... The Tyranid airborne assault force then proceeded to capture the Space Port in Zone 3.
  • Just north west of this action, beyond the mountains the Nurgle worshippers were engaging a Dark Angels force led by Sammael himself. However he was overwhelmed by the disease ridden undead-like hordes of the Chaos Warband & he was put out of action by a Zombie... Tales will not be written of such things - not in the Dark Angels Annals anyway... Nurgle, however, is still chortling in his own phlegmy way! The Chaos Forces then secured the Power Station in Zone 27; which they used to increase the strength of the Shields protecting Hive Espidus Primaris (from +3 to +4 additionally required for the "to Capture" roll to be successful).
  • There were no success for the Forces of the Imperium or the Xenos.


tyranid forces drop from the skies to capture the space port in zone 3 from the xenos who have held it from early on

Current Scores - Turn 13 (New Bonuses included) - & it's all change!:

  • Tyranids - 31
  • Chaos - 31
  • Imperials - 30
  • Xenos- 29

GM note:

  • Boooom! The Tyranids leap up the table from bottom to top - like a Lictor after a Guardsman! 
  • Excellent use of a Hive City's Space Port to link it's Zone to any other Zone containing another Space Port for an "aerial assault" of sorts!
  • Clever use of capturing a Power Station to boost a previously captured Hive City's Shields; making it harder to recapture back from them!
  • Chaos of have also now managed to "cut off" the Xenos held Zone of Zone 41 - making it easier to capture (-2 to the total required on the "to Capture" roll).
  • The Tyranids in the Space Port of Zone 3 are NOT "cut off" as they are being supplied via the aerial route between the Hive City in Zone 13 & the Space Port itself in Zone 3.

Turn 14

This turn saw yet more advances by the Tyranid Horde & the Chaos Warbands! Oh, how the tide has turned...

  • In the south east the Tyranid Horde sallied out of their new  Space Port deep behind the lines in Zone 3 & engaged the Nurgle Warband they found marauding there -it was a close run thing but with their Hive Tyrant defeating Typhus himself in a challenge victory went to the Tyranids! They then pushed their advantage & secured the recently discovered "Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum in Zone 1 from the Xenos Faction. The Xenos Farseers had "seen" this however & attempted to take back the Zone by using their Faction Special Ability - Webway Gates - allowing Xenos Forces to flood the area in it's defence! However, it turned out that the shadow the Tyranids cast upon the Warp disrupted the Xenos witchcraft & it ended in failure leaving the Tyranid Horde in control of the "Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum.
  • To the west Chaos Forces of the Crimson Slaughter engaged the Dark Angels amongst the southern Mountains - the rough & wooded terrain did not suit the mobile Imperial Forces & they were cut down by the Traitor Legionaries in the brutal close range combat that veterans of The Long War specialised in for millennia...  The Chaos Forces then set about securing the Mountain Zone 37 in the name of their foul masters!
  • Yet again there were no success for the Forces of the Imperium or the Xenos...


The Tyranid horde swarms to victory once more! ca anything halt their devouring of Espidus VIII?

Current Scores - Turn 14 (New Bonuses included):

  • Tyranids - 36
  • Chaos - 33
  • Imperials - 30
  • Xenos- 24

GM note:

  • The first use of a Faction Ability in the Campaign goes off & ... it fails... ah well... The Xenos had the Ability to, at the end of the Zone Capturing Phase, declare the use of their "Webway Gates" & on a 4+ roll on a D6 they would regain any Zone that had been lost that Turn. They decided that the loss of the "Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum was serious enough to warrant the use of this Ability, but to no avail...
  • The Powers of Chaos have well & truely "cut off" the Xenos Bastion in Zone 41 - making it easier to capture (-2 to the total required on the "to Capture" roll), despite Nurgle's first set back in a long time!
  • The Xenos are baring the brunt of the Tyranid & Chaos expansion - it seems to be their Zones that are getting swallowed up in the main...

Turn 15

"The snows are clear; my mind is clear; the Emperor's Holy will is clear; onwards sons of the Imperium! To death; to glory; to victory!" Lord Militant Damerung - Commander: Imperial Ground Forces Espidus VIII Reclamation.

With the winter snows clearing on Espidus VIII this turn saw the Forces of the Imperium open up battle on 3 front! A sleeping giant awakes...

  • In the far south an Imperial Fists Force engaged a Dark Eldar raiding party in the atomic wastes & scattered it! Not happy with this they drive on & capture the Chaos held Power Station in Zone 27 - thereby cutting of the ability of the Chaos Garrison in Hive Espidus Primaris & set about having their Techmarines re-route the power to reinforce the Shields protecting the Imperial held Hive Antipodus to the east! 
  • To the south east  a Dark Angels Force cuts through a Tau battle group to take the unclaimed Plains of Zone 20 in an attempt to counter the Tyranid threat rampaging down from the north east...
  • In the centre another Dark Angels Force engages & defeats a Slaaneshi Warband & drives onwards to the walls of the Chaos held Hive Espidus Primaris hoping that the actions of their fellow Astartes have weakened it's defences - but to no avail! They are driven off by the foul creatures now manning the the cities defences...
  • In the the very south the newly arrived Chaos Warband - The Crimson Slayers - continue their rampage & drive off an Ultra Marines Force. They then turn their attention to the nearby Bastion Littoreus on the peninsula of Zone 41. The "cut off" Xenos Garrison do not have the stomach for the fight & are driven off leaving this vital strategic asset in the hands of the servants of the the Dark Gods! However, with the Imperial Fists having advance south behind them, the Crimson Slayers now find themselves isolated & "cut off" in return behind enemy lines in Zones 41 & 37...
  • To the west the Warbands of Grandfather Nurgle chortled & drooled their way to another victory over Imperial Forces & not satisfied with that they turned on the Xenos garrison defending the Power Station in Zone 22 & drive them off. This has the stunning triple effect of cutting the boosting power the Xenos were using on their Shield Generator to the north in Zone 8; "cutting off" the Xenos forces in Zone 8; & re-establishing a boosting power supply back to the Shields of Hive Espidus Primaris once more! Grandfather Nurgle blessed many a believer with grand afflictions indeed this day! 
  • & yet the fighting still wasn't over! The Tyranids devoured a force of Blood Angels sent against them - with their mighty Hive Tyrant once more victorious in single combat! This time it was a revered Librarian Psychic that fell before it as his Astartes were massacred around them! The Tyranid Horde then pushed on westward to secure the Power Station in Zone 34 - cutting the Power to Hive Antipodus (later to be re-established by the valiant efforts of the Imperial Fists further west!) & using Genestealer cultist labour to re-direct the power to their Manufactorum to the east in Zone 42.
  • There were no victories for the Xenos once again - they now only hold 4 Zones with Zone 8 Shielded but "cut off"...


The indomitable SOns of Dorn bring their full fury upon the traitorous enemies of mankind on the southern reaches of espidus viii

Current Scores - Turn 15 (New Bonuses included):

  • Tyranids - 38
  • Chaos - 34
  • Imperials - 31
  • Xenos- 19

GM note:

  • Wow! Some turn eh?! Some interesting exchanges of territory. Factions seem to now be tactically targeting various Zones: with the layout of the map being finalised & Zone locations in respect to their interaction with other Zones becoming important!
  • The bonus Points for Factions controlling their relevant vital target Zones is having a nice effect on the scoring & (hopefully!) Zone targeting.
  • 3 Factions have yet to use their Special Ability.
  • The Imperials; Chaos; & Tyranids all control a Bastion each - giving them =1 to their dice rolls to Capture Zones
  • The Xenos are in trouble...

Turn 16

"The foolish monkiegh & their debased cousins have left themselves open; it is written in the skeins of fate... Strike now & we shall be assured of nothing but victory!" Farseer Mandor'Alan of the Biel Tan Craftworld 

Clearly it was all a ploy! Like some strange springy alien beast the Xenos sprung into action! Is this their moment...

  • All across Espidus VIII Xenos forces attack & cut Imperial forces to pieces along with one unfortunate Slaanshii Warband foolish enough to cross their path!
  • In the west the Xenos defeat Imperial troops before turning on the Chaos Garrison of the Power Station in Zone 22 & securing it for their cause. This now gives greater protection to the Zones they control in the surrounding area & once again cuts off the boosting power to the Shields protecting the Chaos held Hive Espidus Primaris - a great double blow!
  • But the Xenos weren't finished yet! The garrison of the Shield Generator in Zone 8 drove of another Imperial force before marching on the Chaos Forces holding the neighbouring Mountain Zone 9 - further strengthening the Xenos hold on the region as not only do they have the Mountain's defensive bonus but they also fall under the protection of their newly boosted Shield Generator!
  • However now the Xenos fortunes start to change... Despite crushing victories for 2 Tau & an Eldar Force against the Imperials in the west & Slaaneshii in the south, these forces could not secure more Zones for their Faction! The Tyranids in the "Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum held off 2 attempts by the Tau to take it from them; while the Eldar failed to exploit Road Zone 26 in the north west which would have had them capture Zone 40 also! 
  • There Imperials were left with a bloody nose after recent glories... but still lost no territory.
  • The Tyranids were conspicuous in their absence, but their garrison creatures served them well with no ground lost! 


eldar veterans cut their way through the lowly monkiegh rabble

Current Scores - Turn 16 (New Bonuses included):

  • Tyranids - 38
  • Chaos - 31
  • Imperials - 31
  • Xenos- 25

GM note:

  • Well that's the Xenos back in the game in one fell swoop! Some good Zone targeting bumps up their points. 
  • The Xenos were also very unlucky this turn: given the Zones they captured vs the ones they failed to capture: they actually managed to roll the harder scores! The joys of dice games...
  • The Imperials took a whoopin'! But lost no ground or score. That's how to lose well!
  • Chaos lost a couple of Zones, but not too much score. The biggest worry would be the weakening of their hold on that Hive city smack bang in the middle of the map...
  • With Zones swapping owners now with some regularity there is the possibility that some clever fellows could work out the Secret Bonuses that some Factions might be earning off certain Zone types...

Turn 17

& still the Sword Wind continues - victory after victory once again for the resurgent Xenos Faction!

  • In the far south the Tau defeat an Imperial Force & then push on to drive the Imperial garrison from the Power Station in Zone 27.
  • To the east of the Power Station the Tyranid Swarm sees off a roaming band of Slaaneshii Cultists & take advantage of the distracted Xenos Garrison in River Zone 5 (overconfident in their defences & capture of nearby Zone 27) & capture it for the Tyranid Faction.
  • Further north in Zone 23 more of the Chaos Faction - this time worshippers of Nurgle - defeat Forces of Dark Angels & then Ultramarines in successive battles! Buoyed by this success they push on to try & take the southern end of their mountain range from the Xenos defenders in Zone 4 but are beaten back not once, but twice by the garrison there!
  • To make matters worse a Tau Cadre just north east of them destroys another Force of Ultramarines & then descends on the rear of the Chaos troops in Zone 23 & wipes them out - capturing the Mountain Zone 23 for the Xenos Faction!
  • To the south east in the originally targeted Mountain Zone 4 a pirate crew of Dark Eldar raiders struck out at Forces of Dark Angels & Blood Angels: defeating them both with speed & cunning. They then set their sights on the "Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum in Zone 1, who's garrison had previously held off multiple attacks, & after 2 attempts finally take it from the Tyranids!
  • There were no victories for the Imperial Faction this Turn - they took a hefty beating...


Dark eldar warriors scour the corridors of the " Armamentarium " Mega Manufactorum for remaining Tyranid creatures

Dark eldar warriors scour the corridors of the "Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum for remaining Tyranid creatures

Current Scores - Turn 17 (New Bonuses included):

  • Tyranids - 34
  • Xenos - 30
  • Chaos - 29
  • Imperials - 25

Current Bastions held:

  • Tyranids: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Xenos: 0
  • Chaos: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Imperials: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts

GM note:

  • The Xenos storm up the score table - taking the "Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum from the Tyranids really evened things out!
  • The Imperials took a beating again'! But this time lost a Power Station: & one that was fuelling their Bonus Shields on their Hive City Antipodus in Zone 17!
  • The Xenos capture of the "Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum & the nearby Power Station in Zone 27 has boosted the Points garnered from Zone 1 from (the already rather nice) 5 to a whopping 6 with the linking of them together as the nearest available outlet for the Power Station!
  • Chaos were unlucky in their Capture rolls & their wedge driven to the south coast has been interrupted, & as Chaos held Zones 37 & 41 are out of contact with each the main Chaos held area they ARE "Cut Off".
  • With the loss of Zone 1 the Tyranids in the newly acquired Zone 5 ARE "Cut Off" & there is therefore a +2 bonus added to the dice roll for anyone trying to Capture this Zone from them! Zone 3, with it's Space Port, is still linked to Hive City Nord & NOT "Cut Off".
  • Another Turn of Zone swapping - has someone worked out any of the Secret Bonuses that some Factions holding certain Zone types...

Turn 18

& the Xenos revival gets it's reckoning!

  • In the south west the Tyranids defeat a roving force of Crimson Fists & then turn back & overwhelm the Xenos garrison in the "Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum in Zone 1 once more, returning it to the freakish claw-hands of some foul Genestealer Cult. However without an associated Power Station (for once) the Zone is worth only 5 points.
  • To the North the followers of Nurgle resume there march of carnage across the centre of the continent defeating a force of the previously unstoppable wraith constructs of the Eldar & reclaiming the central Mountain Zone 23 from the Xenos.
  • On the southern peninsula a Slaaneshi Warband fought off a Dark Eldar raiding force that had been plaguing the region & then turned their attention north & captured Road Zone 24 from the Imperials there (thereby breaking out of the "cut off" encirclement they had found themselves in!) & were further rewarded with a rapid advance by their mobile units along this vital central artery which claimed them attached Road Zone 25 from the Imperial Faction also!
  • The Imperials themselves were distracted by combat against a curiously allied Tau & Ork force, however the twin Astartes commands of the Ultramarines & the Dark Angels saw off this threat & liberated the Power Station in Zone 27 for the Imperial Faction. For the first time in a while this Power Station has no Complex or Installation to boost as it's new garrison finds itself presently "cut off" from a friendly Zone that would make use of it...


Chaos Fast attack units exploit the gap in the imperial lines to forge their way further into enemy territory

Current Scores - Turn 18 (New Bonuses included):

  • Tyranids - 39
  • Chaos - 33
  • Imperials - 27
  • Xenos - 18

Current Bastions held:

  • Tyranids: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Xenos: 0
  • Chaos: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Imperials: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts

GM note:

  • Oh how the mighty have fallen: the Xenos plummet to the bottom of the table after only a handful of loses but the loss of some key Zones... Hard luck there lads.
  • Chaos close the gap on the Tyranids despite the Nids gaining back some of their lost territory.
  • The Imperials gain some ground but find their newly acquired Zones instantly "cut off" as the Forces of Chaos once more lay claim to nearly the whole centre of the continent!
  • Most Factions have re-established their lines of communication & straightened their front lines: only the Imperial Faction has Zones"cut off " - Radiation Zone 28 & the ever popular Power Station 27, which receive the +2 Bonus when trying to Capture them.

Turn 19

A bad day at the office for the Powers of Chaos - the servants of the Dark Powers struggle once more in the post-battle dice rolling department...

  • In the south the Tyranids defeat a raiding force of Dark Eldar & then turn back & boyed by their previous re-capture of the  "Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum in Zone 1 they once more capture the Power Station in Zone 27 from the Imperials - making the "Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum worth 6 points again.
  • To the North the followers of Nurgle  defeat a force of Dark Angels but fail to capture the targeted Shield Generator in Zone 8 - long held by the Xenos.
  • South of this action another Dark Angels force is seen off. This time by the Tau, who follow up this victory by capturing the central Mountain Zone 23 from the Forces of Chaos once more.
  • In the centre of the continent another Chaos Warband defeats yet another Dark Angels Force & also fail to capture their target - the Imperial Bastion Acrocorinth
  • A further Force of Dark Angels redeems the Chapter  by defeating the Khornate Chaos Warbands roving the region & capturing Road Zone 24 which leads to the further follow-up capture of Road Zone 25 from the Chaos Faction also. 


The gates of Imperial Bastion Acrocorinth hold firm!

Current Scores - Turn 19 (New Bonuses included):

  • Tyranids - 41
  • Chaos - 29
  • Imperials - 25
  • Xenos - 20

Current Bastions held:

  • Tyranids: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Xenos: 0
  • Chaos: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Imperials: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts

GM note:

  • & the Tyranid Horde pulls away further into the lead with a little 2-for deal on capturing the Power Station in Zone 27 once more.
  • Chaos unfortunately lose some ground in second as both the Xenos & Imperials target them to regain some of their some of their lost territory from last turn.
  • The Imperials solidify their hold on the central ground & retain their Bastion i Zone 18 guarding the way to Hive Antipodus.
  • The Xenos take a small step back into the race after last turns set backs - but still have less than half the points of the Tyranid Faction!
  • 3 Factions have yet to play their Special Ability: Imperials; Tyranids & Chaos.

Turn 20

The Empire strikes back! While others are knocked back...

  • In the far Southwest of the continent the Tyranid Horde devours a Warband from the Nightlords traitor Astartes Legion then turn their teeth & claws towards the Xenos forces dug in to the North in the Mountains of Zone 4 but are beaten back & slink back down the slopes to the safety of the wetlands around River Zone 5...
  • In the North of the central mass of the mountainous spine of the continent followers of Nurgle drive back a baying pack of Spacewolves then turn their attention, once again, upon another Xenos garrison holding the large Mountain Zone 23, but also fail to capture their target.
  • In the centre the Imperial Forces again made headway as they drove Slaaneshi Forces from Road Zone 36 & then followed up with pushing on into Road Zone 38. This has now cleared the Northern headland region of all enemy forces & secured the area for the Imperium - additionally it is now almost all under the extra protection of the Shield Generator in Zone 35 once again!


Current Scores - Turn 20 (New Bonuses included):

  • Tyranids - 41
  • Chaos - 27
  • Imperials - 27
  • Xenos - 20

Current Bastions held:

  • Tyranids: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Xenos: 0
  • Chaos: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Imperials: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts

Eldar forces holding the high ground cut down xenomorph & monkeigh savages alike with easy

GM note:

  • The Imperials now hold all the central ground & north of Zones 27 & 37, with a large chunk of it under extra Shielding! An excellent come back by the Imperials now has the immediate Chaos Forces either isolated to the South & "cut off" or dangerously exposed in a "bulge" in the North - tidy work!
  • The Xenos, despite being targeted repeatedly, lose no ground as the Defensive Bonuses of the Mountain Zones pay off for the garrisons on their Southern & Western territorial extremities. 
  • The Chaos Faction seems to have been distracted with the recent Xenos resurgence, & while being determined to whittle it away this has lost them a good deal of territory to the Imperials...
  • The Tyranids, for the first time in a while, make no progress, but still hold a healthy lead!
  • 3 Factions have yet to play their Special Ability: Imperials; Tyranids & Chaos.

Turn 21

On the thawing wastelands & detritus strewn battlegrounds of Espidus VIII the unending beast that is the Warmachine of the Imperium of Man pushes ever onward against whatever it's numberless Foes can feebly through at it - but to no avail: it will not be stopped! The Imperial Forces have seen the signs; the portents; from the lowliest Trooper in the trenches to the highest Warmaster in his ivory battletower - all across the front line He has been seen leading the Imperial Forces to Victory! A golden armour-clad Warrior Angel of  the Imperial Creed! "On his Holy Day St. Patrochlus is risen once more!" the voices sing out! Final Victory is assured!

  • In the Southern peninsula Dark Angels clashed with a marauding Force of Tau; with the Astartes the victors! The Dark Angels then turned their attention to the strategically important Power Station in Zone 27 - the scene of many a bloody conflict! - & took it from the foul Tyranid creatures holding sway over it! This had the double effect of upping the Shield strength of Hive Antipodus back to +4 once more & reducing the value of the "Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum back down to +5!
  • Further North another detachment of Dark Angels engaged & destroyed a Chaos Warband loyal to Slaanesh but failed to dig them out of their fall back positions amongst the Mountains of Zone 39...
  • To the West of this action the Forces of Chaos were not distracted by the continued Westward push of the Imperial Forces & instead persisted in their quarrel with the Xenos & after defeating a Force of Eldar they finally recaptured the now blood soaked slopes of Mountain Zone 23 from the Xenos which had held out there for so long!
  • In the far South a Warband of Nurgle is overwhelmed by a sea of Tyranid Xenomorphs & devoured! Then turn their beady eyes upon the Xenos defenders on the slopes of Mountain Zone 4 once more.. but their recent meal does not agree with them & in their weakened & now disease ridden state they are beaten back by the garrison there!


Current Scores - Turn 21 (New Bonuses included):

  • Tyranids - 39
  • Imperials - 33
  • Chaos - 29
  • Xenos - 18

Current Bastions held:

  • Tyranids: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Xenos: 0
  • Chaos: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Imperials: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts

Imperial saint Patrochlus appears to Imperial forces all across Espidus VIII - Victory is ours!

GM note:

  • The Imperials advance once more & secure everyone's favourite Power Station in Zone 27. This ups their Points; their Shields; & drops the Tyranids back a step to within the iron-clad reach of the Imperial Faction... Bravo!
  • The Xenos suffer a series of defeats once more & finally lose some ground because of it: their stalwart Garrison in Zone 4 holds out but not so in Zone 23...
  • The Chaos Faction still seem to be distracted with the Xenos & while this time they finally take the usefully large Zone 23 from them does that make up for the loss of so much territory in the centre to the Imperials? They also still have 2 Zones seemingly abandoned & "cut off" on the Southern peninsula...
  • The Tyranids are held off again despite victory in battle! Zone 4 is proving a tough nut to crack for the wee beasties & their lead is now only 6 Points...
  • 3 Factions have yet to play their Special Ability: Imperials; Tyranids & Chaos.

Turn 22

Despite a whole continent; a whole world in conflict - like all great wars victory may come about through actions of a far smaller scale! The war for Espidus VIII seems to be gravitating towards that dimension as the battle for control  of the southern peninsula rages on while other theatres take a back seat...

  • On the far extent of the Southern peninsula Dark Angels engaged once again with the Tau & were once more victorious. They then pushed on & captured Bastion Littoreus in Zone 41 from the Forces of Chaos, placing it's Blessed machinations once more in righteous hands!
  • Just to the North of this action another detachment of Dark Angels was massacred! & those left behind as a rear-guard were also over-run & the Power Station in Zone 27 was once more captured by the Tyranids!
  • Further North of this again the Nurgle Warbands that had finally taken the Mountain sanctuary of Zone 23 from the Xenos struck forth! They caught a Force of Ultramarines linking the Dark Angels forces in the South with the main Imperial lines & drove them off, but not before the Ultramarine Veterans of their Vanguard had wiped out ALL the Traitor Terminators in the enemy force! This was not enough, however, to stop the Forces of Chaos claiming Radiation Zone 28...
  • A dark period for the Xenos Faction - no victories for them, but the loss of no territory...


Current Scores - Turn 22 (New Bonuses included):

  • Tyranids - 41
  • Chaos - 31
  • Imperials - 30
  • Xenos - 18

Current Bastions held:

  • Tyranids: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Xenos: 0
  • Chaos: 0
  • Imperials: 2 - +2 added to dice roll to capture attempts

the servants of the mechanicum work hard to remove the foul taint on bastion littoreus

GM note:

  • The Imperials capture their second Bastion: this giving them a very handy +2 Bonus to capturing attempts on Zones. However the garrison in Bastion Littoreus is now "cut off"...
  • The Forces of Chaos have lost their Bastion but have linked up their territories once more & have edged back ahead of the Imperials in the score chart.
  • The Xenos are suffering on the battlefield but lose no territory this time...
  • The Tyranids get moving once more after stalling upon enemy garrisons in previous rounds! Power Station Zone 27 is once more theirs so up goes the score of  the "Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum to +6 once again & down go the Shields of  Hive Antipodus to +3,  this would have happened anyway, however, as Chaos had cut the link between Hive City & Power Station with their advance!
  • 3 Factions have yet to play their Special Ability: Imperials; Tyranids & Chaos.

Turn 23

Glory to the Emperor! His chosen Angels of Battle have struck a mighty blow for the liberation of Espidus VIII!

  • At the far extent of the Southern peninsula a Warband loyal to Nurgle engaged with Tau Forces & were victorious, while a Warband loyal to Slaanesh massacred a Dark Angels Force. Following these victories over the Xenos & the Imperials they attempted to capture Bastion Littoreus in Zone 41 from the Imperial garrison there with the intention of using it once more to boost the Shields protecting the Chaos held Hive Primaris  in Zone 29; the first assault was driven off by the gallant defenders , but the second assault won the day! But they were too late...
  • To the North of this action a detachment of Blood Angels dropped from the sky & butchered a force of Dark Eldar pirates! With their valiant Terminator Librarian alone accounting for 7 of the foe & 2 of their Raider transports! A true hero of the Imperium! & as such he led his force to yet greater glory in the Emperor's Name & struck forth into the Chaos held Hive Primaris & re-took it in His Name!
  • The Tyranids slumbered this turn - the cold weather clearly leaving them sluggish...
  • The dark period for the Xenos Faction continues - no victories for them again, but still the loss of no further territory...


Current Scores - Turn 23 (New Bonuses included):

  • Tyranids - 41
  • Imperials - 34
  • Chaos - 24
  • Xenos - 18

Current Bastions held:

  • Tyranids: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Xenos: 0
  • Chaos: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Imperials: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts

legio astartes of the Blood Angels chapter recapture the seat of power on Espidus viii: hive primaris in an airborne assault!

GM note:

  • The Imperials capture of Hive Primaris fires them up the score chart & the loss of it sorely hurts the Chaos cause! The Imperials are now only 7 points behind the Tyranids...
  • The Forces of Chaos have recaptured their Bastion from the Imperials - it may be put to good use soon enough to gain an advantage in recapturing the lost Hive Primaris...
  • The Xenos are suffering on the battlefield but lose no territory again...
  • The Tyranids are inactive this turn - up to no good no doubt...
  • 3 Factions have yet to play their Special Ability: Imperials; Tyranids & Chaos.

Turn 24

Once again the Forces of the Imperium are on the march! This time they turn their balefull gaze upon the North of the Continent!

  • In the western extent of the Northern peninsula the Dark Angels engaged a force of Craftworld Eldar led by an Avatar itself! A sign that the Xenos must be getting desperate! But to no avail! The Chosen Prince of the Court was laid low by a valiant squad of Deathwing Knights! However this was but a distraction as the Imperials then turned their focus on the followers of Chaos: Undoubtedly searching for members of the Fallen the Dark Angels captured the Plains Zone 7 from them. 
  • To the East a horde of ravenous drooling pack of monstrosities faced off against... a ravenous drooling pack of monstrosities: as Space Wolves fought Tyranids across the narrow straights dividing the main Continent from the Northeastern Island! It was to be victory for the furrier variety of beast as the Space Wolves won out. They pushed on from their beach-heads but were unable to liberate Hive Nord from the Tyranids...
  • The Xenos Faction suffers still - no victories for them again, but again the loss of no further territory...
  • No sign of Chaos activity this Turn - what foul machinations have they under way?...


Current Scores - Turn 24 (New Bonuses included):

  • Tyranids - 41
  • Imperials - 35
  • Chaos - 23
  • Xenos - 18

Current Bastions held:

  • Tyranids: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Xenos: 0
  • Chaos: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Imperials: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts

space wolves reach the outskirts of hive nord - but can get no further...

GM note:

  • The Imperials attempted capture of Hive Nord may show a new direction in Imperial strategy: with the capture of Hive Primaris last Turn & now this... 
  • The Xenos fought but even their excellent Eldar talismans could not get them a victory...
  • No Chaos activity this Turn
  • The Tyranids are defeated again (quick check for a Blue Moon...)
  • 3 Factions have yet to play their Special Ability: Imperials; Tyranids & Chaos.

Turn 25

Another turn of victories for the Imperium! Have they timed their push to perfection? 

The Eldar Farseer wandered through the ancient garden, gently brushing by what looked to the casual eye like a myriad of crystalline statues, but she new better as to their true nature... Voices sung inside her consciousness; inside her very Soul: time was running out they whispered; a reckoning soon approached that would irrevocably alter this conflict. If a favourable outcome for their people was to be achieved then it would have to be brought about with haste... Not an idle warning from a race who judged time by the Eons...

  • In the South-western extent of the Continent the Imperial Fists saw off a band of Slaaneshi fanatics before launching their main attack via Drop Pod Assault upon the "Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum in Zone 1 & taking it for the Imperium!
  • Far to the East a Dark Angels battle force saw off an Eldar raid then sallied forth to take the Manufactorum in Zone 42 from the Tyranids! 
  • In the North-west the Ravenwing defeated the forces of Nurgle in a true battle of opposites - speed versus relentlessness - but then were driven off their real objective by the Xenos defenders of the Shield Generator in Zone 8...
  • The powers of Chaos struck back however: with the Imperium looking at the wider picture another Slaaneshi Warband defeated a Blood Angels task force & driving at the heart of the Imperial gains they recaptured Hive Espidus Primaris
  • The Tyranids slumbered this turn...
  • The Xenos saw no victories this turn...


Current Scores - Turn 25 (New Bonuses included):

  • Imperials - 44
  • Tyranids - 31
  • Chaos - 31
  • Xenos - 18

Current Bastions held:

  • Tyranids: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Xenos: 0
  • Chaos: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Imperials: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts

Astartes Drop Pods hurtle towards the planet's surface!

GM note:

  • The Imperials turn from their attacks on Hive Nord & instead claimed several industrial sectors across Espidus VIII (including through the use of their own Special Ability: Drop Pod Assault  allowing them to target any Zone as if it were adjacent to one of theirs for a trun) - it looks to have done the trick nicely...
  • Some nasty Zone losses for the Tyranids - costly more in points rather than territory it seems...
  • Chaos once again recapture Hive Espidus Primaris: there can't be much of it left at this point... 
  • The Xenos persist, but they are struggling...
  • 2 Factions have yet to play their Special Ability: Tyranids & Chaos.

Turn 26

An interesting little Turn which leaves things finely balanced to say the least... 

The Inquisitor laid the palm of his hand over the Tarot Deck. He felt the warmth on his skin as they came alive at the gentle nudging of his mind. The question had been asked & The Emperor's Will would guide him... The first card revealed was The Tower - "destruction", no surprise there, they were involved in a war of planetary scale. He placed the second card in it's position: The Tower... The Third: The Tower... The forth: The Tower... The fifth: The Tower... The Inquisitor leapt to he feet & hammered at the comms button nearby on the wall. "Get me my Astropath in here now!" Four of any Tarot card revealed in this manner did not bode well, & five... Five was not good news either... The Inquisitor was fairly sure that throughout his 176 years of existence there had only been four of that card in his deck...

  • In the South-western corner of the Continent the Imperial Fists engaged once more with the forces of Slaanesh & defeated a Warband of Emperor's Children Traitor Legionaires before attempting to liberate the Tyranid held Space Port north of the "Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum, in Zone 3, but to no avail...
  • In response the Tyranids saw off the attentions of a Dark Angels battle group through the hideous machinations of a Tyranid Genestealer Cult & then recaptured the "Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum in Zone 1! ... In the name of The 4-Armed Emperor!
  • Far to the North the previously unstoppable forces of Nurgle were defeated in battle by the Tau - their bloated hides were no match for the speed, stealth & tech of the Xenos! The Tau then pushed on & drove the Imperial garrison from the Plains in Zone 7 for the first Xenos advance in a while! 
  • There were no victories for the Powers of Chaos this Turn - greater sacrifices are required clearly...


Current Scores - Turn 26 (New Bonuses included):

  • Tyranids - 37
  • Imperials - 35
  • Chaos - 31
  • Xenos - 19

Current Bastions held:

  • Tyranids: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Xenos: 0
  • Chaos: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Imperials: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts


GM note:

  • The Imperials lose the  "Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum back to the Tyranids! Their gamble with their Drop Pod Assault has not quite worked. They may have needed to secure more Zones in the one area to truely hold the ground against counter attack in following Turns...
  • The Tyranids claw back their top spot with the re-capture of the  "Armamentarium" Mega Manufactorum - to which they seem highly attached...
  • Chaos are hanging on in there & still in good position to make a late grab for Campaign victory...
  • The Xenos finally take a Zone  once more! Their position on the Campaign Map & their direction of attack could actually make them the most important factor in the Campaign yet...
  • 2 Factions have yet to play their Special Ability: Tyranids & Chaos.

Turn 27

The worm has turned yet again... maybe...

The Champion of Nurgle absently licked his bulbous eyeball with his distended tongue. He could feel it in his very core: something was coming... He wasn't sure yet; but it was coming... He chortled to himself & chewed upon the non-too-careful vermin creature that had foolishly scuttled within his reach. Be it friend or foe; wrack or ruin; it bothered him not - this was but one more step upon the road: his road; to greatness, infamy & daemonhood... 

  • In the far west the forces of Slaanesh could not turn the heads of the steadfast Tau & were brought to heel! The Xenos then went on to capture the Space Port on Zone 3! A major strong point of the Tyranid Faction...
  • In the centre of the continent the forces of Nurgle rallied themselves after a season of set backs & destroyed a Dark Angels battle group & then drove a Chaotic wedge through the very centre of Espidus VIII with the capture of Road Zones 24 & 25; thereby linking with their Bastion Littoreus in Zone 41& cutting the continent in half! Hive Antipoduswould seem to be under threat once more...
  • In the northeast the mighty Imperial Fist Space Marines ground down a horde of foul Tyranids & then pushed on across the narrow northern straights towards the Tyranid held island off the coast - but to no avail like the Space Wolves before them they could not breach the long held defences of the Tyranid Hive Nord..


Current Scores - Turn 27 (New Bonuses included):

  • Chaos - 33
  • Tyranids - 32
  • Imperials - 31
  • Xenos - 21

Current Bastions held:

  • Tyranids: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Xenos: 0
  • Chaos: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Imperials: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts

The space port in zone 3 changes hands to xenos control away from the tyranids - no imperial survivors were found...

GM note:

  • The Xenos make an interesting push to the south taking the Space Port off the Tyranids. This "cuts off" the Tyranid Territories in the south making them far easier to capture next Turn! - a cunning plan perhaps?...
  • The Tyranids suffer this Turn: losing battles, territory & points! Check for a blue moon!
  • Chaos drive forward in true style! Though they lost to the Tau they defeated some Imperials & push forward into Imperial territory once more with a Shield Generator, a Bastion & a Hive within striking distance! Nice work!
  • The Imperials went for bust with an attempt to take Hive Nord from their closest rivals the Tyranids thereby doing a handy points snatch! Unlucky lads...
  • With THE END drawing nigh 2 Factions still have yet to play their Special Ability: Tyranids & Chaos.

Turn 28

In the name of the 4-Armed Emperor!

The Hive Tyrant paused... It  felt the pull of a greater mind even that it's own; pulsing - as yet from a distance - but getting nearer... It let out a ghastly screech! What little fight still remained in the pitiful biological creatures that opposed it fled from their being; they turned as one & fled! Their escape mattered little to the Hive Tyrant. Deep within it's animal cunning it knew there was no escape from this world for them...

  • In the far eastern reaches the Tyranid Horde surged foward & defeated a force of Dark Angels & won back the Manufactorum in Zone 42, which the Genestealer Cult with them quickly reactivated & connected to the Power Station they controlled in Zone 34 upping it's value!
  • In the southwest the Tyranids engaged the Tau & won back control of the Space Port in Zone 3 & proceeded to harvest the new supply of Xenos beings there for the Hive! A second course; having devoured the Humans who originally controlled it long ago...
  • The Tyranids seizing the opportune moment for them also unleashed their "Endless Wave" Special Campaign Ability this Turn! This gave them x3 the Capture attempts for each battle victory: giving them a total of x6 Capture attempts - 4 more to go...
  • After the capture of the Space Port in Zone 3 the Tyranids spilled forth from their southwestern stronghold & stormed the previously formidable Xenos Mountain defences of Zone 4: after one failed attempt they capture it!
  • After holding off two previous Imperial assaults against Hive Nord the Tyranids turn the tables & attack across the narrow straights & capture Mountain Zone 19 from them!
  • Further north their swiftest units attack westward across the same straights & capture Road Zone 12 from the Imperials & then spread south via Road Zone 31 linking up to their new Mountain fastness!


Current Scores - Turn 28 (New Bonuses included):

  • Tyranids - 47
  • Chaos - 33
  • Imperials - 21
  • Xenos - 17

Current Bastions held:

  • Tyranids: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Xenos: 0
  • Chaos: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Imperials: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts

The coastal regions of the northern regions of the main continent of Espidus viii, previously spared,  now ravaged by the tyranid "bio-harvest"...

GM note:

  • This Turn was all about the Tyranids - which the Campaign players & myself know means: Kieran - who has (apart from the first couple of Turns been playing as a "Faction" on his own!
  • The Tyranids play their one-ff Campaign Special Ability & it went pretty much perfect! Kieran got  2 games played & got 2 victories which he Trebled to 6 Capture Attempts - 5 of which succeeded! 
  • X3 Capture attempts sounds fairly powerful, but it was originally x2 when there were x2 Tyranid players. However i felt i needed to up this a bit to balance out the fact the Kieran was now on his lonesome & realistically only going to get 1 or 2 games in a Turn, combined with the fact that the other Factions hideously outnumbered him in player numbers. He timed the Ability use to his best ability & the Dice Gods looked favourable down upon him! Fair play Kieran!
  • The Imperials took the brunt of the Tyranid advance - for the second week in a row all I can say is: Unlucky lads...
  • The Tyranids Captured the extra Road Zone (31) due to the Roads Special Rule - see top of page.
  • With THE END drawing nigh only the Chaos Faction has yet to play it's Special Ability...

Turn 29

  • In the northeast the returning Eldar launch a lightening attack across the northern sea in hover vehicles & aerial transports & overcome the Dark Angels force arrayed before them with their Farseer defeating Samael in single combat!: "Let me duel their Lord of Fools!"- taking from the Imperials Road Zones 38 & 36!
  • In the centre of the continent the newly loosed Genestealer Cult  of the Tyranid Faction defeats a Warband of Nurgle - with the mighty Typhus himself falling in battle to a Hybrid coven. The nefarious Cultists then attempted to infiltrate & capture the Imperial Bastion in Zone 18 but are driven off by the watchful sentinels there!
  • In the far west of the continental mass the indomitable Imperial Fists justly defeat a group of roving band of Crimson Slaughter Chaos Marines - but so epic was the conflict that the Astartes were left unable to sorty forth & capture the Manufactorum in Zone 42 which they had intended to be attacking...


Current Scores - Turn 29 (New Bonuses included):

  • Tyranids - 47
  • Chaos - 33
  • Imperials - 19
  • Xenos - 19

Current Bastions held:

  • Tyranids: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Xenos: 0
  • Chaos: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Imperials: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts

IMperial fighters are dispatched to INVESTIGATE the strange ALIEN object approaching their coast... Eldar!

GM note:

  • This Turn saw the Xenos make a small resurgence - but the capture of only a few Road Zones...
  • The Tyranids stalled this Turn after last Turn's epic display!
  • The Imperial tried to get back in the game but the Dice Gods weren't with them in the Zone Captures...
  • The Xenos Captured the extra Road Zone (36) due to the Roads Special Rule - see top of page.
  • With THE END drawing nigh only the Chaos Faction has STILL yet to play it's Special Ability...

Turn 30

The finale!

All across Espidus VIII Chaos reigned! Literally! As Cultists, long go insinuated into the very heart of the planet's being, sprung forth & brought about carnage!

  • ...And at once across the planet, as part of a single organism, the "Chaos Cultist Uprising" took place (Chaos Faction Special Ability at the start of the Zone Capture Phase) & the Xenos Shield Generator in Zone 8 fell to them; the Imperial held Hive Antipodus in Zone 17 fell to them; & finally the Tyranid held Power Station in Zone 27 fell to their insidious machinations!
  • From their central Mountain stronghold in Zone 23 followers of Nurgle stalked out & defeated a battle group of Tau then pushed on to take control of the Power Station in Zone 22!
  • In the centre of Espidus VIII's vast transit network speedy minions of Slaanesh destroyed a Dark Angels force & then stormed the Imperial Bastion in Zone 18!
  • The Tyranids engaged Eldar in the southwest of the continent before attempting an aerial assault upon the Chaos held Hive Primaris but were driven off by the long dug-in defenders there...


Current Scores - Turn 30 (New Bonuses included):

  • Tyranids - 45
  • Chaos - 45
  • Imperials - 13
  • Xenos - 11

Current Bastions held:

  • Tyranids: 1 - +1 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Xenos: 0
  • Chaos: 2 - +2 added to dice roll to capture attempts
  • Imperials: 0

GM note:

  • So Chaos finally used their Ability then...
  • 30 Turns of play & it's a draw...
  • Chaos clawed back the ground but did not take enough points of the Tyranids to steal the lead!
  • The Xenos & Imperials took the brunt of the "Cultist Uprising"
  • Looks like it'll be a play-off match to decide the winner: an Apocalyptic scale battle for the decider!

Espidus VIII - The Final Battle

“This Planet is Ours...Finally” 

The Last Words of the First and Last Magus of Planet Espidus VIII. 

..was shortly thereafter devoured by Rippers...

“The End of Espidus VIII” 

Tyranids vs Chaos

5000 Points Apocalypse Battle

The Skies turned black that day. The world that was Espidus VIII was long gone before this day ever came... The Planet, ravaged by War that seemed to have no end. The forces of the Imperium of Man being forced back, again and again, and the Xenos races fighting just so that they could see tomorrow... as the Hive fleet Ouroboros tightened it's coils on the planet, consuming all in it's path. But one Faction stayed strong and true to thir beliefs and took one last stand against the Tyranid onslaught: The Forces of Chaos, mustering up all the might they could made a line that would repel the Swarm and grant them glory for their gods... 

Turn 1

Chaos started with an aggressive assault against the Swarm. A few Deep Strikes and a Helldrake Burned a lot of Gaunts but failed to wipe them out. Oddly a Herald of Slaanesh by itself appeared right in front of the Swarm. With a very dominated Psychic Phase and a few more shoots the turn ended with not much damage elsewhere. Into Tyranids first turn and Chaos sprung their first deadly Trap: and the lone Herald Dances in such a way that makes the Tyranid forces restless and wander in different directions. Notable losses in the dance where a brood of Termagants that walked of the table... But then from below a Mawloc bursts out of the ground and kills 9 out of 10 Seekers of Slaanesh, killing another Herald in the process. A Trygon Prime, a Harpy and a Hive Crone show up too, but not much damage is dealt. Some more movement and shooting from the Tyranids did not do much damage and brings an end to Turn 1. 

Turn 2 

Chaos strike again; harder with some Psychic aid from the Warp and manage to wound the Hive Crone with boosted shooting. A wound dealt to a Venomtrope and Tervigon but not much else via shooting. Some charges are declared but not much damage there either. On to Tyranids' Turn 2 and the Swarm bring on a devastating reserve in the form of a brood of 5 Carnifexes walking on from he side table edge and bringing down a unit of Noise Marines (some aid form a Barbed Hierodule...nothing else in sight to shoot.) and suddenly the Chaos left flank starts to fail! with the Trygon Prime destroying a Vindicator in combat as well. Whilst on the other flank some Plague Zombies take some heavy damage from the Harpy. Combat continues in the centre with not much damage. End of Turn 2. 

Turn 3 

Chaos start weakened by the Tyranid advance but still stick to their guns and do what they do best. With some more Psychic dominance they mange to make the lesser of the two Hive Tyrants meet it's end by making it's head explode with a Psychic Shriek! Then entering their shooting phase and they activate the asset: Mass Slaughter which lets them launch 2 Orbital Strikes while giving their opponent 1. Unfortunately for Chaos they shoot the first template at a unit of Gaunts and then the Endless Swarm rule takes effect and they fail the Endless Swarm test, meaning they could only fire snap shots at that unit so the template is lost... Their other shot however does hit it's mark, but unfortunately only manages to take out a few Gaunts and bring the Tervigon down to 2 wounds. The Tyranids place their template over a Soul Grinder and Terminators; killing two and bringing the Soul Grinder down to two hull points. Not much to Report in the close combat phase. Tyranids' Turn 3 begins with basic movement and they cast a few powers in the Psychic phase. In shooting the Hive Crone and Exocrine take down the Soul Grinder, the Barbed Hierodule kills a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh, who was their War Master, and then in the combat phase the Trygon Prime and Hormagaunts take out a unit of Plague Bearers, leaving a Herald of Nurgle to face the monster and the Swarm. The Herald of Slaanesh is taken out also (...the one that was dancing since the start of the game) and a unit of Daemonettes using some Shrikes, Hourmagaunts and Zoantropes. Some Nurgle Terminators finish off a unit of Hormagaunts and move on, only to being surrounded by 3 monsters, and the Carnifex brood takes out a Forgefiend. End of Turn 3. 

Turn 4
(Final Turn) 

Chaos starts their final turn with depleted resources and many casualties. They begin with movement and a Psychic phase with not much to report on. In shooting some Noise Marines bring down the Hive Crone and not much else. In combat some Raptors and Spawn take out a brood of Hive Guard, the Hormagaunts and Trygon Prime take care of the Hearld of Nurgle. Into Tyranids' Turn 4 and in the shooting phase, combined fire from the Exocrine and a Tyrannofex bring the Nurgle Terminators down to two men, some Termagants gun down a lone Slaanesh Terminator and some Raptors are brought down as well. In combat the Hive Tyrant Warlord and Tyrannofex charge, bringing down the last two Nurgle Terminators. End of Turn 4... 
And with it the end of the battle... 

Tyranids – 31
Chaos – 14

Tyranids Victory! in the Battle & also the Campaign! 


the victorious tyranid "faction": otherwise known as Kieran