Star Wars: Armada Regional Tournament


We are proud to welcome you to the Gathering Games Day, Limerick, Star Wars: Armada Regional Championship! This is our first time running this particular prestigious event; though we have previous experience running several X-Wing Regional Championships over the last few years, & we hope this year's Rebel & Imperial Fleet Commanders will be just as impressed as their dog-fighting small-craft brethren have been!

Entry: €25 (inclusive of Games Day Entry)

Registration: 9.00 - 9.30


Round 1: 9.45

  • Points: 400
  • Round Time Limit: 2 hours 15 minutes
  • 3 Rounds
  • NO PROXIES (equipment or ships)
  • A physical copy of your list MUST be brought for your opponent's use
  • bring your own equipment: dice; range rulers & damage deck

Star Wars: Armada Rules

Star Wars: Armada FAQ

Star Wars: Armada Fleet List Sheet

Contact details for any questions:

Ben Byrne -



Yu-Gi-Oh 2018 WCQ: Regional Qualifiers


Welcome to The Gathering Games Day & the Yu-Gi-Oh WCQ: Regional Qualifiers.

This differs from many other Regional Qualifiers around the country as we particularly cater for a younger crowd (under-13) as well as the more experienced players. We do this by running additional Side Events along side the main Tournament allowing players to continue playing throughout the day & receiving prizes as prestigious as to rival those of the overall Tournament! We will also have a Tournament running at the same time as the WCQ: Regional Qualifier for those who'd like to enjoy the atmosphere of playing at a big convention event but don't feel confident enough to play in the WCQ: Regional Qualifier. Over the years this has proved very successful & our Events are very family friendly. If you don't feel like competitive play & just want to turn up to play or learn Yu-Gi-Oh then that's fine too.

Contact: Kelan Fitzgerald -

Registration: 9.00 - 9.30

Start: 10.00

Format: Constructed - Advanced

Entry: €20 (inclusive of Games Day Entry)

Yu-Gi-Oh: WCG Regional Qualifier Info page



Side Events:

Format: Constructed - Advanced

Start: 10.00

Entry: €10 (Inclusive of Entry into the Games Day)

Prizes include: Boosters & Mats


Format: Constructed - Traditional

Start: 14.00

Entry: €5

Prizes include: Boosters & Mats


Format: Constructed - Advanced

Start: 14.00

Entry: €5

Prizes include: Boosters & Mats

Other Side Events will be available throughout the day dependent on player numbers


Legend of the Five Rings: Battle for the Stronghold


Ahead of schedule & by popular demand the Gathering Games Day will be running a Fantasy Flight Games Organised Play "Battle for the Stronghold" Event. 

This kit supports a single event. The results will determine which clan controls your store – a stronghold, you can alternatively track clan performance over many events to determine the controlling clan.

  • Six of each clan’s alternate art role card. The elemental roles for each clan were chosen at the World Championship, and these cards allow clans to proudly display which role is theirs.
  • Three of each clan’s extended art, textless champion card. This is the last chance for players to complete a set of their favourite clan’s stunning champion card!

These prizes will be delayed until the physical kit arrives. All participants will receive their just rewards, never fear!

The Gathering will be running multiple Events through out the year to see who can control The Gathering, Ireland's longest running L5R Stronghold Store!

Registration: 09.00 - 10.15

Start:  Round 1 - 10.30

Entry: €20

Extra Prizes (including Trophy) on the day, as this will be the very first Stronghold Event run (lots of prestige in this!)

For the Winner The Gathering will be putting up a Flight to the Birmingham Grand Kotei, June 1-3 2018, from Ireland. The Winner must be available to fly out to the Grand Kotei on the Friday 1st & back on Sunday 2nd/Monday 3rd. If the winner cannot attend the Grand Kotei then the Flight will be offered to 2nd place, then 3rd in turn.


A Game of Thrones LCG 2nd Edition

Delve into the lands of Westeros & beyond in this great LCG game as the Gathering Games Day hosts a Fantasy Flight Games Organised Play Event. Houses will rise & fall as players compete for victory on the field of battle & by more underhand means... 

A Game of Thrones

Come along & enjoy casual play with this great LCG (Living Card Game) - with a Store Championship coming up it's time to get some practice in or perhaps try a new system just in time to enter an upcoming Tournament for some Organised Play goodies!

Our Store Championship has now been moved to the 11th March at The Gathering


Magic CCG

Magic CCG Events for The Gathering Games Day are priced with out the Day Pass. These Magic Events will be run on the day & organised by Dave Tuite, & run on the day by Connor Fitzgerald. There are starting & registration times given here but events will also be run throughout the day on request. Magic at The Gathering Games Day is run on a casual format & is an ideal opportunity if you are a beginner to partake in several Magic Events in a friendly atmosphere at a great venue. As most Magic events at conventions follow a far more competitive strain, this is an ideal opportunity to play this great game & learn from the players attending as they are quite friendly & more than willing to help.

Contact: Dave Tuite


Format: Standard Tournament - Win a MAT!

Registration: 9.00 - 9.45

Start: 10.00

Entry: €15 (inclusive of Entry into the Games Day)

Note: Each participant for Magic events through out the day will receive a Gathering Games Day Package (Limited to one-per-person) which will consist of a series of Foils & Promos that we have collected through the years (not to be missed!)


Format: Booster Drafts

Registration: 14.00 (Pods of 4-8 players) Booster Drafts may be played through out the day on demand as long as the players have the Pod capacity

Prizes: Boosters & Cards

Start: 14.00

Entry: €15

Ixalan & Rivals for Ixalan will be used


Format: Standard Tournamant


For those who don't, want, or can't, play in the Booster Drafts there will be Standards run through out the day on demand as long as the players have the Pod capacity

Registration: 14.00 (Pods of 4-8 players) 

Prizes: Boosters & Cards

Start: 14.00

Entry: €5


Format: EDH Melee

For players who would like to try this Format but do not have the appropriate deck for it - Decks will be provided for EDH on the day for those that want them!

Each Player receives one Booster placed in front of them, & quite simply, when you slay your opponent you take their Booster. Don't worry, however, as if you have 5 or 6 Boosters & are in turn slain, your nemesis only receives the one Booster you started with. Additional Prize Cards given to the players who first achieve the follow:


1) First Kill

2) Killing x3 players in the one turn

3) most damage dealt in a single turn (end game result)

4) most Plainswalker killed/slain/removed (end game result)

5) highest life achieved (end game result)

6) most players slain (end game result)

7) last wizard standing (end game result)

Registration: 17.00 - 17.30

Start: 17.30

Ends: 20.30

Entry: €5



Warhammer 40K: The Battle for Pythos


The world of Pythos in the Pandorax System of the Demeter Sector was an Imperial Death World, also classified as a Hive World, that was the primary battleground of the Pandorax Campaign fought by the Imperium of Man and the Forces of Chaos led by Abaddon the Despoiler in 959-961.M41. The world became a target for the Forces of Chaos because it was home to an ancient subterranean portal to the Warp known as the Damnation Cache which dated back to the time of the Horus Heresy. Imperial forces, which include elements of the Grey Knights and Dark Angels Chapters of Space Marines, engage the  from the Pandorax System. However, the opening of the Damnation Cache has led to the world being transformed into a nightmarish wasteland scoured by daemonic forces and the reality-altering effects of the Empyrean, with great loss of life...

Limited to 16 players


Registration: 9.00 - 9.45

Entry: €15 (inclusive of Day Pass Games Day Entry)

Start: 10.00

  • Round 1: 10.00 - 12.00
  • Round 2: 12.30 - 14.30
  • Round 3: 15.00 - 17.00

Format: Good news - you don't even need a single model! As this game is limited to 16 players your are advised to pre-book. This is a new format we are trying to introduce to try & bring fair & equitable games to our event. In this story arc event there will be 8 Dark Angel armies of 2000 points each, fully painted, provided for the players who sign up for the Imperium (limited to 8). Opposing them will be 8 distinct 2000 point Chaos armies drawn from the Chaos power, & also provided fully painted. The tables will be labelled individually & you will play a different army from your faction each round. We've done our best to make sure these armies are story arced & as fair as possible done to the displacement of the terrain on the table. Either way, this is sure to be a visual spectacular & a chance to be part of your very own story line event at The Gathering Games Day.

Prizes: 1st; 2nd & 3rd

Contact: The Gathering

  • 061 315 133


Gathering Games Day 40K Apocalypse: Pandorax

For those of you who want to bring their own armies & models:

Registration: 17.00 - 17.15

Entry: €5 (Free if you played in a Paid Event earlier in the day)

Factions: TBD on the day

Start: 17.30 - 20.30

Format: Apocalypse; NO PROXIES; WYSIWYG; Rules Pack; x6 Objectives on the Battlefield - at the end of the battle the Player controlling each Objective gets the Prize;

Bring your OWN armies!

Points: 2000


X-Wing Tournament


Take your pilots into fast paced dogfights in the void of space! Fighters; Bombers; Aces & Scum - take your pick, built your squad & dive into action! Never tell me the odds & never trust your green dice!

There will be plenty of space for Casual Play prior to & after the Tournament if you want to get more games in & spend the day X-Wing-ing!

Entry: €15 (Inclusive of Day Entry)

Registration: 13.30 - 14.00

Start: 14.00

  • Points: 100
  • Round Time Limit: 70 minutes
  • 3 Rounds
  • NO PROXIES (equipment or ships)
  • bring your own equipment: dice; range rulers & damage deck

Prizes: FFG OP kit Goodies!

X-Wing Rules

X-Wing FAQ

X-Wing Squad Lists


Kev Stronach:


Pokemon CCG Tournaments


The Gathering Games Day Pokemon CCG Tournaments will follow the same format as our weekly Pokemon sessions at the weekends. There will be enough competitive flair for the veterans & plenty of chance for the younger & less-competitive Pokemon-ers to enjoy just playing the game. Tournaments will be split into Under-11s & Over-11s. As with the Yu-Gi-Oh & the Board Games: if you want to just turn up to play or learn Pokemon then that's fine too.

Entry: €10 for Tournament 1 (inclusive of Games Day Entry) & €10 for Tournament 2 (€5 if you played in Tournament 1)

Tournament 1:

Format: Constructed - Standard

Registration: 9.00 - 9.45

Start: 10.00

Prizes: TBA


Tournament 2:


Format: Constructed - Standard

Registration: 13.30 - 14.00

Start: 14.00

Prizes: TBA

Contact: The Gathering

  • 061 315 133



Role Play Games

Once again The Gathering Games Day will be running RPGs throughout the day with various time slots. Past events have been packed with RPG players enjoying a vast array of different gaming systems & settings. Newcomers & veterans alike are welcome to join in:

  • 09.30 - 13.00 Pokethulhu; D&D 5th Edition (details to follow)
  • 13.30 - 17.00 Fate: My Little Pony; Fantasy Age
  • 17.30 - 20.30 Betrayal at Dice on the Hill; 

Entry into all RPGS is covered by the €10 Day Entry Fee

A great stable of experienced GMs & DMs will be on show so great sessions are guaranteed! Sign-up sheets will be available on the day to allow players to book their place in the games of their choice & also allow them to leave contact details if they wish to be included in future Gathering Gaming Club RPG Events & groups

Contact: Ray Kearney

Format & Scenario details to follow:


Scenario: Over Cold Mountain
GM: Dee Williams
Players: 3-6
System: Pokethulhu: The Pokethulhu Adventure Game
Start: 09.30 - 13.00
On the way to Nameless Harbour the Pokecultists encounter Gemini, a Pokecultists their own age spoiling for a fight! After a few rounds of thulhu Gemini tells them the real reason shes fighting passers-by for fun - she's bored!! A bully named Joey Curwen is terrorising the mountain pass with his pack of Tan Jenkins and traffic is halted! Can the Pokecultists break the road block and deal with the mysterious increase in storms?

D&D5th ed.png

Scenario: The Small Tower
DM: Ray Kearney
Players: 4-5 Players
System: D&D 5th Edition
Start: 9.30 - 13.00

There is a small tower ousting the village, has been quite for quite some time, but lately sounds heard and lights have been seen coming from it. The old mayor has ask for a few brave souls to investigate it. He has the key which was given to him over 20 years ago by the wizard Abban. It is a dangerous task but he is worried something managed to get in and has access to what ever the wizard left behind, or that something is trying to escape...


Scenario: Training Camp
GM: Miriam McNamara
Players: 3-5
System: Fate: My Little Pony
Start: 13.30 - 17.00
As the ponies gather to practice polo for the Rainbow Olympics they soon loose their ball to a wobbling blob of purple ooze. Soon it's not just the ball but critters and things are being absorbed and turning gloomy and sad. Some of them are even mad! Can the ponies find the source of the ooze before the Rainbow Olympics are cancelled due to dreariness?!


Scenario: Seeking Dawn
GM: Ray Kearney
No. of Players: 3 - 5
System: Fantasy Age (D6 based system, similar to D&D)

Start: 13.30 - 17.00


Game takes place over one in the metropolis of Freeport, City of Adventurers. Some say it is the biggest port in the world, everything going anywhere passes through Freeport at some point. You and your associates are recent arrivals to the city, looking to make it big, and have
let the word out ye are interested in work and willing to ask few questions. Late one evening ye are requested to meet at the backroom of a tavern, The Laughing Mule, the request mentioned urgency and a heavy payment for one night of work. Some nobles daughter has gone missing, kidnapped, but who has committed the crime is unknown. A ransom has been received although he fears they may kill her even if he pays. He does not trust the local gangs, as any of them could have done the deed, so he has gone looking for mercenaries with little ties to the city. He will give you a night to find the girl, for he will have to make the ransom drop in the morning.



Scenario : Summer Solstice
GM: Megan James
No. of Players: 5 - 6
System: D&D 5th edition

Our brave adventurers finds themselves in the home of an elf, awaiting a celebration of the Summer Solstice, but things turn sour with the theft of an important magical crystal. With the festivities put on hold, the adventurers must track down and recover the crystal before the solstice passes or the the celebration will be ruined!


Scenario : Saucerors Saucy Ways
GM: David Russell
No. of Players: 5 - 6
System: Kobolds ate my Baby

Saucerors Saucy Ways: To the misfortune of lesser kobolds, And the cautious rumbling of King Torg (ALL HAIL KING TORGS!)'s iron stomach, the dumb and soon to be appetising group brought together this time still seek the mad saucerors in the town of Tofuta. While here last time, An especially dumb(Even for kobolds) group served as a light lunch snack. Looking to of course lessen the rage of the great King Torg (ALL HAIL KING TORGS!)'s iron stomach. Some yappy scoundrels might make it to mealtime as a little more than an entree...


Scenario: Betrayal at Dice on the Hill
GM: Ray Kearney
No. of Players: 4 - 6
System: D&D 5th edition but heavily modified to work with the “Betrayal At House On The Hill” boardgame.
Players will have very basic character sheets, and will need to explore the house to break the curse
and find a way out.

Your not sure who genius idea it was to break into the old Hadwell mansion at night, some dare that went too far. Well now here ye all are standing in the entranceway of this spooky old mansion. The door shuts behind you and no matter what ye try it will not open. There must be another way out of this house if you can just find it. You just hope the rumours of ghosts and dark magic are just stories because now that you’re in here they seem very much real.

More Format & Scenario details to follow:



Historical Wargames

hist wg2_banner.jpg

Participation & Demo Games across many, many systems & formats across the whole day! Sign-Up sheets will be located by each game/table where people can sign-up to play &/or leave their details & express their interest in playing these games at a later date via the The Gathering Gaming Club.


Entry is covered by the Day Entry cost of €10 & are all "Casual Play"

Bolt Action - Bolt Action is the leading 28mm World War II tabletop wargame, using miniature soldiers, tanks and terrain to fight battles in the shattered towns of occupied France, the frozen steppes of Russia or even the sweltering jungles of the Pacific.



Tank War: Battle on the Paderborn Road, March 30, 1945. Germany Take command of a mighty steel beasts in WW2 & engage the enemy in some Tank based combat. Can a few big guns hold out against an armoured charge? 

Terrain, Battlefield & Models will be provided by the Gathering Gamers; all you have to do is join in! Numbers or Firepower? Can you turn the ambush upon the ambushers? Or will the Reich survive one more day...

Please see the below link in Google books for this Osprey book
"Devil is loose on the Paderborn road March 30 1945"


Start: 12.30 -14.00 & On Demand after that











Bolt Action: Rescue at Batan! - 28mm WW2 Raid scenario in the Far East. Using the new Commando Raid style rules some brave individuals will seek to infiltrate an enemy compound & rescue their captured mates!

Start: 16.00 -18.00 & On Demand after that


DBA: 15mm army scale combat. Learn History through battle in four periods with this excellent single D6 system. 12 units a side; 1 dice; a tape measure & a small table & you're away! Field pretty much any force through history; from the Biblical Era to the High Medieval period! Knights, Elephants, Pikes, Blades, Artillery & Archers - all clash in DBA!

DBA 3.0 cropped.jpg
  • Period 1: Sparta vs Athens
  • Period 2: Vikings vs Irish
  • Period 3: Norse Irish vs Normans
  • Period 4: Arabs vs Crusaders

Start: 11.00 - 12.30 & On Demand after that


Command Decision: Over The Top: 1:72 scale WWI combat. German Stormtroopers take on the Allies in the trenches! 


Start: 14.00 - 16.00 & On Demand after that






Test of Honour: 28mm scale heroic combat between Samurai warbands! Learn to play in under half an hour! 


Test of Honour is a skirmish wargame played with roughly 5-20 models on each side. Players select their force before each game based around a samurai hero along with one or two loyal samurai companions and a variety of clan soldiers.

Battles are swift and bloody as players alternate acting with one of their warriors – moving and fighting to achieve the objective of the scenario, whether that be cutting down the enemy, defending an outpost or finding and protecting a spy.

As you play through the scenarios your samurai will use new skills, and perhaps even take the shameful path of deceit and trickery to gain victory – such choices are the ultimate test of honour.

Start: 13.00 - 14.30 & On Demand after that

762610007 Chōbei's Renegades - Test of Honour d low_preview.jpeg

Age of Reason: 7 Years War - 15mm scale army scale combat in the age of excellent hats!

Dystopian Wars: Naval fleet combat with the added edge of alien technology!

Napoleonic: 28mm "Black Powder" action in the age of Revolution!

Warhammer Wild West: 28mm Cowboy action with rustlin' & shootin'!

American Civil War: Battle of the Wheat Field 28mm ACW combat!


Other Games


Blood Bowl: Learn to play this great Fantasy American Football game - Touch Downs or Knock outs? You decide!





Frost Grave: Skirmish action treasure hunting in a frozen magical city full of traps, rivals & unwelcoming less-than-human inhabitants...







Necromunda: 40k gang combat in the underworld of the Hive cities of Necromunda where you fight for survival & scratch out an outlaw existence in the long forgotten regions of the 41st millennium's mega-structures!








Silver Tower: Dungeon crawling through a magical tower in a world of Tzeentch! Daemons, monsters warriors - slay them all & loot the goodies... before someone turns you into a spawn...




Age of Sigmar: Fantasy skirmish battle combat between the survivors of the destroyed Old World. Dragons, elves, dwarfs orcs & humans - they're all here in some guise or another - & after realising they survived the apocalypse they've all set to fighting each other again!




Participation & Demo Games across many, many systems & formats across the whole day! Sign-Up sheets will be located by each game/table where people can sign-up to play &/or leave their details & express their interest in playing these games at a later date via the The Gathering Gaming Club.

More details to follow



Board Games

There will be a large selection of Board Games available on the day for anybody who wishes to play them. These include all the currently available Fantasy Board Games Flight Games & some not so current. This is to keep inline with our Armada Regionals. For those of you that wish to bring your own games & try them out with a friend, or some friendly strangers, feel free to turn up on the day. This is a great opportunity to make new friends, play new games & touch base with the gaming community as a whole. 

Playing Board Games is covered by the €10 Day Entry Fee

Contact details: XXXX




Limerick is served by all major bus and rail networks and the international airport, so getting to limerick should not be a problem.

M7 Express Service: Dublin to Ennis / Killarney / Tralee via Limerick - Link Below:

For those of you who have arrived in our City the following bus schedule should be helpful (The blue line gets you to our venue Thomond Park)

For those of you international Travellers here is the bus timetable to and from Shannon.


Here is a a list of taxi services available in the city

Fixed Price Taxis:        


Limerick City Cabs:


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Car Hire

Shannon Car Hire Location Details:

Hertz Desk:

Arrivals Hall,
Shannon Airport,
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Telephone: +353 (0)61 471369
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Ground Floor, Terminal Building
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