Words failed to capture the underdog apocalypse… pictures failed to capture the underdog apocalypse each time we get closer to showing you the true carnage that went on in here on that day.

Leon O Connor also goes by Leon Kubrick took his video camera and recorded much of the battle this is the resulting piece.

17 September · Edited

Ladies and gentlemen the Warhammer 40k League has reached it's conclusion. Our Champion was Ben Burn pictured below equipped with prizes and Cheshire cat grin, Ben lead his team of four finalists against the unproven challengers. 34,000 pts on the board, the defenders have 12,000 with only a few extra strategic assets to level the playing field.

Styling themselves after the four horsemen, Pestilence, Famine, Death and War they were well up for a battle . The day began early at 12:00 as people started to arrive in various states of preparation (There is always someone frantically writing an army list at a 40k event or even worse running around looking for a pen and paper).
Initially it looked grim for our heroes with the sheer mass of opponents facing off against them it was hard to see how this would be anything short of a blood bath, but they reached the finals for a reason. Seoirses mounted bikes tearing up the flank, while Kieran tyranids got gripped in a death battle with a giant Waaaaaaah! of Orks who happened to have their stompa with them. Nurgle and Imerial Fists held strong in the centre struggling against the tide of men thrown against them.
As the turns passed the armies were chipped away or in the case of some unlucky people obliterated completely and returned to their constituent parts!
But the lads held tough in an overwhelming situation, a war with so many forces and chaos that Dec Noonan himself was awed to silence...momentarily.

In the end our heroes put up a valiant fight but were defeated...by one victory point!
Darragh proved himself a capable commander of the challengers as victory is the most important thing right?

As the blood and gore soaked sand and dust falls back to the Earth on the barren wasteland that once was the scene of a great battle, we thank everyone for their part they played in the Warhammer League and our Underdog Apocalypse.

11 September

We at the Gathering would like to congratulate Walter Dunphy on his recent YuGiOh Championship Series top 16 placement. The tournament had 480 players and we are proud of our 3 representatives; Walter Dunphy, Miguel Riordan and Daniel Hickey who all done the club proud. You can watch Walter's feature match here;

Sunday 24th August
X-Wing Summer Tournament report
Thanks to all those who turned up for The Gathering's Summer Tournament! Good numbers; veteran players & new players alike!
3 very closely fought rounds with a mainly Imperial slant on things with only 2 Rebel players! (clearly the brave Imperial forces are doing a fine job of wiping out those terrorist scum!) The lists were full of variation & there were no duplicates & pretty much every type of ship as represented. We also got see some very cool "fancy" 3D asteroid counters from Marek! Once again, as it always seems to be with X-Wing, things went smoothly & there were no rules & game play issues - (X-Wing is a game for gentlemen pilots after all) & even my maths held up for the score keeping...

Final victory in a very tight tournament went to Justin with his Tie-Phantom, "Space Cow" & Tie-Interceptor list; 2nd place went to Seoirse with his Han Falcon & 2x A-Wing list.

- a big hug also goes out to Gag who, just like at Conclave 2014, lost out on placing due to getting a 3 point victory in his last match rather than the full 5 point victory... harsh...